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    Pokémon: The Series (opinion from an IP user)

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    A long-running show for kindergarteners. It premiered on April 14, 1997 and continues to this day. Spending so many years of your life on this anime will make you feel bad for yourself.

    Now, Pokémon is awesome. The games, action figures, toys, cards, fan art, you name it. But Pokémon: The Series is like the Call of Duty of television shows. It is horrendous, a waste of time, and just a truly awful and vile excuse for a show based on a video game.

    The anime proved to its audience a long time ago that it doesn't care at all about Ash's growth as a Pokémon trainer or the relationships between any of the characters, and this is only the latest in a string of examples.

    The String of Examples[edit | edit source]

    • An elimination rule used just to aid Ash in losing his first league (Squirtle's status being compared to "unable to battle").
    • Ash losing his first league because of how lazy Charizard was.
    • Countless filler episodes that have a nasty tendency of interrupting major story arcs.
    • Constantly contradicting the logic of the games.
    • Jessie and James' backstories regarding their families and loved ones becoming irrelevant.
    • Team Rocket never living up to their villainous title.
    • Episodes where Ash fights a member of the Elite Four only to lose.
    • Ash losing the Johto League for being pit up against a Pokemon from a region he hadn't visited.
    • Ash's level of intelligence and experience being rewritten in each season.
    • Screwing over Pikachu's relationship with Buneary.
    • Spiky-eared Pichu replacing Cebi in a movie.
    • Ash losing the Sinnoh League to someone who cheated using legendary Pokémon.
    • Ash losing the Unova League to someone who brought five Pokémon to a battle in which you must have six Pokémon.
    • Mewtwo being replaced with a poorly-established Mewtwo in the Genisect movie.
    • The entirety of the Unova Saga.
    • Retconning Ash's backstory for the sake of pairing him with Serena.
    • Pikachu's power level constantly being contradicted.
    • Pikachu losing battles against Pokemon he shouldn't have lost to (Richie's Charmander, Tad's Poliwrath, Gary's Eevee, Casey's Chikorita, Morty's Gastly, Chuck's Poliwrath, Franklin's Ariados, Winona's Pelipper, Katie's Dugtrio, Gary's Electivire, Dawn's Buizel, Trip's Snivy, Cress' Panpour, Cameron's Lucario, Viola's Surskit)
    • Pikachu losing to Cress' Panpour.
    • Pikachu losing to CRESS' PANPOUR!

    There's much more wrong with the Pokemon anime than what has just been listed. All it does is just build Ash up through an entire arc just to make him lose at the very end for stupid reasons. If all of you still want to watch this waste of time and sorry excuse of an anime, that's cool.


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