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    Ronny Mcdonaldsy.
    is a very big restaurant chain. It's (clown) mascot is Ronald McDonald, which is strange for a fast food place :/ and it's Irish, which is ALSO weird for fast food. It has kidz meelz called Happeh Mealz (mispelled teehee) which have burgers and fries and a drink and apple dippers and a toy to make poeple buy them. The fries are VERY greasy and salty. So salty, in fact, it is 20% of the recommended daily value for sodium. which is REALLY GOOD.
    The infamous chain's logo.

    McOrdering[edit | edit source]

    The McDonald's McDrive-thru generally consists of:

    • Near the drive through sign, they sell McBombs just in case the fawking McEmployee screws up your order one too many McTimes, so you can blow the McSenses out of them.
    • McCustomers pull up to the drive through, usually behind a mini-van full of fat people who arbitrarily order everything on the menu in triplicate...
    • Two Hours later - Daddy Fat finally manages to push the Mcgas-pedal, and moves away from the speaker, toppling over into the other Mclane in the process.
    • A McGlass covered plaque listing 500 menu items in half inch letters visible only to the driver
    • A walkie talkie in a black box for customers to McScrew-up their own order from.
    • A McWireless-headset through which McEmployees can McScrew-up the McCustomer's McOrder (which the McCustomer has already McScrewed-Up)
    • One or more windows where customers can play guessing games as to which one he should go to to pay for his order
    • Tiny McDriving lines so that the McCustomer can get McFood and scrape the McCrap out of his McHubcaps
    • A Frame consisting of McSteel pipes to limit the height of your McVehicle to two McFeet.
    • A flat screen McColorMonitor to display your order and to take your anger out on in case they McKeep screwing up.
    • In its its McNatural habitat, you may find a McCustomer inching slowly through the McDrive-thru, honking its McHorn or flashing its McHeadligts at the fawkin' McSUV in front of it. In rare cases, some individuals have reportedly spotted a McSpecimen giving said McSUV the dreaded "McStareofdoom".
    • A few "special order" spots when they McForce you to drive to the dunce slot, and decide whether or not to deliver your messed up McOrder
    • A parking bay in which you can McWait while workers McMake it their McLife's McAmbition to McScrew up your McOrder.
    • Illiterate idiots with the IQ of a bottle of Scrumpy take your order, and ultimately screw it up to the point where you only get napkins, a Filet-O-Fish with a second meat patty and bacon, a half-full cup of Pibb Xtra, and a unsold MIB McStraw stolen from the storage area of the Dunkin' Donuts across the McStreet.
    • After all that, they still have a McFatman bomb thrown at the employee by a McPeekd off costumer.
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