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    This page, Moon Snail (Character), is officially owned by Moon Snail. Please do not edit it without asking for permission like a bitch-ass motherfucker, or they'll piss on the moon.
    Moon Snail
    Background information
    Feature films
    Television programs
    Video games MS & Flametail: Superstar Saga
    Park attractions
    Portrayed by
    Portrayed by
    Performance model
    Honors and awards
    Character information
    Full name
    Other names Moon<br>MS<br>Moonlight (By Lemres)
    Personality Shows very little emotion<br>Hates himself<br>Loves his boyfriend
    Appearance He has a purple hat
    Birthday March 14th
    Occupation Playing video games<br>Watching the stars
    Affiliations Sundew Magic School
    Goal Graduate from Sundew Magic School<br>Marry Lemres<br>Capture 20-12-S
    Relatives Lemres (Boyfriend)
    Pets Zombie
    Allies Flametail
    Likes Snails<br>Sweet foods<br>Spacey things like stars and moons<br>His boyfriend, Lemres
    Dislikes Adventure Time<br>Lemons<br>Bacon<br>Himself

    Moon Snail is a character in many different types of Random-ness media, mainly in entries of the Moon Snail Literary Universe as the main character. He is a Sapi Zangoose whose defining feature is his purple hat, which he never takes off, even when asleep.

    For his appearance in Puyo Puyo 8, see here.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail is, to put it simply, not the most cheery person you'll ever meet. He's very nihilistic and cynical, and is fully aware of it. He rarely, if ever, smiles, and doesn't really feel happiness unless around his boyfriend, Lemres. There is a good reason for this, however, and it will be revealed in The Tale of Snail. Like most Zangoose, he has an instinctual hatred for the Pokémon, Seviper. However, being a Sapi, he has better control over this instinct than most other members of his species. He still has a fear of them, however.

    Moon Snail is openly bisexual, but has a high preference for men. The only woman he ever dated was Caitlin, but they broke up when Caitlin realized she was a lesbian. He later polyamourously dated Flametail and Corrin, but this didn't last for very long. He and Flametail just lost romantic interest in each other, but are still best friends. As for Corrin, the two had a harsh falling out with each other, and Moon Snail prefers not to talk about it.

    Moon Snail is a closeted genderfluid. Nobody knows about this, except for Flametail and Lemres, both of whom promised to keep it a secret until he feels comfortable coming out publicly about it.

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    In his Zangoose form, he looks like most other Zangoose, but he also has a purple hat. He is taller than the average Zangoose, being 5'03 as opposed to the 4'02 most of them are.

    As a human, he retains his purple hat, along with his 5'03 height, which is a lot shorter by human standards. He has white, curly hair, gold-colored glasses, red eyes, and one fang that always sticks out of his mouth. He wears a white shirt with a red M on the chest area, black gloves, white shorts and white slip-on shoes. Despite being a human, he also has a Zangoose tail.

    Due to him missing his Zangoose origins in Puyo Puyo 8, the M on his shirt is removed. Every other design aspect for him is exactly the same, however.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Flametail[edit | edit source]

    Since he was 10, he and Flametail have been best friends at all times, even if they have disagreements. Around 2018, they even experimented with dating, but nothing came out of it. It's said that Moon Snail helped Flametail become a Sapi.

    Lemres[edit | edit source]

    For a long time, Lemres and Moon Snail were classmates in the Sundew Magic School, but as you know, it doesn't end there. The two are very close engaged boyfriends. They love each other very much, and are very flirtatious, with Moon often affectionately calling him "Lemmy" and Lemres often calling him "Moonlight" in return. The two promise to marry once they graduate from magic school.

    Caitlin[edit | edit source]

    The two dated once, but this was fairly short-lived. When Caitlin discovered that she wasn't into men, the two broke up on good terms. While they rarely meet each other, they're still friendly in those few times.

    Corrin[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail and Corrin once dated, and were devoted almost as much as Moon is with Lemres nowadays. However, this all fell apart when Moon Snail heard a fabricated scandal about him, and proceeded to dump him very, very harshly. While Moon Snail later found out the truth, he tries to get back on good terms with him, but the prince how hates him and wants nothing to do with him. Moon Snail is still ashamed of the whole thing to this day.

    Zombie[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail was the only person for a while who was willing to take care of Zombie. While he was questioned by his classmates for this, they later grew to love the cat as well. Moon Snail treats Zombie very well, knowing a bit about keeping care of animals, being one himself.

    Lemongrab[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail HATES Lemongrab. When the two encounter each other, they exchange insults, and sometimes, the meetings get very bloody. Some of the few extreme emotions Moon Snail felt were from his encounters with Lemongrab. They could be considered arch enemies.

    Phantom[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail was one of the first people to be possessed by Phantom, and the first that became publicly known. In his phantom state, Moon Snail was very devoted to Phantom. However, once he broke out of this, he quickly turned on them.

    Feli[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail, being engaged with Lemres, is naturally Feli's most hated person. Moon Snail does not requite this hatred, but does find her quite creepy.

    20-12-S[edit | edit source]

    For not yet revealed reasons, Moon Snail is determined to find 20-12-S. For this reason, 20-12-S is very, very afraid of Moon Snail, and will try to run whenever he sees him.

    Soren Mayer[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail is interested in becoming friends with Soren. However, the whole Phantom epidemic, resulting in him becoming evil temporarily, has caused this to be difficult for him. Soren now associates him with Phantom, making her rarely want to talk with him.

    Appears in these works[edit | edit source]

    TV Shows[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail most often stars in shows that air or have aired on The Steamed Clams Channel.

    Movies[edit | edit source]

    Video Games[edit | edit source]

    Personal Life[edit | edit source]

    (This will be re-written when The Tale of Snail is finished.)

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Moon Snail is banned from enrolling in the Random-Ness Academy for unknown reasons.
    • His voice differentiates between his two forms. In his Zangoose form, it sounds middling and sharp, similar to the Zangoose in the Pokémon anime. In his human form, it's high-pitched and neutral, similar to Sig's japanese voice but a little deeper.
    • Due to copyright reasons, MS loses his Zangoose origins in Puyo Puyo 8 and is rebranded as a kitsune.
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