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    Pooh Goes Poop 4 is the 4th sequel to Pooh Goes Poop.

    Plot[edit | edit source]

    Our movie opens with Pooh heading to Monster Jam Freestyle Mania at the Hundred Acre Wood Sports-a-torium. But he causes the line for the Villa Pizza to be held up because he's ordering 100 extra cheese pizzas and 100 apple mountain dew cups.

    So the Hundred Acre Wood Sheriff's Department decides this calls for special action. They get in touch with Nairb Reiemhsum, a really fat kid who always out-eats everyone at the broccoli popper eating contest during Motorcross events at the Sports-a-torium. He's a fat kid that everyone always made fun of. He goes to the Sports-a-torium and creates a earthquake that sends the whole Villa Pizza underground. The people in line get out of the hole and into the stadium. Then, Pooh and Nairb sit on each other which makes no sense at all.

    After watching Grave Digger, Max-D, Monster Patrol, Backwards Bob, Team Hot Wheels Firestorm, Son Uva Digger, and the rest perform, Pooh and Nairb get caught by the police and get arrested. But it turns out to be a dream because he ate too much food. He then finds out that he also pooped in the bed, and thus runs to the toilet. Then Piglet knocks at his door to invite him to his birthday party and gives up after knocking 3 times because he hasn't recieved an answer. Time passes and Pooh gets out of the bathroom and hears knocking at his door, only to find Darby, who not only wants to steal Christopher Robin again, but she wants to steal all the fat people in the Hundred Acre Wood! Tigger then learns that Pooh is stolen and they have to get him and the other people Darby stole with the help of some friends-some old, some new, some mysterious.

    The gang meets up at the Sect of Gadget Hackwrench in Russia. After a car is built by the members, the gang have to get to Darby's new lair in the small town of Skeleton, Kentucky, so they go from one racist interpretation of a country to another.

    During the climax, Wade, the man who notified Tigger, is trying to pry him off, but he causes Pooh to have a poop avalanche, and it destroys various things in it's way, until it hits a Amtrak train, derailing it and stopping the avalanche.

    Darby is arrested, and then everything is lovely once again. Wonderful! And then everybody goes home.

    Other crap[edit | edit source]

    The film whisks children of all ages into the fun four-color world of the Pooh Goes Poop universe thanks to director Mark Sabine, who had the film's budget financed entirely with jars of MARMALADE, and delight them with whimsical surprises, including an extended car chase through a paint factory, zoo, outdoor wedding, street, railroad station, and a Shop-Rite, various cameo appearences from various characters listed in the cast, a car used by Tigger and the good guys (save for Pooh and the people Darby captured) whose onboard computer is programmed with a childlike personality able to honk its horn to signal approval or retreat into an alley when scared,  and a humorous subplot concerning the inability of Owl to start up a EMD SD40-2 with a fork,

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Despite Bow, now being a ghost, she appears in her normal form in the movie.
    • The film stars Jim Cummings, Travis Oates, Tom Kenny, Craig Ferguson, Bud Luckey, Jack Boulter, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Wyatt Hall,  Mark Beansburg of Skeleton, Kentucky (the winner of the Disney XD/Kool-Aid "I Wanna Replace the Role of Jim Cummings as Tigger" Sweepstakes), Tress MacNeille, Tara Strong, Blake McIver Ewing, and many others.
    • The film's tagline is "Get Ready for a Very Pooh Time!".

    Cast[edit | edit source]

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