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    Do you have any headcanons of the first ever rhythm game series? If yes, vent them right here! (might contain NSFW ones reeeeeeee)

    BP The Clown[edit | edit source]

    Parappa[edit | edit source]

    • He has an irrational fear of noodles thanks to Parappa 2.
    • He's a nut for Pillsbury Toaster Strudels and buys them when he gets the chance.
    • After PTR2, he gave away most of his cheese products (and the rest of his noodle products) to various charities and restaurants. He even gave a portion of the cheeses to Ma-san.
    • His family is mostly Anatolian Shepherd, with hints of Beagle and Labrador.
    • He sits down when he pees. There's nothing that crazy about him. (points if you get the reference)
    • He secretly hoards dog treats in his room. Whenever he feels like he's accomplished something really big, he'll reward himself with a MilkBone and sneak a Beg-N-Strip into his food and pass it off as bacon.
    • There's nothing much special under his hat. He just wears it for sensory reasons. Though he does have green hair that's supposed to be blonde, but he never washes it.
    • Speaking of the hat, Mama Parappa knitted it and gave it to him for Christmas. He loves it dearly and refuses to take it off.
    • Parappa's more preachy raps on his album "PJ & Parappa - I Scream!" (yes it's a real album) like "Chop Chop" and "All We Need Is Music" were made for Pinto to listen to. He kept his raps secret while writing them and surprised everyone during recording. Everyone liked the kid-friendly message he was sending, though he still gets flack for the line about math being "Pretty simple".
    • Parappa is GREAT with animals. Sometimes he helps out at the local zoo and cares for puppies at the pound or local pet store. He has a true soft spot for them, with a great demeanour and understanding for animals of all kinds.
    • Papa Parappa invented Boxxy Boy when Parappa was young. Papa thought that the invention would help Parappa with his rapping.
    • When anyone throws a bone or tennis ball near him, he'll run like a dog and bring it back to them. He's unaware about the stereotypical implications involved in this.
    • Parappa has autism. I mean his special interest is clearly rap music, wearing his big orange beanie all the time could be a sensory thing, he most likely raps as a verbal stim, and him repeating exactly what his teachers say is a very clear sign of echolalia.
    • Parappa is bisexual.
    • His body is very feminine, meaning his hips are pretty big for a guy, so he wears baggy pants to hide them.
    • When he was 3 years old, he started writing poems and told his parents that he wanted to become a rapper when he grew up. Mama Parappa was 100% supportive of it, while Papa was slightly disappointed, but grew to accept it more.

    PJ Berri[edit | edit source]

    • People always assume he doesn't really care about anyone besides himself because he's so mute and emotionless. In reality, he's very charitable and will visit local children's hospitals and donate his earnings as a DJ to folks in need.
    • He's a total cuddler. Being a teddy bear means he instinctively must reach out and help anyone who's stressed or scared. He cuddles with Parappa, Sunny, Katy, and especially Lammy because of how unnerved she is most of the time.
    • PJ really does like Sweety Bancha (a pink teddy bear from the anime) and really wants her to be his girlfriend, but he just isn't capable of showing that much emotion towards her and he always feels guilty because of this.
    • I like to imagine PJ has an abnormally long tongue, even one to outdo Gene Simmons. He could be a #soprofesh dishwasher licking all the scraps from those plates and his face!
    • He has a plush-like body and thus has a very high pain tolerance. That’s why he’s able to sleep everywhere. His innards are a mixture of stuffing and flesh organs.

    Sunny Funny[edit | edit source]

    • She was born blind because her petals were closed and covered most of her face, but they slowly started to open up as she got older.
    • She's actually not native to Parappa Town. She was born in a town entirely inhabited by plant people. Possible proof of this can be seen in Rodney Greenblat's ArtBrain (online hub showcasing the PTR artist's creations and art)
    • She's a vegetarian and is accepting of others' dietary choices.
    • Sunny and Sweety Bancha actually help out with the MilkCan gals a lot. They'll often help plan out concerts or just be there for them. MilkCan very much appreciate the girls helping, and will often let them stay at practice sessions.
    • Sunny's the mother hen of her friend group. If anyone is sick, gets hurt or needs someone to hold their hand in the waiting room, she's the one who steps forward. The others are grateful for this, but are often too shy to outright ask for her help as they see it as somewhat embarrassing to admit.
    • She may be a sweet and peaceful person, but she's also incredibly strong and very protective of her peers and will inflict serious pain on you if you dare mess with her or any of her friends, especially PaRappa.
    • She and Katy got strep shortly before the events of PaRappa 2, explaining the rasp in their voices.
    • She often organises parties at the beach simply to celebrate the fun of summer. When the teachers have free time, they join the party as well.

    Katy Kat[edit | edit source]

    • If someone dangles something on a string in front of her face, she'll try to swat at it.
    • When Katy and Lammy first met, Lammy was only a novice at the guitar. Katy helped her play before they properly became a band and helped Lammy become who she is today.
    • When she gets really affectionate or is calm enough, she purrs. She's normally embarrassed by it, but doesn't mind Lammy hearing it.
    • Katy's a Russian Blue cat.
    • Once as a little kid, she climbed too high up a tree and her mom had to call Chief Puddle to get her down.
    • One Christmastime, she set up an elaborate scheme to get Lammy under the mistletoe with her. Needless to say, things went wrong and Lammy almost ended up in the hospital, but she still got her kiss.
    • Despite her always acting confident, she secretly worries about what her friends really think of her.
    • Many different agents have attempted to hire Katy due to her many skills and ability to learn new ones quickly, but she always turns them down because she has too much fun being a part of MilkCan and cares too much about her bandmates to just leave them behind.

    Lammy[edit | edit source]

    • She has decent knowledge on how to play bass.
    • She actually has a scar on her hand because of how she held her chainsaw in Stage 5 of Um Jammer Lammy.
    • After making her own guitar with him, she went back to Paul Chuck in order to learn lumberjacking and carpentry. After nearly a year of tutoring, she's become capable of making her own custom guitar bases and other such equipment and instruments purely from scratch.
    • When she has a weekend with nothing to do, Lammy like to make a cup of vanilla chai tea, curl up under the blanket and listen to reruns of the "You Can Look Like You're Playing The Guitar Even Though You're Not That Good" radio show. Since she's a proper musician, it ends up being hilarious to her in the same way a so-bad-its-good movie would be to a movie buff.
    • She constantly self-deprecates when something unfortunate happens, even if said situation had nothing to do with her.
    • Her favourite flavour of ice cream is strawberry with chocolate sprinkles. She eats a cone before a big concert or when she feels accomplished during a practice session.
    • She had a slightly abusive dad who left her at a young age, explaining her anxiety and low self-esteem.
    • Lammy's a California Red lamb.

    Ma-san[edit | edit source]

    • She once pranked Katy with a laser pointer to see what would happen. It was so worth it.
    • She's super scared of spiders.
    • The motorcycle from the "Got to Move!" music video belongs to Ma-san. After meeting her, she began lending it to Lammy, however, as she surprisingly is the most skilled at riding it.
    • She likes to play DDR on Expert mode using her drumsticks for fun.
    • She speaks English almost fluently, but because of her heavy accent, she prefers to blubber.
    • Not alot of people go up to Ma-san after MilkCan get done playing on stage, and it makes her feel bad. The first time someone went up to her and weren't asking for where Lammy or Katy was, she nearly cried.

    Matt[edit | edit source]

    • Matt listens to They Might Be Giants.
    • His mom is a busy working mom who works hard to provide but unfortunately isn't always there for him. His parents are divorced and he only sees his father on the weekends, which is why he spends most of his free time with Paula and the Parappa gang.
    • When he grows up, he'll become a professional basketball player.

    Rammy[edit | edit source]

    • Rammy may seem really mean and cold, but she actually cares deeply for Lammy. In fact, before becoming such a dark and brash person, she used to suffer the same anxiety problems that Lammy currently does. Because of this, Rammy "reluctantly" offers to help her out whenever possible.
    • She has a very prestigious collection of stress balls. She loves collecting them, but the only one she'll ever use is a black/white slime net ball, the first stress ball she ever got (which was given the her by Lammy shortly after the events of Um Jammer Lammy).
    • Although she mostly performs metal and grunge, she has a secret soft spot for acoustic love songs, but the only I've who ever gets to hear it is Lammy.
    • Rammy shops at Hot Topic and Spencer's.
    • She's one of those kids who lives alone despite both her parents being alive (her mom only slept with her dad twice, once wasn't consensual). What do you call those kids, now?
    • Rammy accidentally walked into Lammy once and booped noses with her. Katy and Ma-San were there and they found it adorable, Lammy is embarrassed about it and Rammy refuses to believe it happened. The anger from the noose-booping incident keeps their rivalry strong.
    • She's got a slight crush on Teriyaki Yoko, but she doesn't show/express it.

    Pinto[edit | edit source]

    • She could gain an interest for other girls when she gets older, if you know what I mean. (I'm so sorry)
    • Parappa loves her dearly (not like that! Jesus!). He'll protect her in any scenario and would prefer having him getting hurt or killed instead of her.
    • She's a little genius and helps Papa Parappa with his inventions.
    • Uee is some strange bacteria that hides in Pinto's lunchbox and she refuses to tell anyone where it came from.

    General Potter[edit | edit source]

    • He helped in getting Parappa's parents together when they were young.
    • He and Papa Parappa were friends since high school.
    • Sunny's mom was General Potter's superior in the army when they both met and he was just a private back then.
    • He's actually scared of a lot of things, but tries not to show it by being in real combat.

    Chop Chop Master Onion[edit | edit source]

    • He has a gambling problem. This is how he lost his dojo and he wanted a casino in his dream one.
    • Sometimes Parappa visits Chop Chop Master Onion for advice on other life obstacles a little different to kicking and punching. Master Onion is slowly developing a fatherly kind of love for Parappa but he tries to resist and never admits this. As his Sensei, it wouldn't be right. A little pat on the head every now and then never hurt anybody, however.
    • He has a bunch of pet koi fish he's kept with him throughout the years, even with the closure of his dojo.
    • He would hate video games up until he played a Mario game, realising the plot was about saving someone you loved. He would then praise the game for being romantic.
    • In relation, he never went on the Internet, and when Parappa showed him, he accidentally found some disturbing things. He destroyed his laptop and hid in the corner for about a week.
    • Chop Chop onionhead has nightmares of Shrek stealing his layers.
    • He faints at the sight of a Bloomin' Onion. No one knows wether he does so out of horror or arousal.

    Cheap Cheap[edit | edit source]

    • She has a large family. Even with the money she's earned from her show, she's barely getting by. Despite this, she's super protective of her chicks and will attack anyone who tries to go near them without her permission.
    • She has anger issues. She once had a freakout at a supermarket and was forced to do 5 years of community service by hosting an educational TV show on the local public access station, thus being her cooking show (I've been doing this for years, but don't ask me why).
    • Cheap Cheap and Hairdresser Octopus are close friends, and despite paparazzis at their heels, they constantly hang out together. He even appears as an occasional guest on her show.

    Hairdresser Octopus[edit | edit source]

    • He's fairly talkative by nature (whether in red or blue modes), and a lot of his customers come to him for advice while he styles their hair. Red-mode is hot-blooded and aggressively supportive, while blue-mode is more calm and caring, and no matter what he tries his best to match his own mindset with what his customer needs in regards to emotional support.
    • He was assumed to be the leader of the Noodle Syndicate due to Parappa accepting Colonel Noodle as his friend, no questions asked. Since then his business has pretty much collapsed, and the only thing stopping him from ending it is the innocence of his blue side, and not wanting to cause any harm to him. He wishes the two of them were separate so his blue side wouldn't have to be hated by the town.
    • The calm, competent normal Hairdresser Octopus and the strictly professional Red Fussenpepper get along well, as do the fuddy-duddy Normal Fussenpepper and the eccentric Red Octopus. In fact, they get along far better when they DON'T match then when they do; if they're either both normal or both red, they can't stand each other.
    • He cries REALLY loudly when he's sad.
    • He gets weird looks for being a gay crossdresser, but doesn't give a flying fuck.
    • The real reason why in the anime he wanted to be a pro wrestler is because he wanted to get in close contact with sweaty guys (I'm so sorry).

    Colonel Noodle[edit | edit source]

    • He became a vegetarian between Beard Burger Master's death and PaRappa 2's story, mainly due to his traumatic burger-occupied childhood.
    • He has a very slight kink for noodles, explaining his erotic descriptions toward them (possible evidence from Japanese PTR2 guidebook).
    • I like to imagine he's a big ol' fan of System Of A Down. Why? No idea.
    • After the events of PaRappa 2, Noodle's new long and chewy addition to the Beard Burgers menu managed to usher in a new era of prosperity for the burger joint, allowing it to go nationwide so that everyone could experience the best that taste better than wine (with the addition of the king of all foods). And then Beard Burger Master was proud of his son.

    Teriyaki Yoko (this section is long as shit I'm sorry)[edit | edit source]

    • They can break glass with their singing.
    • They're nonbinary, polyamorous, & pansexual. They're able to get into other people's minds so that said people fall in love with them (citation from Japanese UJL guidebook)
    • Katy didn't sing on the Make It Sweet! version of Taste Of Teriyaki because she wouldn't go to hell to record. The reason she gave was that she was too pure of a person to go to hell (Even though, by this point, Lammy and her friends was able to freely come and go as Teriyaki's guests) but the real problem was that she considered herself too much of a star to share the stage with another diva.
    • LONG: Teriyaki Yoko actually was a living being on Earth with an unknown identity, but then they got kidnapped on the way home from someplace and forced to be a singer at a circus. They spent most of the day stuck in a cramped cage with barely any sleep and little to eat, but they made a single friend, a purple and blue teddy bear cub who got separated from his mom a while back (he was born in captivity). After each performance by them, the handlers would complain that Yoko wasn't good enough and not many people liked that part of the show (even when many did like it), then proceed to beat them up (the common practices such as whipping, stomping, kicking, etc.). They really wanted to go home and for someone to rescue them, but security was tight. After a few years, they actually tried escaping, but were found and beaten so bad, nearly to the point of blacking out. Some months after this, it was so cold that they actually died in the middle of the night, from both that and the trauma they suffered. The circus staff discovered their body in the morning. When Teriyaki went to Hell, they were confused on what to do now. They met with some cats and pumpkin people who shared their interest in music, and together they formed a band, the recently-deceased singer naming themself Teriyaki Yoko, since Yoko Ono was one of their idols while alive. They wanted to follow in her footsteps and become an idol in Hell. Some years later, the band met and hired Rammy to be a new member, and after about 2 more years, the events of UJL happen.

    Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

    • [NSFW REEEEEEEEE] As Parappa has a feminine-type body, Lammy & Rammy both have masculine-type ones; they even got pretty long [REDACTED].
    • Lammy's gay, Katy's bisexual, and Ma-san's pansexual.
    • Mama Parappa is perfectly fine and healthy. The reason we don't see her very often is because she's a busy working mom, while her husband prefers to stay at home to watch the kids (and invent all his wacky gadgets).
    • Joe Chin as a kid wanted to grow up to be a superhero.
    • Fleaswallow's not just a fan of stoner music, but also The Beach Boys.
    • While he seems like such a happy & fun-loving guy, M.C. King Kong Mushi is actually very lonely. He doesn't have friends aside from Parappa and the gang, and he wouldn't call his employees his "friends". But what he needs the most is a lover, someone who genuinely cares about him. Many people have rejected him. He even occasionally cries at some points, but because of the distance people see him at during shows, they don't notice the tear stains....
    • Cathy Pillar used to smoke. The stuff she vomits is a side effect of her quitting.
    • Paul Chuck is actually gay, but very relaxed about the whole thing. He uses his lumberjack looks to intimidate a-and excite people of both sexes. He's a firm believer in the hanky code and can be seen with an orange hanky on the left (and sometimes a grey hanky on the right).
    • An ant can lift up 50x the weight of its own body. Now imagine how immersely strong Guru Ant became after Papa Parappa's shrink ray turned him into a giant.
    • Gaster sometimes has involuntary thoughts about going to a restaurant called Grillby's. He wonders wether this is some type of sign.
    • As Parappa Town's fire department consists of Dalmatians, it would be logical for their police department to have German Shepherds.
    • Nobody in Rodney World is discriminatory. Everyone's accepting of each other's choices.
    • MilkCan's gotten a little bit of backlash at some points; one of the reasons being that some vegans protest the idea that an irl milkcan is used for cows' milk, therefore the band represents/promotes cruelty (completely untrue), another being that Soccermoms thinking that the term could be taken out of context (if y'all get my drift) and that the band has a gay couple (think 1MillionMoms).
    • Ever notice that in PaRappa 1's cutscenes, you can see a Kotamanegi not-so-much hiding around the group? Why? Because he thinks the gang seem like they would accept him in their friend group, since that particular one's a little shy (Fun Fact: Chop Chop and the Kotamanegis are based off one of Parappa's very early designs!).
    • Some episodes of the anime take place before PaRappa 2 (episodes 1-24), and others vice-versa (episodes 25-onwards).
    • When Katy and Lammy get married, they'll perform an extra special gig to celebrate.
    • Every once in a while, the family of Oh, Yeah! birds from Episode 30 of the anime visits the gang and they watch movies together (due to their love for popcorn).
    • Origin of the "Why?" song from the I Scream! album: OK, so remember in the song "Life Is Like A Sky" that Parappa said he wanted to be a rapper when he was very young, right? Well he wrote a list of his burning questions down at that age and then found it again several years later, inspiring him to make it into a prototype song and rap it over Yoko's song at a MilkCan concert. However, Yoko was there (as I also headcanon that they visited Earth for a short time after the end of UJL) and got so offended with what Parappa did with their song that they struck Parappa with the lightning from when you go into U Rockin' BAD/AWFUL on Stage 6, but he didn't know where it was coming from, so he improvised during the song, explaining why he said "Why.... is it thundering, thundering??" . He made an official recording of the song (with that lyric) later on, and the members of Yoko's band hate the song with a passion.
    • The reason almost all the songs from the first game are just samples is because they represent each teacher's favourite song. Chop Chop's is "The Assembly Line" by The Commodores, Mooselini's is "Turtles Have Short Legs" by CAN, Cheap Cheap's is "Wah Wah Man" by Young Holt Unlimited, and Mushi's is "December, 1963 (Oh What A Night)" by The Four Seasons. "Always Love!" from the second game is sampled from Parappa's favourite non-rap song, "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5.
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