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    This page is related to the VHS Revolution home system which is an idea by Raichu's Endless Nights. Details about it are likely still being worked on.
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    Midnight Wishes is a compilation movie on VHS Revolution and DVD distributed by Sun Beach Home Video. Like most titles distributed by Sun Beach Home Video, it doesn't have an exact plot to it. Instead, it's  a sort of collection of logos, warning screens, bumpers, and other things found on DVDs, but they are in a dream-like quality. The idea comes from dreams about logos, particularly dreams about watching DVDs that have strange contents like the things shown in the Mystery Video series. She knows people have dreams about logos, but not if other people have had dreams about DVDs specifically. The title takes inspiration from such dreams.

    The tone of it is relaxing and sleepy,  so it doesn't contain anything that would suddenly wake someone up. Logos, warnings and the other contents are tweaked to fit the tone. Both fictional and real logos are used in the movie.

    The original title was Mystery Video, but this was changed to Midnight Wishes because the former title sounded more like a distributor name. It comes from the dream logo Midnight Wishes Video Classics, the first logo in the movie.

    List of things used (incomplete)[edit | edit source]

    These are all adjusted to fit the tone of the movie, with the exception of the first as it was made for it in the first place

    • Midnight Wishes Video Classics
    • Vapor Home Video
    • MTC Video (joke variant)
    • Paramount Warning screen (end VHS variant)
    • Paramount DVD logo (uses the song Freezeflame Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy)
    • Various warning screens, many of the foreign ones seen at the end of Warner Home Video DVDs
    • UGC, Irish Video, Videolab and ABCollection from Denmark
    • Clips of videos where people talk about things. These include speedrunning (of NES games and Mario Kart, and also about people cheating speedrunning) lost media, an iceberg video about Super Mario 64, the less scary anomalies/personalisation of the same game, the downfall of a mean YouTuber, etc.
    • Foreign dub clips of cartoons. SpongeBob is the most used.

    The DVD known as the 'Storm City Demo' was also used as source. This is where the Paramount warning screen and DVD logos are from, as well as something else.

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