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    Miner Boi, MC parody of Sk8er Boi


    He was a boy She was a girl Can we make it more interesting?

    He was famous She just logged in She has the game pinned

    He got some fans She doesn't care But would she watch him on a dare?

    So into the cam He's in the cave He found some ores, and went in a rave

    He was a miner boy She said, "How you doing, boy?" She wasn't good enough for them

    She had a blown-up house And she was shy as a mouse She needed to go to fix her skills

    One month from now She dies and respawns Far away in some dangerous town

    It's very crowded By the scary dead Her face was starting to turn red She deletes her world And starts all over It was anyways all swirled She hits some wood Her start's all good And now she's understood...

    He is a miner boy She went "what's up, my boys?" As she started up her live

    Now she's so confident Growing her audience And gaining up on his fame

    He is a miner boy She said "see you later, boy" When she defeated a village raid

    They are now equal But in the sequel... It all goes down in the rabbit hole...

    Sorry girl, but you missed out Well he's starting to take out His diamond sword and ender eyes And to the End, he all survived He broke the crystals and got ready Held his weapon and was steady He shot his arrow and it was said He took the dragon to the dead

    He won the game She's struggling Can she eventually catch up? She can't just quit She's gone so long She's ready to prove those monsters wrong...

    She's like the miner boy She treats endermen like toys As she collects their ender pearls She goes down into hell From the portal from a spell Of her obsidian and flint and steel

    She's like the miner boy She starts to jump for joy Into the dungeon she has found She places in ender eyes And into the dark abyss She put the evil dragon down...

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