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    Pooh Goes Poop: PoopGame

    Le Monke is here to warn you that this page contains toilet humor. If that's outside of your comfort zone, he recommends going onto a different, less disgusting page.
    You Won’t Touch It, Will Ya?
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    Pooh Goes Poop: PoopGame is the 948,153,592,371,132nd and final film in the Pooh Goes Poop series. The poop wars begin and it is the poop to end it all

    Plot[edit | edit source]

    One day, Pooh realized his fatness is not good for him so he goes to the gym and after a 10 year workout, he was back to his old self and he decided to retire from eating honey. But he also went 10 years without saving the world so it is in insanity and Tommy was born.

    At 1 year old, Tommy has already started the criminal life alongside fellow baby Manny Heffley. And the duo killed Pooh’s closet relatives and even went the extra mile to kill Darby. Then it cuts to Luca flopping on the shore for 5 minutes straight.

    The police have yet to be notified as most of them are dead... except for 3 of them. Darkwing Duck, Dog Man, and Regal Rebecca who got to the Choppa and the search is on. Meanwhile, Pooh meets a new friend known as Meap. They team up to fight evil then his far friends Stimpy, Steve, TNT, And Boyfriend show up and they collab to end Tommys Shenanigans.

    Meanwhile in the Backrooms, there are 6 chicken McNuggets that are beginning to glitch out into the normal world and Pooh wants 1 last eat before war so he eats the Nuggets. And Meap walks up to the gang so they can meet the newest member, Bluebeenee.

    Meanwhile at a Cattle Ranch, Mickey Mouse is making his DuckSlaves work hard as fuck. Mickey also has his assistant, Joking Jackson by his side. And then we finally find out where Da Choppa is going, to arrest Mickey and Jackson for their Crimes against Duckanity. At their trial, they are both sentenced to insane asylum to learn their lesson. And now Da Choppa can help out Pooh and his friends.

    When the police trio show up for the gang, that was when they found out Stimpy was missing, he went to see his dying relative Ren. Then he was kidnapped by Tommy, Manny, and someone else. And that someone was revealed to be Kaue who was behind the scheme the whole time.

    Back at the Hundred Acre Pooplands, Pooh’s Gang and Da Police Set out to find our villains and after a while of flying in Da Choppa, they found the hideout. They break into the hideout and start attacking the villains. Meap Brawls with Tommy, Bluebeenee Slaps Manny with her sepals, Rebecca chops Kaues Nuts, Donald (who was freed as a result of Mickeys arrest) Rages and beats up Tommy, Stimpy Spits hair balls onto Manny, Steve hits Kaue with his Diamond Sword, TNT speeds around the hideout causing it to get warm, Boyfriend bursts everyone’s eardrums, Darkwing uses his gadgets on Tommy, Dog Man, Nips at Manny, and last but not least, Pooh farts on Kaue.

    The Hideout couldn’t take anymore so it exploded and the villainous trio was arrested and sent to insane asylum to serve alongside Mickey and Jackson. Bringing the gang back to peace once again.

    A few days later, all the honey in the Hundred Acre Pooplands was fully grown and Pooh decided to eat it all again. OH NO! ITS GOING TO BE THIS SUPER LONG SERIES ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!

    The end

    Characters[edit | edit source]

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