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    KingOfSpriters13[edit | edit source]

    Basically everything besides the obviously gross stuff.

    Bowser & Jr.[edit | edit source]

    • Bogoheart (Chief Bogo x Mayor Lionheart)
    • Fox McCloud x Wolf O'Donnell
    • Mr. Happy x Mr. Grumpy
    • Scrooge McDuck x Flintheart Glomgold

    Master ventus[edit | edit source]


    Mochlum[edit | edit source]

    My crack video game shippings:

    • Palutena/Lucina
    • Robin/Link (the male Robin, preferably)
    • Rosalina/Zelda
    • Daisy/Rosalina
    • Peach/Rosalina
    • Peach/Daisy/Rosalina (polyamorously, of course)
    • Little Mac/Samus
    • Captain Falcon/Samus
    • Wario/Waluigi
    • The normal shippings:
    • Frank/Hazel (Heroes of Olympus)
    • Percy/Annabeth (Heroes of Olympus)
    • Jason/Piper (Heroes of Olympus)
    • Nico/Jason (Heroes of Olympus)
    • Ten/Rose (Doctor Who)
    • Eleven/River (Doctor Who)
    • Amy/Rory (Doctor Who)
    • Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)
    • Skye/Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)
    • Fitz/Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)
    • Phil/May (Agents of SHIELD)
    • Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson (Marvel)
    • Spidey/Deadpool (Marvel)
    • Me/Comp, of course

    AwesomeCartoonFan01[edit | edit source]

    • DaveJade
    • JohnRose
    • Rosemary
    • Doof/Perry (as frienemy bros)
    • Sayaka and Kyoko
    • ??????????

    NC[edit | edit source]

    • JonxArin
    • Wii Fit TrainerxVillager
    • STAR_xJerma

    Phantom[edit | edit source]

    • Cam.
    • MaddieXLondon.

    Faves3000[edit | edit source]

    • Gaben x JonTron
    • Dan x Everybody because he's a sexy beast
    • Comp x Moch
    • Neatbutter x Memes

    Moon Snail[edit | edit source]

    God my section is

    it's just


    my god

    What was I thinking?

    My old self x A MEAT GRINDER

    Okay, but in all seriousness:

    The ULTIMATE OTP OF ULTIMATE GREATNESS EVER is Moon Snail x Shoe. Others can be found here.

    Fact[edit | edit source]

    TRUEST One True Pairing[edit | edit source]

    Fact Core x SammyClassicSonicFan

    Other Smexy But Not as Smexy Pairs[edit | edit source]

    • Lectro x Swag (with Digit as the third wheel)
    • Phantom R x Adam Sandler
    • Mochaves
    • Dan Severe (or whatever he wants us to call it)
    • Cave x ACF
    • BJ x NC
    • Dan x UMG
    • Sweet Bro x Stairs
    • Pinecest (Bro what the hell)
    • Lyra x Bonbon (Come on, they were sitting right next to each other! How is *that not true love?)
    • Squidward x Fluttershy
    • Shadow x Shrek

    CC00[edit | edit source]

    this section was bad so let's replace it with one good thing:

    sharie and leslie from wayside school are dating

    Leslie and sharie.png

    Livin' in blah blah blah[edit | edit source]

    • LiaFH x Moon
    • LiaFH x ACF
    • LiaFH x Moch
    • LiaFH x Phantom
    • LiaFH x JS
    • LiaFH x LiaFH
    • LiaFH x Fact
    • LiaFH x Master
    • LiaFH x NC
    • LiaFH x NyanGir
    • LiaFH x UMG
    • Cari
    • LiaFH x GPS
    • LiaFH x CC00
    • LiaFH x BJ

    Gray Pea Shooter[edit | edit source]

    • Gray x JS
    • Gray x BJ
    • Mochaves
    • Anything with ACF in it

    My true OTP[edit | edit source]

    • Bowser x GPS (Do it in teh butt :3)
    • UMG X Chromebolt
    • Alt X Cookie
    • Random-ness Wiki x Nick Fanon
    • mexjohnjoescobuthatsanthourstory

    Lulz[edit | edit source]

    Hawtest and sexiest OTPs:[edit | edit source]

    • MordeTwi
    • Derpy X Doctor Whooves

    Other OTPs[edit | edit source]

    • Phinabella
    • WenDipper
    • Spock X Uhura
    • Raleigh x Mako - A much smexier couple than the first one I mentioned before this.
    • Morgaret

    Hot-ness meter:

    MordeTwi: 85% hot

    DerpyxDoctor Whooves: 100% hot

    Phinabella: 81% hot

    WenDipper: 76% hot

    SpockxUhura: 70% hot

    RalieghxMako: 79% hot

    Morgaret: 68% hot

    JokeTP (made up couple word, lol):[edit | edit source]

    ...Skylox (SkyDoesMinecraft X Deadlox [you don't know who's Deadlox/Ty, dudes. I'm not sure if some of you know him...])...my only JokeTP is Skylox. Just Skylox. I'm ok with it, but other yaoi, it's a NO-NO. I also support them as friends. I support it as a platonic and romantic friendship/couple... *blushes* Heheh... ._.' *then does smirk face while blushing and sweating*

    NyanGir[edit | edit source]

    Randy why are you writing fanfiction.gif

    I have so many

    Basically all of my favorite cartoon characters and a character I made. I can't draw it; It's too complex. She looks like an Absol, but she has cat ears, no horn, two fox-like tails. (One is black with a white end, the other is white with a black end. Don't make a racist joke) and she has GIR following her as her assistant/pet. She doesn't have the giant puff of fur on her chest. Instead she has a smaller puff, a lot like Shadow the Hedgehog. She doesn't wear shoes. She also has 3 slashed scars on her stomach. She has a dragon bracelet that can magically transform into any weapon or device. She's a good fighter, and she's also kind of sadistic. She's nice, but cruel if you hurt anyone she cares about. She also has black dragon wings that can arise spontaneously from her back.

    I call this kind of thing a dream OC. It's a character you like that you made up on your own, but yet you can't draw it and you're too lazy or can't think of any good ideas to write fanfiction for it. I've tried to draw it numerous times, but I always end up failing. It looks better in my head anyways.

    If you're talking about user shippings, I don't know how you all act towards one another, and I don't wanna make a hate pair. Like ZADR. Zim and Dib hate each other, yet people still ship them together. I'll look into popular user shippings, and I'lll see if I find anything that piques my interest.

    I support SonTails, GerIta, and a bunch of other yaoi things that would probably disturb you if I told you.

    Krazy[edit | edit source]

    My face X My mama - Maface - So lovely together.

    OK, OK.


    Adventure Time: BMKing - BMO and Ice King

    Regular Show: PartunnamedPetady - Party Pete and unnamed dancer ladies

    Futurama: FOComedyCentrax - FOX and Comedy Central are sexy together.

    Censorship: Blurxallation - Blur X Pixelation

    J. Severe[edit | edit source]

    the goat OTP:

    (ASTRA NOTE - I couldn't archive the image on here unfortunately... if anyone has it upload it now pl0x)

    Bruce x clark otp


    • Ninth Doctor x Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
    • Cory Matthews x Shawn Hunter (Boy Meets World)
    • Sherlock Holmes x Irene Adler (Sherlock)

    SunsetShimmerFan[edit | edit source]

    • Bristle X The Secretary of Night (both are from Magic Adventures of Mumfie)
    • Sunset Shimmer X Demon Sunset Shimmer
    • Bristle X Darkest Night (my Mumfie OC)
    • Columbia (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) X Demon Snips
    • Sunset Shimmer X Demon Snails

    mimitchi33[edit | edit source]

    • Scarecrow (Magic Adventures of Mumfie) and Lollipop Hip Hop (HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!)
    • Xena and Grubby (both from Teddy Ruxpin)
    • Aloysius Pig and Lenore Pig (U.S. Acres)
    • Bingbang32
    • Chuck E. Cheese and Helen Henny (both from CEC)
    • The Fat Controller and The Butler (WTLNetwork)
    • The JOJ and HoH SiS (cs188)

    El armadillo (i will only put joke OTPs)[edit | edit source]

    • Cacodemon x Pain elemental (ThEY BOtH FlY sO ThEy ArE iN LoVE!!!!!!111)
    • Armored titan x colossal titan (THUNK ABOUD ID!111111 DEY R BOTH TITNS AN R FLESHEI!!!!111)
    • fredman x bernie (cuz ya oyh!!!!!!!!!!111oneoneelven!)

    Choerryism[edit | edit source]

    i think the concept of shipping is a plague that has infected our youth one too many times but mr and mrs chang are my emotional support married couple and i love them so very much

    Stanley wields the almighty bao.png

    ZeedMillenniummon89[edit | edit source]

    Aikatsu![edit | edit source]

    • Yume Nijino x Subaru Yuki
    • Koharu Nanakura x Asahi Kasumi
    • Noeru Otoshiro x Raichi Hoshimiya

    Jewelpet[edit | edit source]

    • Garnet x Dian
    • Ruby x Granite
    • Sapphie x Nephirite
    • Rinko Kougyoku x Akira Nanase
    • Akari Sakura x Yuma Jinnai
    • Sara x Leon
    • Momona x Cayenne
    • Lillian x Miura
    • Charon x Levin
    • Mizuki x Soarer
    • Elena x Romeo
    • Sara x Levin

    Rilu Rilu Fairilu[edit | edit source]

    • Nozomu Hanamura x Lip/Yumiri Hanasaki
    • Yuuto Kazama x Rose
    • PriPara
    • Leona West x Sophie Hojo

    Sorenrulescool5[edit | edit source]

    Niklola Niklola Niklola!

    NaturalFreshOtter00[edit | edit source]

    • Peanut Otter x Kelpurro Nutriez/Pearro
    • Samuna
    • Moxea (Moxy x Flea)
    • Bunniculafan2016
    • Percario (Perry the shark x Lucario)
    • Renamon x Lucario

    pancakes[edit | edit source]

    i have three. one is a male x female, one is a male x male, and the last is a female x female. but that's all i'm going to say. don't ask for any further information.

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