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    No Man's Pirates/Characters

    NOTE: RNW users besides HooplaTheFish cannot be made into permanent characters. Characters who are similar to them in many ways can be added though.

    The Good Guys[edit | edit source]

    Cap'n Takara the Pirate[edit | edit source]

    Main article: Cap'n Takara the Pirate

    Heymondbeard[edit | edit source]

    Main article: Heymondbeard

    Spud the Brave[edit | edit source]

    Main article: Spud the Brave

    Oogadile[edit | edit source]

    Main article: Oogadile

    The Bad Guys[edit | edit source]

    Contemptible Conrad[edit | edit source]

    Main article: Contemptible Conrad

    Wretched Waldo[edit | edit source]

    A calm yet a bit dim-witted Sapi Armaldo who is the lackey and first mate of Contemptible Conrad. Usually, after he says his catchphrase "Ha-har," he coughs, and Contemptible Conrad tries to offer him a cough drop. He has somewhat of a crush on Contemptible Conrad, as he sometimes calls him "Connie-Poo." He wears a black pirate's hat with a white skull and crossbones on it and a red tie.

    The Others[edit | edit source]

    King Sandaconda[edit | edit source]

    A Sapi Sandaconda who is the king of the island. Pompous and arrogant, King Sandaconda despises all of the main pirate characters, including Cap'n Takara, and considers them a bunch of losers. His catchphrase is "Well, this is disappointing."

    Salazer[edit | edit source]

    A male Sapi Salandit who is King Sandaconda's servant.

    Plucky[edit | edit source]

    A Cramorant. He isn't very intelligent.

    Randy[edit | edit source]

    An Impidimp who is boisterous and wild.

    Spunky[edit | edit source]

    A Sapi Toucannon. She likes to take siestas, but she also loves to fly around. Her voice claim in both dubs is Amelia from Rubbadubbers.

    Striker[edit | edit source]

    An elderly Sapi Scyther. He is very senile and often needs someone to take care of him.

    Lorraine[edit | edit source]

    A Sapi Espeon. He often takes care of Strike.

    Siltquake[edit | edit source]

    A Sapi Whiscash. Unlike other Whiscash, he resides in a pond near the ocean. He is kind-hearted and is a huge softie. His catchphrases are "Great googly moogly!" and "Holy magnitude!"

    Leavanny Sewing Circle[edit | edit source]

    A group of five Sapi Leavanny who love to sew clothes. The members are named Laura, Sarah, Brianna, Dinah, and Kayla.

    Bulba, Whistler, and Carmen[edit | edit source]

    A Sapi Bulbasaur, Nuzleaf, and Lucario who are recurring characters. Template:No Man's Pirates

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