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    Joltsborrow Music Hot 30

    You Won’t Touch It, Will Ya?
    This page (or the section of this page) was created by Tyler. Do not edit without his permission, if you dare edit without his permission, it is recommended you should board up all entrances to your house or else Ren Höek will break in and beat the living sh*t out of you


    The Joltsborrow Music Hot 100 is a music record chart for Joltsborrow. Rankings are based on sales, streaming, and Radio play. There is a music station specifically for these songs, 68.9

    Rank Cover Song Artist Status
    1 Flute Dance.png Flute Dance Ren and Stimpy Stuck
    2 Never Gonna Give You Up.jpg Never Gonna Give You Up
    Rick Astley Stuck
    FAttY SPiNS Doin' Your Mom.jpg
    Doin’ Your Mom Fatty Spins Stuck
    4 YouEediotCover.jpg Happy Happy Joy Joy Stinky Wizzleteats Decreasing
    5 Hamburgercheeseburger.png Hamburger Cheeseburger Big Mac Whopper Big Willy Status Stuck
    6 BUMPERCARS.png The Bumper Car Song Goofy, Roger Rabbit, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Chip, and Dale Stuck
    7 I’m Telling My Kids This Was Team 10.png Almost Famoose Rocky and Bullwinkle Stuck
    8 World's Worst Lifehack Music.png World's Worst Lifehack Music My Best Life Hacks Decreasing
    9 Montero.png Montero Lil Nas X Decreasing
    10 Diet Water Song.png My mom only lets me drink DIET WATER JULIUSCOOL Stuck
    11 Revenge cover.jpg Revenge
    (Creeper, Aw Man)
    CaptainSparklez & TryHardNinja Decreasing
    12 Bitch lasagna.jpeg Bitch Lasagna PewDiePie Decreasing
    13 Poop Song erazor tonch.png Poop Song Growing Sound Stuck
    14 Black Hole Sun.jpeg Black Hole Sun Soundgarden Stuck
    15 AmongDrip.png Among Us Drip Theme Dean "Swagstufff" Lauro Decreasing
    16 Mickey balloon.png Mickey Mouse Club Theme Remix (Macy’s thanksgiving day parade Mickey Mouse balloon V2 background music) Unknown stuck
    17 Shitted In My Pants.jpg Shitted in My Pants Koiyato Increasing
    18 Ripcortez.png Slip Slide Icecapades Unknown Stuck
    19 Chug Jug With You.jpg Chug Jug With You LeviathanJPTV Decreasing
    20 YouEediotCover.jpg The Log Song Ren and Stimpy Stuck
    21 Imagination.png One Little Spark Sherman Brothers Decreasing
    22 DRIP.png Drip From My Walk Famous Dex Decreasing
    23 EYN.png Everything You Need Parfait Cookie Stuck
    24 Turi Ip Ip.jpg Turi Ip Ip Ip Electro-Light Increasing (New)
    25 Mcap Steve.jpg Welcome To My Mine Mcap Steve Increasing (New)
    26 Doofrap.jpg There’s a Platypus Controlling Me Dr. Doofenshmirtz Stuck
    27 Ducktales Game.jpg The Moon Theme Unknown Increasing (new)
    28 Vivalas.jpg Viva Las Vengeance Panic! At The Disco Increasing (new)
    29 DCFB2388-693A-47E4-B97E-EC972F3823AB.png Gangnam Style
    PSY Decreasing
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