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    Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers - Best Of (VHS Revolution)

    Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers - Best Of is a VHS Revolution and DVD title distributed by Sun Beach Home Video. It is a recut compilation of the first thirty or so episodes of Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers by davemadson, using the original versions as opposed to the remakes.

    The compilation focuses almost entirely on the bloopers instead of in fighting between characters, although some of it is retained. All clips are played in chronological order from the first episode to the final included in the compilation. This cut version is used instead of the full series for reasons similar for edited logos in Midnight Wishes, it's intended to be more relaxing and sleepy, but to a lesser extent than other titles.

    Scenes include:

    • 4Q shield
    • BP shield and Viacom crashing into Sam and Screen Gems scaring him
    • Warner Bros really does resent you
    • You call me an asswipe one more time and I’ll wipe your ass with a porcupine
    • I have one word for putting HBO where WB would normally be - uneducated
    • Sony WB and MGM WB
    • Shield with no letters
    • Letters with no shield
    • Out of order
    • W
    • B
    • McDonalds I’m loving it I’m hating it
    • Devil with Satan’s Kingdom sign
    • Turd sandwich
    • NBC peacock making Abby sneeze
    • Pizza face Mary vs Anna
    • DiC
    • BND

    Television Escapes the Blue Mountain, Logos on Strike and The Angry P-Head Runs Amok are included as special features/extras.

    The song used in Sun Beach Home Video's logo is Hello Earth by Windows96, and there are promos for Midnight Wishes, Nelvana Logo Bloopers and A Neon Night in Sunset City (noticeably using the final promo that mentions no distribution company).

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