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    This page is related to the VHS Revolution home system which is an idea by Raichu's Endless Nights. Details about it are likely still being worked on.
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    The front of the book.

    In the series Placeholder title Kai VHS Revolution, the titular character has only one possession from their original universe, apart from the clothes they were wearing upon creation. The possession is the book the researchers who created them wrote about the other 49,322 .lfm files before them, as well as a few paragraphs written about themself at the very end. There are only a few paragraphs or sentences written about the other 49,322 files and one about some of them becoming corrupted and transforming into uolliaCs. A lot of the book was filled with anger and bitter notes about Revision 0 (the original Caillou) going into heavy details into why everyone seemed to hate him. In the majority of cases, these are even more detailed than the paragraphs about Kai's previous iterations. As a result, Kai knows more about why they were created than how.

    The book is brown and has the label 'Caillou Improvement Project - Observations and Venting' which refers to them writing down their remarks and others' about how much they hated Revision 0. On the bottom, there is a small message reading 'Property of Supernova Laboratories - Do Not Distribute'. Both of these are rather smudged out, like parts of the text inside, because of the large coverage of space and time they travelled. This is also why the cover and edge of the pages are dirty with dust and The book is thick with pages, but surprisingly light, due to the lighter weight paper developed all those years in the future. (The reason they had a book at all instead of digital is because it would be an absolute permanent record. By taking this book, Kai hasn't stolen any unreplacable information, as they had it all backed up.) There is a strange red sticker on the front, and Kai doesn't know what it means, but it makes the book look a bit like a door, which is fitting, seeing as this is the door to everything they know about themselves, even if it's not a lot and there's much more about Revision 0.

    Kai U, Kai's successor, hasn't got a paragraph about him, because the researchers were so excited about his creation, and besides, they figured, there would be plenty of time to write about him afterwards. They were even planning his own seperate book. This was what they planned for Kai before Kai U was created. Whether or not this was happened Kai doesn't know, but it more likely than not did.

    Extracts[edit | edit source]

    In 20XX, International Post published an editorial describing the 199X–20XX preschool xxxxxxxxxx Caillou as the world's most universally reviled childxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Among the criticisms were the complete lack of educational xxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx emotional immaturity, the unfavorable similarities to a younger xxxxxxx, and concerns that xxxxxxxxx was portraying Xxxxxians in a poor light and thus raising a generation of psychopaths.

    Examples include several "I hate Caillou" xxxxxxxxx made on Xxxxxxxx, numerous xxxxxxxxxx criticizing xxxxxxxxx, and petitions on xxxxxx.org for the xxxxxxxxxx.

    A common fault of xxxxxxxxxxxx is the petulant, manipulative and spoiled behaviour xxxxxxxxxxx the lack of consequences Caillou is given, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    This has understandably led to theories that this is an accurate portrayal xxxxx Xxxxxxian parenting and that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx psychopath xxxxxx Caillou xxxxxxxxxxxxx on Xxxxxxian weed xxxxxxxxxxxx unable to summon the presence of mind necessary to properly xxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Xxxxxxxxxx toddler version of xxxxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxx. Unlike most xxxxxxxxxxx, Caillou makes almost no attempt to educate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxxx no veiled math problems, spelling lessons or xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    These criticisms of xxxxxxxxxx have been echoed on xxxxxxxxxxxx, with the formation of anti-Caillou groups xxxxxxx such as "I Hate Caillou" on xxxxxxx and "xxFuckCaillou" on Xxxxxx. On a segment of the late-night talk show Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, host Xxxx Xxxxxx exclaimed "Fuck you, Caillou!!! Grow some hair and leave the house!" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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