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    Logan Films was an independent film production company founded by Kent Logan in 17th November 1952 based in Manitoba, Balkra. The company has made a total of 27 movies before shutting down on 1st of January 1994.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    Some time after Kent graduated cinema school, he had recorded a few videos of his backyard and town before deciding to create an independent film company with some of his friends, alongside other staff.

    Their first movie was The Riverside, released in 11th May 1953, and their last was Veronica, released on New Year’s Eve of 1993 (a day before they shut down).

    Partnerships[edit | edit source]

    Despite being independent, they have made a partnership with Supreme Entertainment in 1983, and helped film Kogan and Nolan and its sequel.

    Staff[edit | edit source]

    NOTE: The names written in italic mark the staff who have died.

    Kent Logan - Founder, director and cameraman.

    Leonard Taylor, Jeff M. Marsh, Brendan Welles, Ryan Johnson - The music composers

    Jack Wilson, Eric Samuel, Joseph Wordsworth - Movie editors

    Irene Willis, Jason Bryce Jr., Leonardo Astley, Stewart Robinson - Scriptwriters, screenwriters and script editors.

    Paul Wilson, Shauna Ford - Sound production

    Releases[edit | edit source]

    • The Riverside (1953)
    • The Forest and the City (1955)
    • It's A Beautiful Day (1959)
    • Return to Space (1964)
    • A Long Day (1976)
    • Recruit (1983)
    • Animal Man (1986)
    • Sundown (1988)
    • Road to a Different Dimension (1992, partnered with Supreme Entertainment)
    • Veronica (1993, their last movie)
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