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    Pancakes' analysis of the spam categories of Scary Logos Wiki

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    This page is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work). We recommend not reading on if you are young, in public, or sensitive to mature topics. You might need to puke if you do. You have been warned!

    there are a couple of distasteful categories listed on here, you've been warned

    The following is something I wrote on another wiki before I came on this one. This is dated 27th September 2020.

    This is probably completely irrelevant, but it might not be. I don't know if anybody is even remotely interested in this but me, but here we go.

    As I've been clearing out the categories, I couldn't help but notice there have been certain categories that have been next to each other a lot, I call these category strings. I go onto a page with over 300 categories and these strings are guaranteed to be there. Some of them are short, some of them are very long. Here are some examples, but I don't think I've gotten them all.

    Rayman[edit | edit source]

    1. Logos that scare Rayman
    2. I ship Rayman with Megurine Luka
    3. P
    4. izza

    Nyami[edit | edit source]

    1. Logos that scare Nyami from Pop n music
    2. Nyami x Kaito
    3. I ship Nyami with Kaito
    4. Timer from Pop n Music dies at Nyami and Kaito's wedding

    Kaito vs Ambre[edit | edit source]

    1. Logos that scare Ambre
    2. Kaito has to fight Ambre
    3. Ambre wins
    4. T
    5. Qwertyuiop

    My Little Pony and VeggieTales[edit | edit source]

    1. Logos that scare Twilight Sparkle
    2. Logos that scare Pinkie Pie
    3. Logos that scare Fluttershy
    4. Logos that scare Rarity
    5. Logos that scare AppleJack
    6. Logos that scare Rainbow Dash
    7. Logos that scare Spike the Dragon
    8. Logos that scare Bob the Tomato
    9. Logos that scare Larry the Cucumber
    10. Logos that scare Junior Asparagus
    11. Do I have to follow you around all day?

    I've noticed there's been a story and multiple categories linking the two on here, while I was improving the Disney FastPlay page there was a story in which Shining Armour woke up Bob the Tomato with the FastPlay, and also 'Logos that make Bob Larry and Junior cry for the Princesses of Ponyville'. Not entirely related to the category strings but I'm convinced these were made by the same person.

    Supernanny[edit | edit source]

    Warning: This string is incredibly long.

    1. Children
    2. Brothers
    3. Preschoolers
    4. Americans
    5. 2000 births
    6. Boys
    7. Older Brothers
    8. Males
    9. Amok Runners
    10. Picky Eaters
    11. Children who got expelled from school
    12. Tantruming youngsters
    13. Disrespectful children
    14. Aggressive Children
    15. Supernanny's worst children
    16. Jealous Children
    17. Spankers
    18. Children who throw tantrums
    19. Good Manners (?)
    20. YouTube users
    21. Hitters
    22. Violent Children
    23. Spoiled brats
    24. Children who hit their parents
    25. Fussy eaters
    26. Children who are mean to Jo Frost
    27. Sons
    28. Children with an explosive temper
    29. Children that Slur
    30. Little Well-Behaved Children (?)
    31. Children who are being mean to their parents
    32. Children who are being mean to their siblings
    33. Toddlers
    34. Name callers
    35. Erratic Children
    36. Children who fight with their siblings
    37. Children who terribly lost control
    38. Children who act like venom from spiderman 3
    39. Children who look like Bart Simpson
    40. Children who act like Stewie Griffin
    41. Children who act like Bowser from Super Mario
    42. Children who act like Bart Simpson
    43. Boys that are villains
    44. Children Who Love SpongeBob SquarePants (this is a bad quality?)
    45. Jerks
    46. Children who make me sick
    47. Children with attitude
    48. Children with anger issues
    49. Children born in April
    50. Supervillains
    51. Children who act like Kaiden McKinney from Reno, Neveda
    52. Kids who act like hurricanes *
    53. Well Behaved Children after Jo left
    54. Terrible 4s
    55. Sleep Separation Episodes
    56. April births
    57. 4 year old boys
    58. Creepy Children
    59. Children who act like Master Frown from Unikitty!
    60. Four year olds
    61. Asw (?)
    62. Who the episode was mostly about
    63. Four year old boys
    64. Boys that are 4
    65. Children who act like Matthew Bradbury from the Bradbury-Lambert family
    66. Children who act like Darth Vader from Star Wars
    67. A names
    68. Andrews
    69. Kids who should be put on the naughty list for Christmas
    70. Disrespectful children who went into timeout
    71. Children who act like Mary Ann from the Agate family
    72. First Sons
    73. Boys with a
    74. Children who act like julian albans from wonder4Ages
    75. Children who should see Dr. Phil
    76. Top 10 Strongest Anime Heroes of All-Time 
    77. Top 10 Strongest Anime Heroes of All Time (duplicate)
    78. Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters of All-Time *
    79. People with the deceased (?)
    80. Children who should have gotten a spanking when he or she misbehaves (I thought we established the logo was male?)
    81. Children who fart alot
    82. Children who act like Nikolas Cruz
    83. Children who act like Rex from Babe
    84. Children who act like Meghann Cooke from the Cooke family
    85. Children who act like Cody from DaddyOFive
    86. Children who act like Angel Guzman from Stand and Deliver
    87. Children who act like orla bates from the bates family
    88. Children who act like Caillou From GoAnimate (He isn't always bad in GoAnimate videos but I assume this referring to the Caillou does X and gets grounded videos.)
    89. Should get expelled from all schools in us and Canada
    90. Brats
    91. Silly Billy (?)
    92. Whiny Children
    93. Selfish Kid
    94. Children who act like Beezle from Unico
    95. Children who act like USAball
    96. Children who act like Henry Bowers
    97. Children who need to be on Beyond Scared Straight
    98. Children who need to be sent to the Mental Hospital
    99. Children who act like Omar Mateen
    100. Children who act like George Zimmerman
    101. Children who act like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
    102. Children who act like Donald Trump
    103. Children who act like Junior from Problem Child
    104. Children who act like Adam Lanza
    105. Children who act like Justin Bieber
    106. Children who act like 6IX9INE
    107. Children who act like Jane Kangaroo
    108. Only disrespectful child (despite the fact it was already established the logo was an oldest child?)
    109. Children who act like Playboi Carti
    110. Children who act like Osama Bin Laden
    111. Xing ling (?)*
    112. Children who should be sent for Boot Camp
    113. Children that make you go 👌😫 *
    114. Children who act like Lil Gideon from Gravity Falls
    115. Children who act like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls
    116. Children who act like Vinnie the Bully Engine
    117. Children who act like Baldi
    118. Children who act like Lil Pump *
    119. Children who act like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter


    (?) = Confusing category/doesn't fit in with the other ones.

    Star = A category that I find funny. Yeah, there aren't many.

    Bold and underline =  Concerning or offensive 'children who act like' category. These include: terrorists, school shooters, children who were on Supernanny (that really doesn't sound like a good idea, I know they were already on TV but still) and an abused child. It worries me that these categories were included in the string because I have no idea how old these people were when they added them. I really can imagine a child looking through these categories, wondering who Adam Lanza is, then they google Adam Lanza and...yeah. I know FANDOM is 13+ but these were most likely created when this wiki was editable without an account and there were probably more than a few children coming on here. So not only are these categories spam, they're also offensive, for any age.

    Basically, these categories imply every logo is a four year old boy called Andrew who was born in 2000, is either an oldest child or an only child but most categories point to the former, was born in April, has a YouTube account, was on Supernanny USA and...is pure evil. But don't worry, he was well behaved after Jo Frost left. And he's one of the 10 strongest anime heroes of all time.

    Yeah, I'm not buying it.

    I wonder why there were so many Supernanny categories anyway...

    Other strings/notes[edit | edit source]

    The supervillain and superhero categories, as well as other sorts that are mixed in with them. For some reason there are sometimes a few positive ones mixed with negatives. Examples of these categories include:

    1. Redeemed villians
    2. Friend of a hero
    3. Villians with superhuman strength
    4. Successful villains
    5. Evil vs Evil
    6. Don't you dare
    7. Troublemakers
    8. Slytherins/Gryffindors/Pure-Blood/Pure-Blood Supremacists/Pure-Blood but Blood Traitors
    9. Pure of heart
    10. Complete monster

    There are a lot of these and I don't know if I can count these as a string because they're often in different orders, but they're often paired with each other.

    Karma houdini is always followed by Lavender Logos. I have no clue why but it just is.

    V I A C O M is often a string of letters on a page, even if the logo in question is not made or owned by Viacom.

    Logos that make Cookie cry and Logos that make Peaches cry are always together. They're both villagers from Animal Crossing. There's also a category about Axel, another villager, pooping his pants (despite Animal Crossing characters not wearing pants), but he's not paired with Cookie and Peaches.

    Associated characters are always scared of the same thing. Bob, Larry and Junior have the same opinions about logos almost every time. Same goes for the MLP characters and The Powerpuff Girls. Sometimes they put them individually and then as a group.  Logos that make Bubbles cry is often first as she's the most sensitive, but the other two aren't usually far behind. So far I haven't seen a string of every Loud sibling being scared of a logo and I'm honestly shocked. These categories are usually increased by the character being scared, then crying, then being sad. No joke I saw these categories in order once on the Marvel Entertainment page:

    Logos that scare Courage the Cowardly Dog

    Logos that  Courage the Cowardly Dog likes

    Logos that Courage the Cowardly Dog hates

    A few categories later somebody added this.

    This is confusing does this logo scares courage, he likes it and hates it all at the same time?

    Logos that Robbie Rotten likes and Logos that Sportacus likes are always together, sometimes not directly but they're the same logos.

    Logos that are so scary that X usually involves characters like Baldi, Boris the Teeth Guy, Barney, Herobrine and Pennywise killing you, you getting sent to logos or places, the Wiggler boss battle from Mario Party 9 coming out the TV and squashing you, playing songs very loud etc. And there is often this wording:

    Logos that are so scary the (insert logo here) logo f**ks your ass and all of a sudden the (insert another logo here) comes to get you and at (insert time here) (insert children's TV show character here) is here, Scary logos description

    The logos that make (character) cry categories that are in massive lists are often anime or early generation My Little Pony characters, and usually made just for that page.

    There are about ten 'GoAnimate show' categories about Caillou and his family doing random stuff. A lot of them are the standard GoAnimate affair.

    Counter-categories can get sort of spammy too. 'Stop with the useless categories' and ones asking if this is a free vandalism wiki and if the people have a category fetish are common. There are also some pretty mean categories insulting this wiki, the users, and other things. There are also a lot of candidates for deletion categories when we only need one, they can get pretty mean-spirited or they celebrate the deletion of the page for some reason. 'Dude, this is a (insert whatever the page is), not a logo' categories as well.

    Most Common Categories[edit | edit source]

    Logos that make Hermione Granger cry

    Logos that could not scare me

    Logos that scare Ed Edd and Eddy

    Letters spelling out the logo, but because of double letters this very rarely spells anything coherent. Sometimes to get around this they put double letters as categories, which does succeed in spelling out the logo but makes a pointless category.

    Years of logos, by that I mean every single year the logo existed in from creation up until sometimes 2020 even if the logo dissolved before 2020. These look like useful categories but often cause a flood.

    Logos that explode bomby

    Logos that are so f**king scary that it makes you take an explosive dump in Barney's face and he gets so excited from the poop experience he turns into Barney the Purple Coloured S**tosaur (another category that got a load of ripoffs, was also duplicated several times with a number added at the end. The person who made this category actually revealed themselves in a comment on a rant on the Scary Logos Wiki when it was still in anarchy mode, and admitted it was a joke.)

    Conclusion[edit | edit source]

    As you can see, these categories add up. That's why there's often like 400-700 categories on a page, because all of these are taken into account. The Supernanny categories on their own make 119 categories, and there's also legit categories to consider too, and random letter categories. Most categories are just spam or people inserting their interests into things, others are offensive like some of those Supernanny categories, and yet others are plain mean. But there are funny creative categories too, however they need to be removed as well because at the end of the day they're spam too. Funny spam is still spam. It may seem like these are random categories but there's patterns.

    Sorry if I wasted your time. I just kind of wanted to write about this.

    CityOfTheNight (talk) 12:56, September 27, 2020 (UTC)

    See also: List of the funniest categories people spammed on Scary Logos Wiki

    And now, how you do weird categories properly, in a safe and controlled environment.

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