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    Pooh Goes Poop: Use Your Imagination

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    This Pooh Goes Poop: Use Your Imagination is mine!
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    Here lies Pooh Goes Poop: Use Your Imagination's hopes and dreams
    Unfortunately, this project has been abandoned by its creator(s) and is therefore no longer being worked on. Despite the dormancy of this article, we still invite you to read it and enjoy.

    Pooh Goes Poop: Use Your Imagination is a 2014 short played before The Sucky Horror Parody Show

    Summary[edit | edit source]

    It is Darby's birthday, and she forces Pooh to see Barney's Musical Adventure Movie along with her. Pooh doesn't like the idea, but decides to go anyway. He falls asleep halfway through the movie and finds himself inside the film. Barney and the kids in the film are so happy to have Pooh join them, and ask him if they want to be part of the musical he is putting on with his imagination. Pooh agrees, and the group imagines a fancy Broadway-esque theater.

    The short then cuts to the intermission of the musical, where Pooh has to go to the bathroom. Pooh holds up the bathroom line and sings, "Poop For a While" (a parody of "Once in a While" from The Rocky Horror Show), a song telling everyone why they should poop everyday, but this grosses out the people waiting in line as Pooh creates a flood of diarrhea. After the song ends, Demon Sunset Shimmer and her posse show up at the scene and tries to arrest Barney for allegedly holding up the bathroom line and making a massive mess (since Barney is standing nearby the mess), but Barney says he didn't do it, and tells Demon Sunset Pooh was the one responsible held up the line. She then finds Pooh and arrests him for holding up the bathroom line, and tells Pooh his punishment for his crime is the death penalty, because she claims that "You've possibly grossed out the viewers who are waiting for the real movie to start!" Pooh screams and tells Demon Sunset that he just has a problem with pooping, and he didn't mean to do what he did.

    Pooh then wakes up from his dream and realizes that he pooped in the seats in the theater due to the bad dream he had. Not only did he do that, the whole audience who was seeing the movie left due to the mess he made. However, two shadows walk up to Pooh...they are Bristle and Demon Sunset Shimmer, who work at movie theater. "You've broken rule number 7667-making a massive diarrhea mess." Bristle tells Pooh. Pooh tries to tell the two that he had a bad dream, but Demon Sunset tells Pooh he must clean up his diarrhea as punishment for breaking the rules. The short ends after the credits with Pooh trying to clean up the poop, but he realizes he can't because he is too fat.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • This short was replaced by "The Newbie Sacrifice" (a parody of Rocky Horror preshow rituals) on prints intended for midnight screenings of The Sucky Horror Parody Show. This version was also shown at Legend Cinemas, AMC Theaters, and Regal Cinemas "due to disrespectful humor present in the short". Similar short removals happened with the "Pooh Meets the Kool Aid Man" short on Around the World with Timon and Pumbaa (it was removed to avoid an 8+ rating), the "The Solar Flare Heist" short on Fat Timon's Yay Big Adventure (it wouldn't fit the mood of the movie and due to product placement for 7/11, whom Disney does not endorse, so it was replaced with one of the promotional Fat Timon Show webisodes, "All Work and No Play"), the "Longest Bathroom Line" short on The Secret World Of Scarecrowella (The short was suggested to Britt Allcroft to play before the movie during production stages to gain more money, but she complained that it was too disgusting, so it was replaced with the Scarecrowella episode of Mumfie as a backstory of the character Scarecrowella on daytime screenings)).

    Characters[edit | edit source]

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