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    This was copied from chat. Feel butterfree to add your own, but make sure they aren't already there.

    I was gonna tell you a pokemon pun, but I decided natu well that was ONIX pected.

    shut your meowth Just give me a chansey.

    People say we have stress when we become of age, but when elements are 18 their fun days Argon. Kakuna Ratatta it means no worries

    there's no shaymin losing

    Don't have me dragonite in here.

    Doing that sawks.

    I'm not gonna raichu a lovesong

    Just decided to throh that out there. You asked furret

    Well, that pun had a bad exeggcute-ion.


    our arrows will brock out the sun

    Golduck yourself.

    Sorry, that pun was really unfezent.

    I might just Forcepalm because of it.

    ekans see clearly now the rain is gone Mew just walked into a storm of pokepuns.

    I must have the ability Insomnia

    this is onix-ceptable

    Ignorance is blissey.

    just ignorew what is happeny-ng.

    All your troubles will go away like Abra Kadabra Alakazam!

    knowing me and knowing mew, there's nothing we can do.

    wanna go on a magikarpet ride

    Nah, I want you to Hoppip on my train to Driftveil.

    good eeveening, gentlemen

    do you mind if I axew a question?

    This is getting a weedle bit out of hand.

    I feel a bit gloom

    But my hopes may bellossom.

    I can Cherubi you up

    my pokepuns are serperior to yours

    That was mean, I might just pichu up for that.

    spheal with it

    I'll beat you up like Hitmonlee

    emboar'd. Really bored.

    Me Porygon2

    but dewott you guys need.

    Roggenrolla is my favorite genre of music. Diggersby mad that Imma takin' all the ores

    We're moving to paras, baby!

    That's a lucky Chansey

    I like walking through the rain but the mudkips getting on my shoes

    the ride might just be a bit oddish, though.

    But we can seadra nice sight on the way there.

    I metapod of whales the other day

    they asked why i killed him, I said audino

    I shot them with my laser beeheeyem

    i cant bayleef you just said that

    I can't Giratina we can win the fight, but we can try.

    machop sticks broke

    I'm really mesprit for more pokepuns.

    two Hydreigon and an oxygen make Water.

    I have a tazer, so I'l zapdos b**ches

    Imagine if you will, a show so strange, it shouldn't come first. Because all our other shows, are in order. This one isn't. This is... The Magnezone. I hope you can de-scyther our Pokepuns.

    heat seaking missile A man who feels like a Machamp walked into a Library just to realize he had no pants on

    Margarine is Butterfree

    These pokepuns gain my seel of approval.

    They're real scrafty.

    Do a Bibarel roll!

    Ring the victreebel!

    Once my book of Pokepuns is e-raticate-d.

    Don't feel bad. You can always gible on this food.

    Just take gabite.

    You won't realize how good it is until you garchomping it down.

    You could also have a strip of bagon.

    It'll help out on a goomy day.

    I once metagross person.

    I was also in the avatar universe, where I Metang.

    you can ring the victreebel

    can i pikachu in the shower

    You won't ring the weepinbell, will you?

    Sorry, i Togepi in your shower

    BFDI is an Aggron-ym of Battle for Dream Island

    A person who likes Rotom: I'm your biggest Fan Rotom!


    I'm feeling Krabby today

    Let's Exeggcute Justin Bieber

    You can lick ice cream but it would be weird if you would Lickitung

    I feel sick, i'm already Koffing and Weezing

    Dear Patrick Staryu are dumb

    Put on your motorcycle Shelmet

    I can't believe you Jynxed me!

    I tried to smoochum.

    Pen's in here with a Exeggcute-ion chair to fry Justin Bieber

    All around the mulberry bush, the Mankey chased the Sneasel. The Mankey thought 'twas all in fun, pop! goes the Sneasel!

    Last one there is a rotten Exeggcute!

    I'm going to read you a Fairy-type tale.

    I just Fraxured a limb!

    I give you the Spheal of approval!

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