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    No Man's Pirates/Episodes/The Captain's Scary Story

    "The Captain's Scary Story" is the third segment of the ninth episode of the first season of No Man's Pirates. It is eleven minutes long.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    When Madi and Heymondbeard compare things that they've found on the island, Cap'n Madi digs through her hat and finds an old, scary book. Her friends try to warn her, but Cap'n Madi, being a bookworm, decides to read through it. But things get out of hand when Cap'n Madi's imagination begins to run wild--and she gets nightmares.

    Transcript[edit | edit source]

    (The episode begins with Madi and Heymondbeard walking up to Spud onto the beach.)

    Madi: Ha, ha, ha! What a scavenger hunt!

    Heymondbeard: Hey, hey, hey, yeah, and when I found that Wishing Piece, I couldn't believe my eyes! What did you find, Captain?

    (Madi shows Heymondbeard a bottle cap for grape sode.)

    Madi: A bottle cap.

    Heymondbeard: Hey, that's just old garbage.

    Madi: But it's not garbage! It may be some priceless treasure.

    Spud: Just show us what else you've got, you two!

    (Madi shows Heymondbeard a sand dollar.)

    (Heymondbeard shows Madi a literal sand dollar, as in a dollar made out of sand.)

    Spud: By golly, I get the joke!

    (Madi shows Heymondbeard a shell and puts it up to her ear.)

    Madi: This shell makes a funny sound. Come listen for yourself.

    (Madi puts the shell up to the viewer's ear, and the ocean is heard.)

    Heymondbeard: Hey, my shell is lots better.

    (Madi puts the shell down and looks at Heymondbeard, who has picked up a Shelmet.)

    Shelmet: Shelmet! Shelmet, Shelmet!

    Madi: Erm, your shell wants you to put it down.

    (Heymondbeard sets Shelmet down. Afterward, Madi takes an old book out of her hat.)

    Madi: Mmm, what's this.

    (Madi looks at the book's cover.)

    Madi: Scary Stories for Pokémon, by Spook E. Gastly.

    Heymondbeard: Hey Madi, that probably isn't something you should be reading.

    Madi: Why not? It looks good.

    Spud: By golly, I thought you weren't all "Ha! Nothing scares Madi the Pirate! Ha-har, shiver my timbers!"

    Madi: First of all, no, I'm not, Spud. Second of all, I'm quite a bookworm. Third of all, I've seen much worse, like a Talonflame eating a Wingull before.

    (Madi opens the book and begins reading it.)

    Heymondbeard: Hey, don't say we didn't warn you.

    (Cut to a montage. Madi is seen reading the book in a tree, where two Aipom look over her shoulder and get scared by the book.)

    (Cut to Madi reading the book in a cave.)

    Madi: And then the spooky monster opened its mouth, wide enough to fit a whole cave!

    (Several Noibat flee from the cave in fear.)

    (Cut to Madi at Siltquake's pond, where Siltquake is shaking in fear.)

    Siltquake: Great googly moogly! I'm scared!

    Madi: Don't worry, it's not real!

    (Cut to night time. Madi is finishing the book in her hammock.)

    Madi: I finished it! Now to get some rest!

    Spud: Oh, pshaw! By golly, you must've been so scared, that you skipped to the end of the book.

    Madi: Me? Scared? Never! I read the whole thing in one sitting!

    (Madi is shaking a little.)

    Spud: Golly, I still think you got scared by the book.

    Madi: It's just the jitters from eating too much candy! Well, good night, everybody!

    Heymondbeard: Good night, guys!

    (Everyone goes to sleep.)

    Spud: Golly, I just know she's scared by it.

    (Cut to Madi deep in the jungle.)

    Madi: Safari Trekker Madi is going on a big search, fearless looking for an elusive, legendary creature!

    (Something roars in the distance.)

    Madi: Who said that?

    (A giant beast resembling this monster towers over Madi.)

    Beast: I am a scary beast!

    Madi: You look like the monster from my book. Also, nothing scares Madi the Pirate! Ha-har, shiver my timbers!

    Beast: I eat pirates for breakfast!

    Madi: You eat pirates? (laughs sarcastically) I don't even taste that good!

    (The beast grabs Madi by the tail.)

    Beast: I'm being serious, little Luxio.

    Madi: Oh dear. Don't eat me!

    Beast: Too bad, Luxio. Down the hatch you go!

    (The beast lets go of Madi and eats her.)

    Madi: Help me!!

    (Cut to Madi waking up and screaming.)

    Madi: It's trying to eat me!

    Heymondbeard: Madi! Madi!

    (Madi is panicking and whimpering.)

    Madi: This... scary monster...

    Heymondbeard: Hey Madi, calm down. You were just having a nightmare.

    (Madi cries.)

    Madi: It tried to eat me!

    (Heymondbeard scoops up Madi and repeatedly shushes her.)

    Madi: You were right! This book was scary!

    Heymondbeard: Hey Captain, how about you sleep with me tonight?

    Madi: I guess.

    (Heymondbeard carries Madi, who has fallen asleep, to his hammock.)

    Heymondbeard: Good night, Madi.

    Madi: I'll try not to be a burden again for the rest of the night. Also, can you scratch me ears?

    (Heymondbeard scratches Madi's ears; Madi sighs in relief.)

    (Fade to the next morning. Madi is sleeping on top of Heymondbeard, much to the latter's dismay.)

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