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    Pico is the titular protagonist of the Newgrounds game Pico's School and one of the website's mascots. His many other appearances include, but aren't limited to: Pico vs. Bear, Pico vs. Uberkids, Pico's Unloaded, Pico 2, Pico vs. Convict, Resident Pico, Newgrounds Rumble, and Friday Night Funkin' . He's also a notorious criminal in the Random Region.

    Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

    haha. we like to have fun here
    Pico is a 20 year-old, light-skinned man with rounded ginger hair and distinctive white eyes with no pupils. He wears a green shirt, beige or light green pants, and a pair of maroon sneakers with orange laces. He's sometimes depicted with a gap in his teeth. His appearance will vary from game to game and art to art, however.

    Origin[edit | edit source]

    Pico originates from Pico's School, a point-and-click Flash game created by Newgrounds' founder Tom Fulp in 1999. Due to the game's popularity at the time, Pico quickly became a fan favorite around Newgrounds.

    Since then, Pico has been appointed the site's first mascot and has made other cameo appearances in many Newgrounds Flash films and games, and continues to remain a popular character on the site to this day.

    Newgrounds also has a holiday named after him known as "Pico Day," a day centered around celebrating him and other famous figures in the Newgrounds community. It's typically celebrated on April 30th, which also happens to be his and Tom Fulp's birthday.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Before the events of Pico's School, Pico was described as popular, curious, confident and friendly by his peers, being the first one to raise his hand in class and often speaking up whenever possible. During the destruction of his school, he is shown to act quite reckless and takes action immediately despite the danger he could be running into.

    After the events of Pico's School, Pico has developed an aggressive and homicidal side, rarely showing any fear and ruthlessly fighting anyone standing in his way. He is an exceptional gunman and is usually seen dual-wielding his weaponry with remarkable proficiency. His weapons of choice are automatic weapons such as the MAC-10, UZI, or the M16. He also has tremendous unarmed combat skills, seen in media such as Newgrounds Rumble and Pico's Unloaded. He is also shown to be quite paranoid as he isn't too trusting of others and is always armed.

    Achievements[edit | edit source]

    • He saved his school from Cassandra, the antagonist of Pico's School.
    • If he and his friends survive pulling the trigger when you play Pico vs. Uberkids, he foils the Uberkids' plans on taking over the world.
    • In Friday Night Funkin' , he spares his ex-Boyfriend's life rather than killing him as he was ordered to do.

    Crimes[edit | edit source]

    • He's homicidal. This obviously puts up red flags.
    • He seems to not have a license to own his guns.
    • He recently shot up the only Menards store in the Random Region because he misheard its jingle as "....When you shot Menards" rather than "shop". Because of this, he's currently on the run from the cops and is banned from said store.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • In Pico's World, an old Flash hub by Tom Fulp, many facts about Pico are listed:
      • Pico is a wannabe DJ.
      • Cyclops briefly mentions in Pico's School that Pico listens to techno music.
        • In Pico 2, Pico's interest in DJing is a plot point, and he regularly practices on the turntables with his best friend Darnell.
      • He has obsessive behavior.
      • Pico is an insomniac.
        • Pico's insomnia may contribute to his aggressive behavior at times, as irritability is a symptom of insomnia.
      • Pico is homicidal.
      • Pico has an IQ of 127.
        • An IQ of 127 is classed as above average, meaning Pico is intelligent.
      • Pico is schizophrenic.
        • Pico may have developed schizophrenia from the events of Pico's School, as trauma is the biggest cause of schizophrenia.
        • Despite this, Pico manages to cope and have a happy life.
      • Pico is American and lives in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      • Pico's birthday is April 30th.
    • Pico smokes marijuana, as seen in Pico's School.
    • Upon clicking a car in an old demo for Pico 2 developed by Tom Fulp, Pico says "My dad loves that car more than he loves me! I hope he crashes the damn thing into a brick wall!"
    • Tom Fulp has confirmed that some of Pico's favorite music artists are Joy Division, Gary Numan, Natural Born Chillers, and The Cure.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

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