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    A magical church, with some pretty pointless labels attached. The rainbow represents acceptance and free WiFi.

    The Magical Church is a variant of church in the Random Region that covers lots of religions, but most prominently Christianity, Meapism and Shrekism. It's so inclusive people of different religions even worship there at the same without fighting. They also accept people who don't have religion. Like other churches in the Random Region, and unlike some churches in other countries, they are extremely accepting of people under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. In fact, one of their most played songs is titled 'nbpower' which could stand for NOMA - Brain Power (the song that's actually being played, albeit in midi form, most songs are in midi form anyway) or Non Binary Power. Magical Churches can be found in nearly every town or city in every provinstate of the Random Region.

    The churches are magical because they feature a keyboard that can have one, two, three or four layers (or even more) at any given moment (dropping or adding them when required) and plays itself, holy sticks that make noises by themselves, and a choir made up of multiple Slendermen who don't attack you and instead sing on one note each. Another way it's magical is the fact the entire room floats on a magical vortex in space for some reason. Don't worry, you can't fall off, there are invisible barriers preventing you from doing that.

    Magical Churches hold lots of special events and parties. Fliers for them are usually available outside them or in other parts of the Random Region. It is a companion to the church of goddamn brown mold.

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