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    This page is related to the VHS Revolution home system which is an idea by Raichu's Endless Nights. Details about it are likely still being worked on.
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    Kai character.png
    Background information
    Feature films
    Television programs
    Video games
    Park attractions
    Portrayed by
    Portrayed by
    Performance model
    Honors and awards
    Character information
    Full name
    Other names AT_49323_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm (creation code)
    Birthday Came from a far away time where days were counted individually, so the number is huge. Their given birthday is March 12th.
    Home Blossom Glen
    Likes Finding out and living in their new world, discovering new things, reading, taking in as much information as possible
    Dislikes Thinking about Kai U (the reason they were nearly purged) doing things wrong, making people angry or upset

    Kai is the main character of the VHS Revolution launch title placeholder. They are an artificially made human made five million years ago and came to live in a strange alternate universe after unfortunately nearly being banished.

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    Kai looks to have the body of a tween or possibly younger, but they don't seem to have a real age. They wear a light yellow shirt with light red accents on the sleeves, neck and bottom lining and a light red pocket to the side. Their shorts are pale navy with side pockets and they wear light red trainers with white accents, and knee length white socks with grey stripes. Kai has fluffy light brown hair with a ginger-ish streak through it, and a small blue top hat with a dark pink, blue spotted bow and yellow ribbon.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Being the product of the long running 'Caillou Improvement Project' which took place five million years in the future, their personality was to be the perfect human being with no flaws. Kai is not the perfect human being with no flaws they were looking for. While they are kind, smart and sensitive to other peoples feelings, they are constantly plauged with worries of doing anything wrong, and if they do something wrong, inside their head they can map out all of the theoretical consequences of that wrong thing to lead to being rejected by everyone, hated, banished or even executed, which takes a massive toll on their mental health because it could be something as simple as saying something the wrong way or dropping something. Their drive to be absolutely perfect tires them out easily and they are rarely completely content with themself.

    Backstory[edit | edit source]

    In the first episode of placeholder'The Perfect Creation' (the second version of the pilot episode) we are told about the Caillou Improvement Project that took place 5 million years in the future, in a highly technologically advanced world with artificial human creation. Over the course of many, many days, weeks and months, the researchers attempted to create the ideal form of the cartoon character Caillou who had been complained about frequently for being a brat and a bad influence on children. Even the notes about him in the official book, written by the researchers themselves, were very bitter and hateful towards him. The project was in no way, shape or form a labour of love. The only motivation for the researchers was that once the final product was created, they could forget about him forever. Only a paragraph or two was written about each of the 49,322 lifeform files that were created. As soon as one better was created, the previous one was purged, with some exceptions. Kai was the 49,323rd .lfm file created, and was considered both an anomaly and a total breakthrough, as every remenant of being a brat or a bad influence was completely gone. They didn't care about Kai's slightly strange appearance, their striped socks, their streaked hair, the top hat they were wearing. At 99.8% success rate, the researchers were certain they had achieved their goal of the perfect Caillou...although there were doubts about it. Some people were just tired and never wanted to think about Caillou again. On the day of Kai's creation, the researchers began to put away all of their equipment as they told Kai all the things he was destined for, and how under their care, he would achieve such great things.

    That was when AT_49324_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm was created by accident. Out came Kai U, who looked much more normal than Kai and wore a golden crown. Kai U was scanned and deemed a 100% success rate, and the researchers were over the moon. Their research was finally over, no more work had to be done. They never had to think about Caillou or any of his 49,323 attempts again. The equipment was all packed away, and the researchers started to tell Kai U all the things he was destined for, and how under their care, he would achieve great things. Having no use for them anymore, they sent away for Kai to be purged just like the rest. Obviously, Kai didn't want to be purged, so against the will of the researchers, they used some of the other equipment to make an escape portal and ran away (more detail later) and ended up in an alternate reality to ours and in the town of Blossom Glen, the town of eternal spring.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    This is a cool idea
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 01:35, 22 December 2021 (UTC)

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