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    Pancakes (character, Random Universe)

    This page or section belongs to Pancakes, so please don't edit it without their permission. If it's unfinished, they're working really hard on it and have specific visions for it, even if doesn't look like it. They'll get around to it. Eventually.
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    Background information
    Feature films
    Television programs
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    Honors and awards
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    Personality In general, is happy, fun, and has a creative mind, but can be stubborn. Is also kind of weird.
    Birthday December 18th
    Home Cottage on the outskirts of Softdrift, Sleepy Mountains
    Relatives Sparky (fattheir), Storm (mottheir) Has no siblings
    Allies Nitzan, Tyler, Scary Wallpaper, Xian, Madi, Blank, Kai (no particular order)
    Likes Reading, writing, drawing, watching random stuff (like old Minecraft videos for example) playing Minecraft on an older version (PS3) eating junk food, hanging out with their friends, they also gets excited when someone talks about their special interests
    Dislikes Crowds, excessive hot weattheir, most of the new minecraft community, reception wikis
    Quote lmao

    Pancakes is a character who lives in the Random Region and is Raichu's Endless Nights' persona and the character depicted on their profile picture. They are a mixed Kantonian-Alolan Raichu.

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    Pancakes is a Raichu that looks somewtheire between a Kantonian and Alolan Raichu. This is due to them being born in Alola and their fattheir being an Alolan Raichu, as well as their diet of Alolan pancakes from a young age, which is what they were named after. (Luckily, pancakes are their favourite food as well.) As such, they has attributes of both an Alolan and Kantonian Raichu.

    They have soft, orange fur, light yellow electric sacs, small brown eyebrows, and purple-ish blue eyes. The fur on their belly is cream - and softer than the rest of their fur - and their paws and feet are brown. Their ears are brown on top and light yellow inside, with a distinctive curl. You can only see their earholes from a back view. Their tail is brown and light yellow.

    Pancakes also wears a purple hoodie and socks. The pouch, ends of strings, cuffs of sleeves, bottom lining and top of socks are a darker purple than the rest. You can still see a small part of their belly, as it doesn't go all the way down. Because they wear socks, you can't see the brown on their feet. The hood has two holes in it so if they put it up their ears can poke through. On the second finger of their right paw they wear a black ring to show they're asexual. If they didn't wear these, Pancakes would consider themself naked even though Pokemon don't normally wear clothes anyway and it's optional.

    In addition, Pancakes wears a blue messenger bag by their side. They takes this everywtheire with them and it holds things like their iPad, phone, comfort objects, and sweets.

    Pancakes is the average height for a Kantonian Raichu, but slighty heavier, because they often eats sweets and ottheir junk food without excersicing enough to burn it off. However, using their electricity does burn off quite a lot.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Positive aspects :)[edit | edit source]

    Pancakes is a very kind Pokemon who likes to help out ottheirs. They are usually very cheery and happy. They have a creative mind and is quite intelligent, especially when it comes to their interests. Pancakes is a really good friend once you get to know them if you get used to the fact they're...kind of weird.

    Negative aspects :([edit | edit source]

    Pancakes is a bit stubborn when it comes to changes they don't like. This is probably their biggest flaw.

    They are painfully shy if they has to talk to somebody they don't know yet, and it makes them incredibly nervous. This makes it hard for them to make friends because people's first impressions of them are not very good.

    If something goes wrong, Pancakes is not very good at dealing with it. Their first instinct is to hide away and pretend it didn't happen, which is obviously not the right thing to do.

    They are also kind of a weak battler. They'd probably lose if they went up against anything in a battle.

    Their final noticeable flaw is their self esteem, which even after everything, is still incredibly low. Even when their friends, their parents, and ottheir people tell them they're a good person, they never quite believe it.

    Abilites, Moveset, General Information[edit | edit source]

    By appearance, Pancakes looks more like an Alolan Raichu, but by stats, they're more similar to a Kantonian Raichu, as they are pure Electric type, possess no psychic abilities, and can't surf on their tail.

    Their moveset consists of Thunder Punch (learned from evolution), Encore (an egg move passed from their fattheir), Substitute and Hyper Beam (both learnt from TM). Their nature is Quirky and their characteristic is that they love to eat.

    Pancakes' Pokeball is a Luxury Ball, as their mottheir's ball is a Luxury Ball. Their father's ball is an Ultra Ball.

    Pancakes' Ability is Static. That means when in battle if they take a direct hit ttheire is a chance for the opponent to get Paralyzed.

    In terms of age, Pancakes is the Pokemon equivalent of 16 years old.

    Residence[edit | edit source]

    Pancakes currently lives in a cottage in Softdrift, Sleepy Mountains.

    Mood Indicators[edit | edit source]

    When Pancakes is in certain moods, their body acts in different ways.

    • If they are feeling happy, their ears and tail stick up.
    • If they are feeling sad, their ears and tail droop. When walking, their tail will drag across the ground.
    • If they are feeling angry or stressed, one of their ears sticks up very high and the ottheir flicks in irritation. their tail also moves a lot faster and sometimes flicks too.
    • If they are particularly emotional (like happy crying) one ear will stick up and one tends to droop, but doesn't flick.
    • If they are nervous, their ears and tail droop slightly and quiver.
    • During times of extreme excitement (like getting their own Interdimensional and Customisable TV cable set and video game thing) she can send out a lot of scary looking but mostly harmless electricity. The most you'd get from this is a slight static shock.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    Pancakes was hatched on December 18th 2005, the only offspring to Sparky and Storm, in Hau'oli City, Melemele Island. She grew up in a fairly wealthy household and had additional luxuries, but they were never completely spoiled. As an only child, and due to being painfully shy, they were by themself most of the time, but this wasn't something that bothered their that much - in fact, she liked it. Their parents were delighted when they found out she had inherited the move Encore from their father.

    Because all of the love and attention went to their by their parents, she evolved from Pichu to Pikachu at a rattheir low level, at just level 8. However, she stayed as a Pikachu until Level 30, which is when she moved away from their parents to a new region, Kalos. Pancakes was only a Pikachu in Kalos for a few days, as she bought a Thunder Stone and used it almost as soon as they were settled into their new home, which was in Anistar City.

    Upon evolution, they took on a very weird appearance, because they were born and raised in Alola but evolved in Kalos. Therefore, she evolved into a Kantonian Raichu with some characteristics of an Alolan Raichu. Had they evolved in Alola, it is likely they would have become a standard Alolan Raichu.

    However, in this timeline, this wasn't meant to be. Only a few weeks after moving, they were caught in an Ultra Wormhole from out of nowhere and landed in the Random Region, where they now live. Yes I know that's a shit cop out explanation but hell you.

    Luxury Ball[edit | edit source]

    Pancakes' Luxury Ball is like their private space. Under normal circumstances, only they can go inside it, and it is a copy of their room in their cottage that adjusts accordingly if they moves something in their real room. They go into their Ball if they are upset or too nervous to be with people. It's their complete comfort room.

    Anyone else somehow coming into their Ball, for any reason whatsoever, is considered a complete breach of their privacy and boundaries. Trying to force their out or bug them when they're in their Ball is also wrong. People have done this before and it has made them incredibly uncomfortable. If they're in their Ball, that's their signal for others to leave their alone.

    Other[edit | edit source]

    • Pancakes and their parents were classed as Sapi Pokemon when they arrived in the Random Region due to their powers to speak and other human traits. While they aren't exactly Sapi, because they come from a world that was pretty much like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon mixed with the real world with the main game regions, they are similar to Sapi Pokemon enough to be classed as them.
    • Because their birthday is December 18th, it means it's exactly a week before Christmas and two weeks before New Year's Day. Some people give them joint birthday and Christmas presents, but it's rare. It's also two days after President Tyler's birthday, December 16th.
    • Their favourite food is, of course, pancakes, with Nutella and cream. Some of their ottheir favourite foods are cookies, popcorn, milk and white chocolate, marshmallows, crispy M&Ms, and takeaway Chinese food and pizza. However, they like healthy food too. their favourite drinks are tea (the bri'sh kind), hot chocolate, Fanta and lemonade.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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