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    Not to be confused with Pokémon!.

    Pokemon is a very awesome thing that got ruined by qwilfish and exeggcute. Luckily ones such as MAGNEZONE and ZANGOOSE! It revolvss around tings called Poke mon|poke mons.

    Poke mons are caught in random technological spheres that have a white button on them for no apparent reason

    Pokemanz liek dots.....................................

    and BIGtext Pokemon is a video game about people who look for Pokemon.

    Movies[edit | edit source]

    Movies are made of legos.

    Original Generation (Generations 1&2)[edit | edit source]

    1. Pokemon zeh First Movie (aka Mewtwo Strikes Back)
    2. Pokemon le Movie 2000 (I think this was called Pokemon The Movie 2 in some countriez. aka The Power of One)
    3. Pokemon 3 da Movie (aka Spell of the Unown: Entei)
    4. Pokemon 4never (aka Celebi: The Voice of the Forest)
    5. Pokemon Heroes

    Generation 3[edit | edit source]

    1. Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker
    2. Pokemon Destiny Deoxys
    3. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
    4. Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

    Generation 4[edit | edit source]

    1. The Rise of Darkrai
    2. Giratina and the Shy Warrior
    3. Arceus and the Jewel of Life
    4. Zoroark: Master of Illusions

    Generation 5[edit | edit source]

    1. Pokemon the Movie: Black and White (Yes, two versions of one movie!)
    2. Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice
    3. Genesect and the Legend Awakened

    Generation 6[edit | edit source]

    1. Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
    2. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages
    3. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel

    Generation 7[edit | edit source]

    Starting here, movies are set in some alternative timeline...

    1. I Choose You!
    2. The Power of Us
    3. Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution (A remake of the first movie)

    Generation 8[edit | edit source]

    1. Secrets of the Jungle

    List of seasons:[edit | edit source]

    1. Original
    2. Orange Islands
    3. Johto
    4. Johto League Champions
    5. Master Quest 
    6. Hoenn
    7. Advanced Challenge
    8. Advanced Battle
    9. Battle Frontier (where Ash should have left)
    10. Sinnoh
    11. Battle Dimension
    12. Galactic Battles
    13. Sinnoh League Victors
    14. Unova
    15. Rival Destinies
    16. Adventures in Unova
    17. Adventures in Unova and Beyond
    18. Kalos
    19. Kalos Quest
    20. XYZ
    21. Alola
    22. Ultra Adventures
    23. Ultra Legends
    24. Galar
    25. Master Journeys (New Series)
    26. Somba
    27. DOILALALALJKsdfajhysdghkjdfshuuyh
    28. PieMeap
    29. ASRTUOOM<M<
    30. Colours
    31. Sandile Lieks Mudkips For Dinner
    32. Pikachu Eats A Toilet
    34. Toilets
    35. Pony Season
    36. Olivia is Dead
    37. I herd that Mudkipz liek eating ppl
    39. Fried Chicken Eats a Booger With Burping Ponies that eat pooping turtles
    40. Retrospective season
    41. horrid overload!!!!!!!!!!XD
    42. The season with one episode where qwilfish gets flushed down the toilet and eaten by krookadiles and the series becomes good.
    43. PokeFun
    44. (To see this season, you must have unlocked White Shadow on Random-ness Wiki: The video game and have completed Mission set 3.)
    45. 9999 Finale- This is the one where ash realizes evolving is derpy for the pokemon, wo he tries to de-evolve Pikac- Pikch- Thingy. He failed :(
    46. potato becomes walking talking pokemon and is eaten by a charkachu

    36235786234817279. how to eat a pickle with a pichurasu sitting on your head.

    666.Pikachew Liecan'trock pickle eating qwilfish is god

    96.Zangoose becomes a legendary trainer and Zangoose becomes champion with misty,brock and ash inside pokebals and

    (This is finished. You can still help it by adding evan moar awesomeness.)

    REBUT[edit | edit source]

    Dis is the pokemon reboot.

    • Rock Season
    • Lego Season
    • Acid Season
    • Bread Season
    • Sweetroll Season
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