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    Kai U
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    Full name
    Other names AT_49324_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm (creation code)
    Personality Literally 100% flawless...
    Birthday The day number Kai was created plus one

    Kai U is a minor character in terms of appearances in the show but a major character in terms of the story progression of Placeholder title Kai VHS Revolution. He is Kai's successor and AT_49323_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm, the one after Kai. Unlike them, though, he was classed as a 100% success upon creation, while Kai was 99.7%. Because of this, everything that was meant to be for Kai was instantly given to Kai U, and they were sent to be purged.

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    Kai U wears a bright yellow t shirt with dark red accents with various curves and patters around the neck, sleeves and bottom, with a blue star in the middle, and bright blue shorts with dark red outlining on the pockets with small yellow cut out parts at the bottom. His socks are white with a dark red stripe and he wears red shoes with yellow accents. Kai U has darkish brown hair and wears a yellow crown with red jewels, and yellow and red wristbands.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Being the product of the long running 'Caillou Improvement Project' which took place five million years in the future, his personality was to be the perfect human being with no flaws. Kai U is the perfect human being with no flaws they were looking for. If you can think of a positive trait, Kai U has it. Yes, he is literally a Gary Stu, but that's exactly what the researchers were looking for.

    However...even though he is displayed to be 100% perfect, he acts rather stuck up and has a very high opinion of himself. You could even say he's spoilt. He also mocked Kai after discovering he was their replacement in every sense of the word.

    Kai's thoughts[edit | edit source]

    Predictably, Kai does not like Kai U at all, and it isn't because of jealousy. It's literally because Kai U is the reason Kai was going to be purged, though this is more of the fault of the researchers demanding every attempt to be disposed of immediately after a better one was made. However, Kai U is not blameless, because he found the whole situation hilarious instead of defending them.

    Which begs the question...is this what the researchers considered 100% perfect? Apparently so.

    Other[edit | edit source]

    Kai U only appears in the first episode, and only for the first half. After that, he is only mentioned by Kai. They are very happy they never have to see him again.

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