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    No Man's Pirates/Characters/Contemptible Conrad

    This page contains potentially triggering content (Ableism and abuse). If you are sensitive to such subject matter, it would be best not to read on.
    You have been warned.
    No Man's Pirates/Characters/Contemptible Conrad
    Background information
    Feature films The No Man's Pirates Movie
    Television programs No Man's Pirates
    Video games
    Park attractions
    Portrayed by
    Portrayed by
    Performance model
    Honors and awards
    Character information
    Full name
    Other names
    Occupation Pirate
    Relatives Wretched Waldo (husband)
    Enemies King Sandaconda
    Paraphernalia Crutch, sword, cannon

    Contemptible Conrad “Connie” is a Sapi Theivul and the former main antagonist of No Man’s Pirates.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Prior to being born, Conrad’s egg rolled down a hill and ran into a building, causing it to have a crack. Shortly after, a Pokemon Doctor by the name of Rita took the egg and she and her team of Pokemon Doctors did their best to care for the egg. Later, the egg hatched into a Nickit, albeit with a missing leg thanks to the crack in his egg. Rita raised him for a while, until she managed to find Conrad’s biological parents and returned him to them. To their dismay upon having a disabled child, they decided that the child was a "curse" to the family and did not want to have him. He was beaten, starved, locked into the closet, and strapped to the wall with duct tape. Later, Rita was near the Kaizoku Department Store when she saw Conrad crying while locked in a parked car. Rita then called the Child Services and the paramedics, and Conrad received medical attention. Conrad’s parents, who had returned from shopping, were arrested and charged for child neglect, abuse, and endangerment for leaving their young son in a hot car. Shortly after their arrest, Conrad was adopted by Rita.

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