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    Macy’s Parade Mysteries

    Description[edit | edit source]

    Macy's Parade Mysteries is an animated web-series, and one of the flagship franchises of Shea the Animation Superstar, created in 2019. The show follows the everyday lives of an adventurous group of Macy's Parade fans living in the Land of Wackiness, as they outsmart their rivals and save the day. The characters include Shea the Superstar, a red star; Polar the Robloxian, a blue Robloxian; Sparky, a multicolored abstraction; Jay Marcus, an Odd1sOut-like character; SpongeField AlphaLoud, a young boy with a SpongeBob hat; DJ Derilay, a girl with a love of music; Captain Candy, a red-headed girl; TNT, a black mouse; Henry the Bird Terminator, a green bird with Nintendo accessories; Red the Loud Engine, a red bird; Luke Deronde, a boy who wears a teal hoodie; Nick-Noe-Network, an orange logo; Starflake the Whale, a black orca whale; Harry Humble, a British guy; Derek Cool, an orange tabby cat; JDL, a boy from Peanuts; Diana Dimenette, a girl with shiny clothes; Cipher Rapper, a yellow illuminati; R.H. the Parade Banner, a mobile banner; Poster Persephone, a parade poster finder; Trenton the Funny Blockbuster; a yellow block; TogeBoomer, a Pokémon wearing a purple jumpsuit; Gabby the Gelatin Girl and Squishy Sandra, two girls with squishy bodies; Woody Woodpixel, a woodpecker wearing headphones; Krazy Kart, a blue car; Rollerblader Riley, a sport-loving tomboy; A the Symbol Shifter, a red letter; Clara Cutie, a kind-hearted and loving girl; Aymegg, a purple demon egg; Brooke the Peace Girl, a peaceful character; Hugging Harriet, a girl who loves hugs; Looney Chris, a combination of Looney Tunes characters; Ice Queen Isabella, a girl with ice powers; Parker the Handy Robot, a blue robot; Raiya the Mystic Girl, a girl with black magic powers; Dori the Marching Robot, a female robot bandleader; Maura the Gamer Girl, a girl who loves playing games; Eugene the Rich Engine, a blue train; CoolBob FunnyPants, a yellow sponge; Boomerang Shane, a blue boomerang; Vintage Vanessa, a girl with a love for vintage memorabilia; Jayden and Melanie, two siblings; Wolfy, a boy who wears a red jacket; Charlie the Holiday C, a green letter; Tristan the Tap-Dancing T-Shirt, a white shirt; Super Wing Woodbridge, a red learjet; Frida the Fearless, a medival knight; Kaue the Gamer Boy, a boy who loves playing games; Abigail the Adventurer, an adventurous girl; Seasonal Seth, a white snowman; Carvel the Despacito Snail, a snail with a yellow shell; Kool Star, a pink sea star; First-Mate Izzy, the sidekick of Captain Candy; Treesune Miku, a girl with green hair; Hannah the NYC Lover, a fan of New York City; Disney Lovin' Dylan, a golden letter; Olivia the Fantastical Fairy, a fairy with orange hair; Screwball McDuck, a white duck; Sally the Loving Gal, a girl with pink skin; and Sargeant Canine, a yellow-furred dog.

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    Main heroes[edit | edit source]

    Recurring heroes[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Minor heroes[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Occasional heroes[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Other heroes[edit | edit source]

    Neutral characters[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Main villains[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Supporting villains[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Other villains[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Why it’s bad[edit | edit source]


    Reception[edit | edit source]

    Rotten tomatoes score[edit | edit source]

    • 64% (1 Review)

    Reviews[edit | edit source]

    • JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi Says “It’s a fine show” he ranks the show 64% on Rotten Tomatoes

    An episode[edit | edit source]

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