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    Pokémon: The Original Series[edit | edit source]

    This includes Pokémon: Indigo League, Adventures on the Orange Islands, The Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions, and Master Quest.

    Pokémon: Advanced[edit | edit source]

    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl[edit | edit source]


    Real talk, the Sinnoh league was one of the most badass tournaments (especially when Gible, Ash's very first Dragon Pokémon, finally mastered Draco Meteor)... up until Tobias had to ruin it with his Darkrai and Latios. I get that Ash wasn't gonna win, but if you're gonna have him lose, don't end it on a sour note (though Ash's Sceptile beat that Darkrai!). Also, shortly before that, Ash's Cyndaquil finally, finally evolved in a battle with Team Rocket.

    Pokémon: Black and White[edit | edit source]

    welcome to the day and age of Pokémon Abuse. Tying a Tepig to a stick and leaving him to die just isn't enough these dayz... (Tepig cookie) the fire pig pokemon. this is the only pokemon that can turn itself into bacon as pleased). It's Charmander all over again. When Tepig evolved, he beat his old trainer's Pokémon and spit fire in his face, making him feel better. Also, they set up Oshawott to be the main Unova starter by being caught by Ash before Tepig and Snivy... and only Tepig evolved.

    Also, Attract was so fucking overused in this series, being used by Ash's Snivy, Bianca's Minccino, Bianca's Emboar of all characters, Iris's Emolga, and Elesa's Emolga.
    File:All pokemon themes sped up
    What happened once Alvin & TC took over Pokemon

    A good chunk of the last season was spent on an Orange Islands remake called the Decolore Islands. Also, Charizard had come back (he should have been used to fight Tobias instead of Torkoal) just to shut older fans who hate the B/W anime up. Aside from that, there were no real party changes during the season.

    Pokémon: XY[edit | edit source]

    The one where trends break. Pikachu arrives in Kalos without being kidnapped/having an electric overload/beaten by another Trainer, Ash's Fire type (Talonflame) wasn't Torkoal, owned by an asshole, or hunted by an asshole, Ash gets a Pesudo legendary (Goodra), and last but not least, Ash finally evolves a Water starter (Froakie) for once. I mean, he hasn't evolved a Water Pokémon since good ol' Kingler. In addition, when he fully evolved into Greninja, he got a cool Battle Bond form.

    Also, I get that Pikachu resets his level every season, but on the bad side, Ash lost to the first Gym Leader, even though he also had Fletchling!

    Also, I don't hate Chespin or Bunnelby, but those are some odd choices for Clemont to have. One resists Electric, the other's evolved form has the advantage over Electric.

    Pokémon: Sun and Moon[edit | edit source]

    Ash becomes a Champion. Fucking finally.

    Pokémon Journeys[edit | edit source]

    Ash teams up with some guy named Goh, who has captured more Pokémon than Ash has in this series. Then it gets confusing as the twerps travel to every single region possible. Also, Ash's team is so OP in this series. I mean, he has a Dragonite and a Gengar and a Lucario.

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