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    Oneiria Island (often referred to as simply Oneiria) is an island located in the Random Region. It has a population of 6,401,982 (2021 estimate). It is known for its peaceful scenery, complex architecture and perpetually warm climate. The capital city of Oneiria is Cloud City, while the largest city is Ranze. Oneiria has a fastly growing economy with advanced healthcare and educational systems.

    Oneiria is one of the newest islands in the Random Region, having been established as a member of the country in (idk lawl). However, recent archeological excavations imply that Oneiria has been inhabited since at least the late 1800s. The date the island itself formed is unknown, but it has been proven many times by scientists that the land formed naturally and wasn't manmade.

    Oneirian accents are often characterized as sounding slow and New Zealand-esque. This is allegedly due to the island being discovered and inhabited by New Zealanders many years ago. The majority of the population is of New Zealand heritage (including Māori).

    Etymology[edit | edit source]

    The name of the island comes from IZ*ONE's masterpiece of a third mini album if you haven't listened to it go check it out #NotSpon the word "oneiric", which is a word that refers to the action of dreaming or dreams themselves.

    History[edit | edit source]

    people colonized it and built buildings and then it joined the random region blah blah blah the end now look at this unrelated image that makes me laugh uncontrollably
    Minnie has had enough.jpeg

    Cities and towns[edit | edit source]

    Oneiria acts as its own provinstate (which is what Random Region calls its administrative divisions). It has multiple cities and towns of varying sizes. The most populous cities are Cloud City (pop. 3,937,222) and Ranze (pop. 2,156,555), while the least populous city is Hoona (pop. 239,018)

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