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    No Man's Pirates/Episodes

    Rules[edit | edit source]

    1. Keep the show appropriate. Consequently, swearing, mature themes and other things which are deemed "not appropriate" will not be permitted.
    2. Each season has 10 episodes, though lots of episode pairs will be similar to some Season 5 episodes of SpongeBob (seven minute episode, four minute episode, and 11 minute episode.)
    3. Crossover episodes are not allowed because they cannot work given the show's plot and main setting. However, characters from with fan works may appear as cameos.
    4. Don't add episodes without Hoopla's permission. Suggest episode ideas here.
    5. Don't start a plot arc without all writers' permission.
    6. Don't repeat episode ideas.

    Series One[edit | edit source]

    1. Shipwrecked - The No Man's Pirates get shipwrecked onto the rivals' island after getting hit by their cannonballs. Pokédex entry of the day: Luxio.
    2. Rise Up, Crew!/No, You!/The Captain and the King: The No Man's Pirates get through the morning./Contemptible Conrad and Wretched Waldo get into an argument—but over what?/Cap'n Takara is forced to become King Sandaconda's slave after messing up his place. Pokédex entry of the day: Sandaconda.
    3. The Captain Goes Buzz Buzz/Runaway Bottle Cap/The Captain and Her Lovey: Cap'n Takara gets chased by Beedrill after getting some honey./Wretched Waldo runs after a rolling golden bottle cap./Cap'n Takara is made fun of by the rivals after cuddling her stuffed animal. Pokédex entry of the day: Vulpix.
    4. The Captain Gets Stuck!/Good Night, Crew!/Cannonball Challenge: Cap'n Takara gets stuck in a hole/The No Man's Pirates are settling down to sleep, but Heymondbeard's snoring keeps them (excluding Cap'n Takara) awake!/Contemptible Conrad and Wretched Waldo get into a cannonball blasting contest. Pokédex entry of the day: Bunnelby.
    5. Bad Guy Best Friends/Xylophone/Heymondbeardless: After Contemptible Conrad saves Wretched Waldo from choking, he promises to be more nice to him./Cap'n Takara finds an xylophone and composes a tune to it./Heymondbeard accidentally shaves off his beard and tries to find a subsitute for it. Pokédex entry of the day: Corphish.
    6. The Insult Contest/Spud Goes Fruit Picking/The Captain Needs to Go!: When Cap'n Takara sees the rivals' insults carved into trees, she must get even/Spud searches for fruits when Cap'n Takara locates the best fruit trees./Heymondbeard and Spud have to help Cap'n Takara find somewhere private for her to "go" on the island. Pokédex entry of the day: Wingull.
    7. The Captain Gets Sick/Make It or Break It/Caved In: Cap'n Takara comes down with an illness and the No Man's Pirates must take care of her./Cap'n Takara and Spud are having a great time building a small den, until Randy knocks it down./Wretched Waldo gets stuck in a cave and Contemptible Conrad must save him... with the help of someone unlikely! Pokédex entry of the day: Skuntank.
    8. The Captain Gets a Splinter/TBA/Lost Leg: After Takara gets a stubborn splinter, she worries that it'll hurt when someone tries to take it out.//Contemptible Conrad loses his prosthetic leg and he has to find it. Pokédex entry of the day: Toucannon.
    9. Fussing and Fighting/The Captain's New Clothes/The Captain's Scary Story: Takara is in a very, very bad mood, so the No Man's Pirates need to find a way to improve it./Takara's clothes go missing after a hot springs bath./Takara finds and reads an old book that gives her nightmares. Pokédex entry of the day: Aipom.
    10. TBA/TBA/First Mate Mix-Up: While on a nature hike, Heymondbeard and Waldo switch places. Pokédex entry of the day: Armaldo.

    Series Two[edit | edit source]

    1. Boo!/You're Too Fat, You Need Exercise/TBA: After Contemptible Conrad keeps scaring Cap'n Takara one too many times, Cap'n Takara wants to scare him back for once./Spud the Brave becomes overweight thanks to eating too much./TBA. Pokédex entry of the day: TBA.
    2. TBA
    3. Not A Flying Type/TBA/TBA: After Contemptible Conrad dares Cap'n Takara to do an entire ropes course without protection, she falls and breaks her arm. After the incident, Cap'n Madi develops a fear of going up trees, and the Pirates and Spunky have to help her get over her fear./TBA/TBA
    4. TBA
    5. Sky High Captain/TBA/TBA: After Cap'n Takara is given an air balloon, she ends up floating away./TBA/TBA. Pokédex entry of the day: Taillow.
    6. Spunky and the Fountain of Youth: When the No Man’s Pirates fall into the Fountain of Youth and turn into babies, it’s up to Spunky and her chicks to turn them back into adults. Pokédex entry of the day: Pikipek.
    7. TBA
    8. Homesick: Feeling homesick, the Pirates write letters and look back on memories about their families. Pokédex entry of the day: Luxray.
    9. Contemptible Conrad: The True Origins: Hour-long special. Contemptible Conrad decides to tell the origins of himself to the No Man's Pirates. Pokédex entry of the day: Thievul.

    Movie[edit | edit source]

    1. The No Man's Pirates Movie: When the No Man's Pirates and Wretched Waldo get kidnapped by unknown forces, Cap'n Takara and Contemptible Conrad must set aside their differences and work together to save everybody.

    Series Three[edit | edit source]

    1. The Burden Pirates: When the No Man’s Pirates arrive at Kaizoku, the No Man’s Pirates encounter some new rivals called the Burden Pirates. Who’s That Pokemon: Spearow
    2. The Captain’s Family Reunion: Cap’n Madi and Heymond reunite with their families.
    3. Too Close for Comfort: Cap’n Madi has a hard time adjusting to normal life; Contemptible Conrad and Wretched Waldo babysit a group of Baby Pokémon at the Kaizoku Pokémon Centre. Who’s That Pokemon: #: Cap’n Madi
    4. ?
    5. Black and Blue: While Cap’n Takara goes on a date in the fairgrounds, they assist Heymondbeard and his Miltank in his first cow show. However, a group of vegan Pokémon called the PRA (PokéRights Activists) set the Miltank free, and the gang has to round them up before the show starts. Who’s That Pokémon: Miltank
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. The Captain’s Family Rescue:
    9. The Captain’s Island Tour: Cap’n Madi takes the viewers on a tour of Smaliland.

    Series Four[edit | edit source]

    1. The True Nature of the King:
    2. Enslavement Loves Company: As Madi and Neptune overhear King Sandaconda’s plan, they meet other people that King Sandaconda has enslaved.
    3. Rescuing the Captain: When Heymondbeard and Spud the Brave overhear that Cap’n Madi has disappeared, they launch a rescue mission.
    4. Growing Pains:
    5. Minty to the Rescue: Minty desires to be brave, so he goes on a rescue mission to help save the Pirates.
    6. Tyranny’s End: Hour-long series finale. The No Man’s Pirates desire to end King Sandaconda’s tyranny. This episode counts as two episodes, and airs in two parts outside of the United States.

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