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    Puyo Puyo 8 is a fan-made sequel created by Moon Snail and Klug because they were both pissed about a few things in Puyo Puyo. Namely the 24 character limit. The game will be released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox Series X and PC during the holiday season of 2020 worldwide.

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    While most traditional Puyo Puyo games have 24 playable characters in total, 8 has 40 (50 with the Tetris Returns DLC, and 52 with the Chaotic Edition bundle).

    • Arle
      • Description: An apprentice mage from another dimension. She's highly energetic, but she refuses to take nonsense. Not that she's immune to being mischievous, mind you...
    • Amitie
      • Description: A very enthusiastic student of the Primp Town Magic School. She always thinks positive, and thinks she'll grow up to be an incredible magician!
    • Ringo
      • Description: A student of Suzuran Junior High. She's one of the more rational people in the group, but she's still very curious. She carries an apple with her at all times, it being a gift from her grandmother.
    • Ally
      • Description: An adventurous girl from a world beyond Primp Town, Suzuran, and Pwurp Island. To her, nothing is more powerful than the power of love!
    • Rulue
      • Description: The fighting queen. As far as we know, there is not a single person with the same level of skill or strength as she does in martial arts. It's said she has a bodyguard, but she's able to fend for herself just fine.
    • Raffina (Unlocked in act 2)
      • Description: A rich young lady who's a student of Primp Town Magic School. Her magic power is weak, but she backs it up with powerful martial arts, and a spicy attitude!
    • Risukuma (Unlocked in act 4)
      • Description: A very strange student of Suzuran Junior High. Aside from his role in the physics club, he's also notable for his strange appearance. Is he wearing a costume? Or is he truly a squirrel-bear? Nobody knows.
    • Schezo (Unlocked in act 1)
      • Description: A dark magician with a desire for great power. Thanks to his brashness and his poor vocabulary, he has a bad reputation with most people who know him.
    • Sig
      • Description: An interesting boy who is said to be the neutral part of a whole demon. He's very aloof, and only has passion for bugs. Many have interest in his red left hand and eye.
    • Maguro (Unlocked in act 4)
      • Description: Ringo's childhood friend, and the eldest child of a family of fishmongers. Despite his young age, he has a number of skills with his hobbies, which he's finding more of frequently!
    • Klug
      • Description: One of the smartest students of Primp Town Magic School. While he is quite intelligent, this adds plenty to his hubris. He's also fond of dark magic, even carrying a devilish book on him at all times in an attempt to harness its power.
    • Lemres
      • Description: Also known as "The Comet Warlock", Lemres is a magic prodigy with a passion for sweets. While he may be offputting at first, he is a kind man who simply wants to spread joy by sharing his candy supply.
    • Carbuncle
      • Description: Arle's trusty pet who's been with her on all of her misadventures. While he's adorable, he's known to devour everything in sight when he's hungry. Give him plenty of curry often to prevent this!
    • Cookie (Unlocked in act 5)
      • Description: Amitie's fluffy, newly adpted pet puppy. She's super friendly, but has a tendency to nibble on people's fingers. Despite being a young dog, she's surprisingly skilled at Puyo Puyo!
    • Jennifer (Unlocked in act 10)
      • Description: A half-human, half-cat hybrid who is Moon Snail's best friend. She was the first person brainwashed by Aya during their brainwashing epidemic, and while she has since broken free from their reign, her goals are still ambiguous.
    • Moon Snail
      • Description: A strange kitsune with a purple hat. Due to his secluded history, his social skills are not up-to-par. He seldom shows his emotions, but he panics heavily whenever threatened.
    • Ecolo (Unlocked in act 5)
      • Description: A world wanderer who often falls into amnesia from his dimensional travels. He has incredible power, but he usually uses it to have fun, even if it's often incredibly chaotic.
    • Satan (Unlocked in act 7)
      • Description: The dark prince, ruler of the underworld. While he tries to be fearsome, his pathetic personality and futile attempts to win over Arle often makes him a laughingstock. He's not useless, however, so beware...
    • Suketoudara (Unlocked in act 3)
      • Description: A strange fish with arms and legs. He's a bold fish who loves nothing more than to show off his intense dancing skills! He also has an endless ocean of fish puns.
    • Witch (Unlocked in act 8)
      • Description: A magical witch who has not yet earned her title. She is quite mischievous, and is known to giggle intensely. She has a penchant for making potions.
    • Draco (Unlocked in act 8)
      • Description: A very competitive, half-dragon girl. While she's bold and tomboyish, she is proud of her beauty, hoping it will win her plenty of beauty pageants!
    • Lidelle
      • Description: A shy young girl who tries to be polite to others, to varying success. She is very self-conscious about her horns, so she finds comfort in seeing other people with similar horns, often treating them like family.
    • Ocean Prince (Unlocked in act 3)
      • Description: A small, pink fish who serves as the prince of an unknown kingdom. While he's not keen to doing royal work, he often tries to use his royalty to his advantage, often attempting to command those around him.
    • Otomo (Unlocked in act 9)
      • Description: A nervous butler who serves the Ocean Prince. In addition to his servitude, he often expresses his adoration for the prince, which often causes him to run away, much to Otomo's dismay.
    • Ms. Accord
      • Description: The teacher of Primp Town Magic School. While she's generally considered friendly and polite, there are many hints that she knows more than she lets on about. She carries her hand puppet(?) Popoi with her at all times.
    • Dapper Bones (Unlocked in act 2)
      • Description: A very strange skeleton fashionista. While he means well, his fashion advice can come off as harsh and overly critical. He has been looking for his lover for years, with very little success.
    • Baldanders (Unlocked in act 7)
      • Description: A hellhound who was accidentally summoned by Feli. While he is very loyal to Feli, the sentiment is not mutual. Despite this, her safety is paramount to him.
    • Feli (Unlocked in act 1)
      • Description: A bizarre goth girl with a hand in occult rituals. She's very cryptic and threatening, and enjoys arcane arts. Despite her unamicable demeanor, she has a heart for one person...
    • Yu & Rei
      • Description: Two ghost children who are twin siblings. Yu is a cheery and whimsical prankster who loves telling puns. Rei, on the other hand, is more laid-back and gloomy, preferring to sit aside.
    • Dongurigaeru
      • Description: A very round frog who likes to bounce and roll about. ...Hard to say anything else about him. Ribbit!
    • Onion Pixie
      • Description: A small onion-headed creature with a club. He is unintelligable, only ever saying "Onion!" and variations. However, he doesn't take kindly to being called cute.
    • Panotty
      • Description: A young elven boy who enjoys nothing more than playing his flute. While he's friendly, he acts very bratty and angry whenever he feels someone isn't properly respecting his flute skills.
    • Minotaur (Unlocked in act 9)
      • Description: A beastial man who serves as Rulue's bodyguard. No matter what, he has an oath to protect and serve her from any danger, which she rarely encounters.
    • Lagnus the Brave
      • Description: A heroic figure from another world. The only thing he desires is to purge the world of evils. This is, unfortunately, held back by a terrible curse that turns him into a child at random.
    • Penglai (Unlocked in act 6)
      • Description: A half-human, half-dragon man with a penchant for dancing. He is very happy-go-lucky, almost to a fault. His dancing skills act not only as an awe-inspirer to his onlookers, but as an unorthodox evasion method.
    • Legamünt (Unlocked in act 6)
      • Description: An enigmatic member of the Heavenly Knights. Despite his affiliation, he prefers to work alone, and spends most of his time directing others to their mission objectives.
    • Undine
      • Description: A water fairy from a fairy world. She sometimes has trouble keeping her shape and sometimes forgets of her true form. Though when she remembers, she's a happy-go-lucky girl who loves to sing.
    • Ciel
      • Description: The Student Council treasurer of the Light Academy. She displays the accuracy and aloofness comparable to a robot. She is very wise, so tricks will not work on her.
    • Lux
      • Description: The student council vice president of the Light Academy. He's known for always holding a smile no matter what, but some believe that there's a depressing facade hidden by it.
    • Strange Klug (Unlocked in act 10)
      • Description: A demonic spirit inhabiting the body of Klug. He only desires two things: To get his second half, Sig, to fuse with him once more, and to win over the girl of his dreams, Jennifer.

    If the Tetris Returns DLC is purchased, the following characters are added to the roster:

    • Tee (Unlocked in act 11T)
      • Description: Captain of the S.S. Tetra, and the current Tetris King. To him, nothing is more important than the safety of his diverse crew!
    • Ess (Unlocked in act 11T)
      • Description: A bratty member of the Tetra Crew. She may look cute, but don't let that deceive you! She's got some nerve. That being said, she has fond opinions of her "papa".
    • Jay and Elle (Unlocked in act 13T)
      • Description: A pair of twin siblings who are members of the Tetra Crew. They love nothing more than tormenting those around them, especially Ai. Good thing Tee's there to keep them behaved!
    • Ai (Unlocked in act 13T)
      • Description: The chief engineer of the Tetra Crew. He's very smart when it comes to repairing ships. However, don't startle him, cuz it's hard to stop him!
    • Fawn & Pepper (Unlocked in act 12T)
      • Description: A pair of adorable puppy twins who were adopted by Ai, and are now a part of the Tetra Crew. While they love causing mischief, they love their father even more!
    • O (Unlocked in act 14T)
      • Description: An adorable sidekick to Tee. He helps with the Tetra's status reports, and to bring happiness to the rest of the crew!
    • Zed (Unlocked in act 12T)
      • Description: The Tetra Crew's guardian and caretaker. It's his goal to take good care of everyone in the crew and keep them in good shape, especially Ess!
    • Ex (Unlocked in act 15T)
      • Description: The Keeper of Dimensions, and the former Tetris King. He cares heavily for his family, even though they have parted ways for a very long time.
    • Emma (Unlocked in act 15T)
      • Description: The former Tetris Queen during Ex's time as the Tetris King. Long ago, she vanished from Ex's life for seemingly unknown reasons, only to return under Ar's control. She's very seclusive with her emotions.
    • Ar (Unlocked in act 15T)
      • Description: A far-gone man who was once the Tetris King. He values regaining his title over all else, and will do anything for a chance at taking the throne once more, no matter how underhanded it may be.

    If the game is the Chaotic Edition (See ), the following characters are added as secret characters, only selectable by choosing Ally and Emma respectively while holding a certain button (Y for Nintendo Switch, Square for PS4 and PS5, X for Xbox One or Xbox Series X, or Shift for PC):

    • Rafisol
      • Description: A being of pure darkness spawned from Ally's pendant. Formerly evil, she questions the circumstances of her existence, and has trouble truly grasping the concept of love.
    • Violet
      • Description: A cunning woman who's married to Ar. She too wishes to attain the title of Tetris Queen with him. She has bad blood with her sister, due to complications between the two.

    Bold = Unlockable

    The following character is battled in the storyline, but not playable. They only serve to hide an unrevealed at the time character:

    • ???

    The following characters are only seen in cutscenes and aren't playable. These characters are:

    The following characters do not appear as either a playable character or in the story mode, but are icons:

    A • means that this icon was added to the game after the release of the Chaotic Edition bundle. Playable characters are also icons as well.

    Chants[edit | edit source]

    Main article

    Plot[edit | edit source]

    Main campaign[edit | edit source]

    The main story revolves around a mysterious entity hypnotizing several people in Primp Town and Suzuran. As people continue to get hypnotized, Arle, Amitie, Ringo, Klug, Lemres, Sig, Carbuncle, and new member Moon Snail team up to get to the bottom of the issue. The game takes place across a prologue and 10 chapters, with each chapter consisting of 10 acts, similarly to Tetris.

    Prologue[edit | edit source]

    The story begins with two new characters, Jennifer and Moon Snail, exploring a forest in search of a powerful artifact known as the Moon Stone. However, they get lost in the middle of it. While Moon Snail attempts to reroute, Jennifer notices a red book under a rock. After she unearths it, it starts to float, which she freaks out about, especially when it starts talking to her. The book ends up being flirtatious towards her, which makes her uncomfortable, until the book eventually starts to change color after she says that she won't date them. Jennifer focuses on this, and the book says that it's brainwashing her so she can help them find some things for them. Despite calling Moon Snail for help, once he comes back to help her, he finds out she's been brainwashed, causing the first Puyo battle to commence. After fighting her, she doesn't snap out of it, and Moon Snail flees from her to get help.

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    Act 1: The First of Many[edit | edit source]

    After a close call with his now brainwashed friend, Moon Snail runs into Ringo Ando after he leaves the forest. He attempts to explain her his situation, but he panics too much to get his words out properly. Ringo worries and challenges him to a Puyo battle to calm him down. It works, and Moon Snail is able to tell her about what happened to Jennifer. Ringo doubts him at first, but still decides to help him, citing the brainwashings in Tetris as being similar to this. They re-enter the forest in search of her, and eventually run into her after ten minutes of searching. Jennifer mentions her desire for "the items", which creeps Ringo out. She battles her, and succeeds in warding her off. The duo proceed to flee.

    After she loses sight of them, the duo start to think about what to do. They conclude to find one of Ringo's friends and ask them for assistance. Maguro overhears them and introduces himself. Ringo tells him about their problem, and he agrees to help, but mentions that Risukuma is strangely MIA. He brings the duo to his family's fish shop so they can have some lunch, but they're confronted by a brainwashed Schezo. Maguro can't tell anything wrong with him, but Ringo immediately notes that he's acting a lot like Jennifer was and battles him. They succeed, but Schezo still insists on attacking. Ringo and MS run again, but while they try to convince Maguro to run too, he stands his ground to defend his shop against Schezo, so they leave without him.

    Ringo and MS get frustrated at how that venture got them nowhere, but Lemres appears to assist them. He notes that Feli was chasing him with malicious intent, saying she wanted him to meet "her master". Ringo becomes even more worried as that is very similar to what happened to Schezo, but MS is distracted and developes a crush on Lemres. Lemres joins the duo, and the now trio goes off to find some more allies, in which they meet Klug, who has also had a close encounter with Feli. He denies that he ran from her in fear, but doubles down on it when she comes back to attack them. He panics and she challenges him to a Puyo battle, in which he succeeds. She runs away and the four rest for a bit.

    Their rest is short lived, however, as Jennifer returns with both Schezo and Feli. Klug notices that Jennifer is hiding something behind her back, but she refuses to tell him. The brainwashed duo push Lemres and Klug out of the way and go after Ringo and MS. The latter cries for the former's help, and she responds by starting a tag team battle with Moon Snail against Schezo and Feli. After the former beats the latter, they become unbrainwashed and confused as to what just happened. Jennifer panics and runs away before Klug can ask her any more questions. Lemres fondly greets Schezo and Feli after they turn back to normal and gives them lollipops. Ringo suggests that they should find Arle and Amitie, and while MS, Klug, and Lemres all agree to it, Schezo and Feli are exhausted from the bout and decide to sit back. The four leave, and Feli cusses out Moon Snail as she noticed his crush on Lemres.

    Read here

    Act 2: Friends to Find[edit | edit source]

    After not too long, the four reach Primp Town, ready to seek out Arle and Amitie. They hear the familiar "Guu guu" of Carbuncle, and they determine that Arle has to be nearby. Lemres asks for directions, but nobody's able to understand his guus. However, after a Puyo battle, Carbuncle leads them to Arle. Lemres tells her about their situation, but after Moon Snail's unable to provide information about it, she grows suspicious of him. While she chooses to join them, she's still very skeptical about the whole thing.

    A little while later, the five encounter Amitie. Lemres tells her the situation as well, but she's also somewhat suspicious about it. However, her suspicions are denied by Dapper Bones, who's now in leagues with Jennifer. Amitie and Arle note that he hasn't been around for years, and now he's acting very fishy. When Ringo says he's acting similarly to how Schezo and Feli were, and Moon Snail starts panicking, Arle and Amitie are finally convinced that what Lemres told them was very much true. Amitie challenges Dapper to a Tag Team battle, before realizing that he's alone and can't be brought into a tag team battle.

    Meanwhile, Jennifer is speaking with her master, concerning the tag team weakness. They come to the conclusion that as long as the minions stay distanced from each other, there's nothing that can throw them into a Tag Team battle. They then have a Puyo battle for fun before searching for more people. But Jennifer then expresses concern for the possibility of her being unbrainwashed. They respond by changing colors again to improve her brainwashing.

    The gang is now wandering around Primp Town, before they encounter Raffina. Moon Snail assumes she's brainwashed, which infuriates her. She points out that Amitie found her old hat again, and then offered her a Puyo battle. After that, Moon Snail tells her about the brainwashing issue, and she decides to find out who's behind this and give them a piece of her mind. Ringo and MS then decide to have a Tag Team battle against Arle and Amitie so that they know what to do when the opportunity shows itself. Just in time, too, as Jennifer and Dapper Bones return to attack them. Arle and Amitie challenge them to a Tag Team battle, and much to the chagrin of Jennifer, Dapper accepts, and they get defeated. While Dapper gets unbrainwashed, Jennifer doesn't, which concerns the gang. Dapper Bones, now lucid once more, decides to critique Ringo and Moon Snail's clothes. While he's somewhat positive towards Ringo, he has only a few kind words to give to Moon Snail, only regarding his hat. Klug tries to get answers from Jennifer, but she slaps him, and then panics as her hat slips and runs away. The gang goes to chase her, with Raffina and Dapper Bones joining them temporarily.

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    Act 3: Damage Control[edit | edit source]

    The gang leaves Primp Town in search of Jennifer. Along their travels, they come across a fork in the road, but are helped by Undine on the right path. They walk for a long time to the next fork in the road, and are lead to the right path again by Suketoudara. Eventually, the path becomes muddy, so they notice her footprints. Before they track them, they notice Ocean Prince having fallen into the mud. Ringo helps clean his face, and hears a calling from Maguro. Because of this, she separates from the gang temporarily to find it.

    As she searches for the voice, she fails to find Maguro, and instead encounters Jennifer, who attempts to brainwash her. Thankfully, Sig coincidentally walked past them, so he pushes Ringo out of the way and saves her from being fully brainwashed. Out of frustration, Jennifer tries to brainwash him, but it has no effect on him. She angrily hits him with the book, angering him into a Puyo battle. Sig wins, and Jennifer runs away once again. Ringo asks Sig to join her in their pursuit.

    Ringo returns to the group with Sig, but starts speaking cryptically about "them". Everyone starts to show concern, but she fails to say anything about what happened due to a major headache given to her by Jennifer's master. Lemres tries to help her with a Puyo battle, but it doesn't help very much. Sig then spills the beans, and MS gets angry at him for not mentioning it earlier. After he settles down, Amitie assumes that Jennifer has the Record of Sealing, but both Sig and Klug deny it. Sig revealing everything prompts Jennifer and her master to go for the group, alongside a brainwashed Risukuma and Maguro. She has the duo attack and distract Klug and Sig as she attempts to finish what she started with Ringo. However, MS is quick to save her by blocking her view from the book. Klug defeats Risukuma, which causes Jennifer to panic and hide her book again. MS battles Jennifer and defeats her. After she leaves, Lemres suggests that Ringo can be purified in the same way they cured Schezo, Feli, and Dapper Bones. Moon Snail offers to be her partner for the battle, while Lemres takes up Klug. Lemres and Klug win, and Ringo is saved.

    Afterwards, the group discuss who Jennifer's master could possibly be. Arle suggest Satan, Ringo says Ecolo, and Moon Snail assumes it's Legamünt, someone nobody else has heard of. After MS explains who Legamünt is and why he thinks he's behind it all, the group decide to go out to look for all three.

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    Act 4: Search for Satan[edit | edit source]

    Once the plan is set in stone, Moon Snail asks Arle of Satan's whereabouts. Arle says she has no idea, until Satan appears right behind the duo. Arle immediate confronts him about the brainwashings, in which he responds he knows nothing about the brainwashings. Arle does not believe him, and challenges him to a Puyo battle. After Arle wins, Satan immediately runs away, She prompts the others to chase after him, but they are blocked by Rulue, who stands up for him. Satan uses this opportunity to keep running, and Rulue follows him. Lemres begins to doubt Satan's involvement, but Arle states she still fully believes him to be behind it.

    The group continues to search for him, when Carbuncle suddenly runs off into some bushes, out of the others' reach. He finds a big plate of curry, which turns out to be a trap set up by Jennifer. Carbuncle defeats her and eats the curry, but is still brainwashed by Jennifer in the end. The group discusses the possibility of going over the hedge (Not to be confused with the best Dreamworks movie don't @ me), but they come up with nothing. Carbuncle returns, and Arle's sudden joy is immediately dashed when she notices he's brainwashed. Arle battles him and he runs off, with Arle nearly in tears. She declares that she is immediately going to find Satan and get him to reverse everything he's done. However, a few moments later, they find him brainwashed, concluding that he is not behind any of it. He threatens Moon Snail, and while the latter is able to fend him off, he's left shaking from intimidation, needing Lemres to calm him down.

    The group eventually come across Risukuma, who they assume is carrying Carbuncle as there is a yellow object in his hands. However, closer inspection reveals that it's actually the Star Lantern, one of the three items Jennifer needs for her goal. She tricks the group into exposing themselves, and Moon Snail falls for it, prompting Risukuma to attack them. Ringo defeats him, and he and Jennifer start running. As the group chases them, they find him standing next to Maguro. Ringo convinces them to fight her in a Tag Team battle under the consensus that Jennifer isn't there to stop them.  Moon Snail tries to join her side, but she's irritated with him after he revealed their location to Jennifer. Sig steps up instead, and the two free Risukuma and Maguro. Maguro laments that Schezo managed to defeat him, while Risukuma explains that Feli lured him to Jennifer. By Ringo's request, the two join their team and help them find Ecolo. Along the way, they encounter Satan and Carbuncle. Arle gets infuriated and challenges them to a tag team battle, which Carbuncle promptly refuses and runs away from, so she switches it to a Big Bang battle with Satan. She wins, and as he leaves, she swears revenge on Jennifer for what she did to Carbuncle.

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    Act 5: Exodus for Ecolo[edit | edit source]

    To find Ecolo, the group must first find their way to outer space. This puts them at a loss, since they have no idea how to reach it, with no space stations in sight. Fortunately, they meet Ms. Accord, who states she knows a way to outer space. Without saying anything, she challenges Moon Snail to a Puyo Puyo battle, which he wins. He's confused about how it helps at first, but in a short amount of time, he's teleported into space. Ringo and Lemres chastise her for doing this to him without warning, but she swiftly changes the subject to how she noticed Lidelle acting very odd in recent times. The group explains how she's likely undergoing what multiple others have went through, and she decides to join them temporarily.

    Meanwhile, in space, Moon Snail angrily curses out Ms. Accord for teleporting him to space without warning, but is distracted by the vastness and beauty of space, which is as good as he had imagined it would be. He decides to relax, before he is confronted by Ecolo. After finding out who they really are, he accuses them of being responsible for the brainwashings, and they take offense to it. After a Puyo battle, Ecolo gets peeved and runs off, calling Moon Snail a meanie and brash.

    Back on Earth, Ms. Accord leads the group to where she last remembers Lidelle being, and soon enough, Lidelle reveals herself. She attempts to intimidate the group into joining Jennifer, but her attempts are lackluster. Amitie challenges and beats her, and the latter runs away in shame. Amitie explains to Ms. Accord how to save a brainwashee, and then notices Carbuncle. She chases after him under the assumption that she can start a Tag Team battle with him and Lidelle. Everyone tries to stop her, but she runs off, and Sig asks everyone to get her before she finds herself in trouble.

    Moon Snail is still wandering around space, when he finds Lagnus, who's lamenting his situation. Due to some parts of Moon Snail's appearance, Lagnus assumes that he's a villain, which Moon Snail denies. Lagnus challenges him, still under the assumption that he's evil. Moon Snail rejects it and tries to leave, but Lagnus pulls him back and asks him again. Moon Snail continues to try and leave, but Lagnus grabs him once more. Moon Snail gets aggrevated with him and accepts the battle, promptly defeating him. Moon Snail lashes out at him and explaining he's not a villain, and leaves him to find his way back, despite Lagnus' request to join him.

    The group looks for Amitie, but she beckons Sig to follow her voice. In spite of Lemres' warning, Sig follows it, finding Amitie, disappointingly, with dull eyes. The group follows him, and finds out what happened to Amitie. Jennifer reveals herself to Ms. Accord, who requests to interrogate her personally. Jennifer sees this as the perfect opportunity to capture her and accepts her request. When they reach a private area, Jennifer attempts to hypnotize her with the book, but Accord's closed eyes allow her to ignore the colors. She asks Jennifer what the book is supposed to do, but she refuses to tell her and runs away with her minions. While trying to find her again, they get lost in the forest, but then they encounter Cookie, Amitie's pet dog. While the group can't understand her, she grabs a Puyo, which Ringo assumes means she wants a Puyo battle. She is correct, and Accord plays a battle with the dog. Now satisfied, Cookie lead the gang to the exit.

    A few hours have passed, and Moon Snail still hasn't found a way back to Earth. He worries about his mental wellbeing, so he sits back and "imagines" flute music. He is then met by Panotty, who is displeased by him thinking he's not real. After Panotty beats him in a Puyo battle, the kitsune is then convinced that he's real. Panotty explains his situation to him, and Moon Snail says that he could, with his help, get the two of them back to Earth. Panotty agrees, and the two pop plenty of Puyos, allowing them to teleport back to Earth. However, Ecolo notices them and gets teleported alongside them.

    The group has returned to Primp Town, with Cookie's help, and they see Moon Snail faceplant back on the ground. Panotty appears shortly afterwards, but only Arle recognizes him. Amitie and Carbuncle return, and MS freaks out about Amitie being brainwashed. Cookie begs to start a Tag Team battle, and Panotty decides to join her side, battling Amitie and Carbuncle. They win, freeing the duo from their brainwashing. Amitie picks up Cookie joyfully, while Arle hugs Carbuncle. Moon Snail laments not having a pet to cuddle with, but Amitie lets him pet Cookie, He pets her, but the dog nibbles his hand, startling him. Ringo reminds the group of Ecolo being on Earth, and they all split up to find them. Ringo, Risukuma, and Maguro find them, and after defeating them, ask them about their role in the brainwashings. They explain that they were not responsible for the brainwashings, but knows just who's behind it: An outcast with an affinity for books. Once the group reunites, Ringo asks Moon Snail about Legamünt, and he answers with a long explanation, which lines up with Ecolo's description of an outcast with an affinity for books. The group decides it couldn't possibly be anyone else, so Moon Snail explains that he usually spends his time in the Pwurp Island library. Amitie tries to find it on a book she carries around, and notices her Sun Bookmark is missing, likely stolen by Jennifer.

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    Act 6: Looking for Legamünt[edit | edit source]

    The group is once again at a loss, because in order to get to Pwurp Island, they need a boat, and the last boat Moon Snail used was lost in the forest he and Jennifer were in. Luckily enough, Ally appears to lead them to a boat. Everyone's somewhat surprised that Ally and Moon Snail recognize each other. She challenges him to a Puyo battle, saying that if he wins, she'll find a boat for him and his group. He wins, so she leads them to the docks. Jennifer also sees the group, so she plans to follow them into Pwurp island. The group don't notice them and reach the docks. Sadly, they don't have enough room, so they have to leave three people behind. Maguro, Risukuma, and Panotty agree to stay behind, and they promise they'll be safe.

    Once the group reaches Pwurp, they are greeted by Ciel, one of Moon Snail's friends. Moon Snail explains how his Moon Stone search went, and asks Ciel to lead him to the Heavenly Knights. Ciel agrees to it, but only if he can beat her in a Puyo battle. Moon Snail wins, but notes that he has no wings. Ciel responds by grabbing him and flying off with him, leaving the others behind.

    Meanwhile, Rulue is discussing Jennifer with her bodyguard, Minotaur. She reckons that Jennifer wouldn't possibly be able to brainwash her, but hey look here comes Satan. He pretends to be in love with Rulue, and offers her a "gift" in the form of the book. She falls for its magic, and joins Satan in helping Jennifer. While Minotaur isn't brainwashed, he still follows her as a part of his deal. Jennifer and her minions find a boat and start sailing off to Pwurp Island. She tries to get up and get a good look at it, but falls into the water as a result. Rulue pulls her back into the boat, and they eventually reach land.

    Once Ciel brings Moon Snail to the Heavenly Knights, she introduces them to him. He tells them that he needs to find Legamünt, to which Viola replies that he needs to both prove his worth and show that Jennifer's a real issue to get their trust to lead him to Legamünt. He finishes a trial, which checks off half of it. He then notices a boat, which contains Jennifer. Mars offers to bring Moon Snail down to the ground to see what she's doing. He agrees, and they carry him down to see Penglai dancing away before her. Jennifer notices and says she's her biggest fan. Moon Snail notices that she's acting oddly casual and wonders if she's back to normal. But when she asks him to autograph her book, and it starts glowing, his theory is disproven, and the dangers of Jennifer are shown clearly. When Penglai is fully brainwashed, Mars tries to attack him, but he counters them, prompting them and Moon Snail to fly away. They come back with the news, and Viola gives Moon Snail and Ciel directions to the Pwurp Library.

    Ciel returns Moon Snail to Ringo, who is separated from the rest of the group. She tells Moon Snail that the others have split up to find Ally, who has strangely disappeared. Her problem? The ghosts Yu and Rei are nearby, and she's terrified of ghosts. Moon Snail agrees to deal with them personally. He sees them and finds them cute, annoying them because they're trying to be scary. Moon Snail pretends to be scared to appease them, before ACTUALLY being scared because Yu has dull eyes, which he assumes are an indicator of her being brainwashed. Amitie finds him and reassures him that her eyes are normally just like that. Unfortunately, Jennifer appears shortly afterwards, with Ally in tow. Ciel battles her and wins, irritating Jennifer. Jennifer then gets distracted by Yu and Rei, saying she want to hug them. However, her master tells her not to, and she has an argument with them. However, everyone can only hear her side of the story, confusing everyone in the process. After Jennifer eventually obeys her master and doesn't hug the ghosts, Amitie, Moon Snail, and Ciel head back to the main group. After the regroup, they find Jennifer again, who brainwashes Draco near effortlessly. Moon Snail screams about how fast Jennifer is moving, and while Draco and Jennifer notice, they confirm they knew they were there from the getgo. Arle defeats her, and she calls for Satan and Lidelle's help. Satan makes a B-line towards Moon Snail, who panics until Lemres signals him to do a Tag Team battle against Satan and Lidelle. He requests Ciel to join by his side, and they beat the duo in a battle. They're released from their brainwashing, and they join the group.

    The group eventually gets to the Pwurp Island library. Moon Snail gets ready to confront Legamünt. He says he wants to confront him personally. He enters the door, and sees Legamünt sitting inside. They greet each other formally, until Moon Snail tells him he tricked him. Moon Snail yells at Legamünt, still in belief that he's behind it all. He challenges him to a Puyo Puyo battle out of pure rage. He emerges victorious, but Legamünt reveals that not even he is behind it. He explains that the location he sent Moon Snail and Jennifer to was, indeed, not the correct location. But the book being there was not on his mind. Moon Snail still demands the true location of the Moon Stone, but before Legamünt can reveal it to him, Jennifer joins in, showing he has the Moon Stone and, therefore, every item she needs. Legamünt tries to attacker her and reclaim it, but her minions guard her as she leaves. He asks Moon Snail to find out who's behind this, and to stop them before it's too late. Moon Snail agrees and leaves.

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    Act 7: A Change of Plans[edit | edit source]

    Moon Snail exits the room to disappointingly report that it was not Legamünt behind the brainwashings. The others worry about having to go back to the drawing board, until Satan suggests asking former brainwashed people about what their brainwashings were like. With this idea, the group heads back to the docks to return to where they came from. Since there are plenty more people om the team, they have to get two boats instead of one. Ringo pilots one, and Moon Snail pilots the other. Despite Moon Snail's lack of boating knowledge, both boats make it back perfectly fine. The group finds out that Risukuma and Maguro have been waiting at the other side for them to return for a while. After they join the team, Satan's plan can begin. First, however, they ask Satan and Lidelle how they got brainwashed. Neither of them quite remember, so the rest of the group decides to check up on them later, They all split up and search for the former brainwashed minions.

    The first one up is Schezo. Satan finds him, much to the chagrin of each other.  Satan offers to battle him in an Excavation match, and after defeating him, he uncovers Schezo's memory of his brainwashing. He was venturing through a forest, when he found the book that was eventually found by Jennifer. He sensed a foul energy coming from it, so he covered it up with a rock to prevent it from doing anything bad. When Jennifer was first brainwashed, her very first goal was to track down and hypnotize Schezo. When she reached him, she slapped him, which while not dealing a lot of damage, caught his attention to the book, which brainwashed him. Satan offered to let Schezo join by his side, and he begrudgingly accepts, just to get back at Jennifer.

    Meanwhile, Klug and Moon Snail happen upon Feli, who is displeased with the latter for his crushing on Lemres. When Klug stands up for him, Feli summons her hellhound, Baldanders.With each other's help, they manage to defeat him, and also unearth Feli's memory of her brainwashing. They ask her for the details, but she refuses to tell them. Thankfully, Lemres arrives, and Feli tells him her story. She found Schezo during his brainwashed stasis, and tried to find Lemres' help to keep the creeper away, However, she found Jennifer, who offered a book that contained all she needed to know to make him fall in love with her. This book, however, was the book responsible for brainwashing Schezo, so when she opened it, she got stunned, and the book started to brainwash her. Lemres asks her and Baldanders to join the team, and while she hates the idea of teaming up with Klug and especially Moon Snail, she agreed to it, just to appeal to Lemres. Once the three leave, Klug mentions now understanding why Moon Snail hides "it". Moon Snail denies knowing what Klug is talking about, but he continues to tease Moon Snail for it, leaving him so embarrassed that he doesn't follow him back to the team.

    In another location, Raffina and Dapper Bones are talking to each other, namely about Dapper's long lost lover. Maguro interrupts this conversation, but gets freaked out by Dapper Bones. Irritated, the skeleton challenges Maguro to a Puyo battle, which he declines until he remembers his mission. Maguro defeats him, and he remembers the details of his brainwashing. Dapper Bones was confronted by Jennifer, who said that she knew where his long lost lover was. He simply responded by criticizing her hat, which agitated her enough to just straight up shove the book in his face to brainwash him. Raffina assumes that Dapper missed his chance to find his lover again, until Ringo mentions that it was actually Jennifer responsible for it, which convinces Raffina to re-join their group.

    From there, everyone (Except Moon Snail) regroups, but Satan and Lidelle still do not remember the details to their brainwashing. Lemres challenges Satan to an Excavation battle, which not only helps him remember his brainwashing, but also subsequentially helps Lidelle remember hers. Satan says that Jennifer lured him in with Carbuncle, and Lidelle mentions Jennifer luring her in with Satan. Ringo notices a pattern in that most of the victims are lured in with false promises. After Amitie and Carbuncle battle each other, their own memories confirm Ringo's hypothesis. Amitie was lured in by Carbuncle, while Carbuncle was lured in with a giant plate of curry. Amitie also mentions that Jennifer stole her Sun Bookmark. With all the details in tow, Ringo decides to start the plan with Moon Snail. Except there is no Moon Snail. He was too embarrassed to follow back, remember? Klug offers to take the lead and lead the group back to Moon Snail, with Ringo worrying about Moon Snail's wellbeing.

    Meanwhile, Witch is brewing a potion that can cure any brainwashing, However, she misplaced the recipe and forgot the ingredients needed. This leads to a catastrophic failure and Witch beating herself up about losing the recipe. Thankfully, a nice lady comes along and offers her potion recipe book! ...Guess who that nice lady is? Yeah, Witch gets brainwashed too. With tons of minions on Jennifer's side now, she feels safe having a break by the lake with her master. They relax for a bit, talking about the progress they've made, before Jennifer asks her master how much they love her. They reply that she means the world and galaxy to them. Jennifer thanks them while also revealing their name: Aya. Aya's spirit emits from the book and hugs Jennifer's cheek. She starts purring in response. But then Moon Snail walks by and notices them, startling Jennifer into smacking him. Moon Snail tries to convince her to stop teaming up with Aya, but this fails. He resorts to Puyo battling her instead. He hopes it worked, but it unfortunately didn't. Jennifer is still under Aya's control. She gets angry and slaps him again, prompting him to run away to tell the news to his allies.

    While the group continues to look for Moon Snail, Cookie and Baldanders start to bond, and become friends. Suddenly, Moon Snail storms in and delivers the news. This catches Klug's attention, and prompts him to ask Schezo if he hid his book. When Schezo says he did, Klug explodes on him, chastising him for making all of the chaos happen by not just handing him the book back. Out of rage, he challenges him to a Puyo battle, and defeats him so hard that he's knocked cold by the end of it. He then storms off to get his book back, and everyone panics and tries to stop him. Moon Snail doesn't understand what any of the things he heard was, not Aya, the record of sealing, or anything else Aya can do. Amitie explains everything to him, including the one time Klug unsealed Aya and got possessed by using the Star Lantern, the Moon Stone, and the Sun Bookmark. She then realizes that Jennifer has the Star Lantern, the Moon Stone, and the Sun Bookmark, and starts panicking. Klug manages to reach Jennifer at the lake she and Aya went to, and demands his book back. By Aya's request, she gives it to him after he wins a Puyo battle. After he takes it back and thanks Jennifer for finally surrendering, the book starts to change color on him. He begs Jennifer to take the book back, but she refuses, letting him get brainwashed by it. With no control over his body, he is told to bring the items required for Aya's unsealing to them. He quickly hands them to Jennifer, and she unseals Aya, who starts taking over Klug's body. This causes Klug to snap out of his brainwashing, but by that point, it's too late; they combine, forming Strange Klug. Jennifer is in love with his new appearance, and they kiss each other, causing her to purr very hard.

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    Act 8: Disaster Discovery[edit | edit source]

    With Strange Klug's new body, he and Jennifer were able to truly enjoy their time together. They told their remaining minions to never start a Tag Team battle, meaning that dwindling the group will be much more difficult. While they relax, they have a Puyo battle, just for fun. Afterwards, Jennifer gets tired, so Strange Klug wraps her up in his cape like a blanket, and she falls asleep quickly, though not without thinking about how strange it feels to be so kind to Strange Klug. Shortly afterwards, Moon Snail walks in on them while looking for Klug. Strange Klug lures him in by pretending to be Klug and picks up Jennifer. When Moon Snail finds him, he freaks out about Jennifer sleeping casually in Strange Klug's arms. Out of anger, he challenges Strange Klug to a Puyo battle, which he loses. Strange Klug smugly announces his plans to marry Jennifer, causing Moon Snail to faint. The group find him after Strange Klug leaves, and Lidelle worries that he died. However, with Ciel's confirmation, it's clear that Moon Snail is simply unconscious, with everyone sans Feli relieved. He's woken up by Lemres, and he explains that Klug is brainwashed and "has this scary red outfit". Amitie reveals that Klug's actually possessed, not brainwashed. After they panic about it for a bit, Ringo suggests they set up camp and sleep for the night. They locate a cave, set up a camp, and fall asleep.

    The next day, Jennifer wakes up, with her brainwashing starting to wane. She decides to do something to spite Strange Klug while he still sleeps, and finds Penglai. She asks him to teach her to slow dance, and while they dance, she kisses him. Strange Klug notices and scolds the two, as well as beating Penglai in a Puyo battle as a punishment. Jennifer promises not to do it again, while laughing to herself about how angry he got. Meanwhile, Schezo is the first of the group to wake up, and notices Cookie sitting outside. He tries to pet her, but she gets aggressive, biting him and fighting him in Puyo Puyo. Amitie walks out and calms her down, followed shortly by Baldanders, with the two being happy to see each other again. Ringo wakes up, and sees a group of Onion Pixies walking in a single-file line, which weirds out the group, due to the oddity of them marching like this. Ringo decides to examine the line, but notices them scattering out of fear at one point, likely because of something relating to Jennifer and Strange Klug. One bumps into her and challenges her to Puyo Puyo, then leaves after losing. Ringo continues walking and finds Strange Klug and Jennifer hugging. She vocally announces it making her sick, which alerts the duo of her presence. She is then brainwashed off-screen.

    Ecolo senses something going wrong for Ringo, and makes up a plan; they'll do a Transformation battle to turn into Unusual Ecolo. They see Donguri Gaeru and decides to challenge him to a Transformation battle. They win, turning into Unusual Ecolo. He chases after Ringo, eventually finding her speaking in rhyme. He worries about her behavior and challenges her to a battle. While he wins, it does nothing, so he decides to pursue Strange Klug and Jennifer themselves. Meanwhile, Moon Snail, Schezo, and Sig are watching the Onion Pixies, to the point of counting them. Ringo returns, with nobody knowing she's brainwashed. But when she mentions "them" again, Sig, Lemres, and Moon Snail immediately notice something's off about her.

    Unusual Ecolo eventually finds Strange Klug, confused about Aya being outside of the Record of Sealing. Strange Klug changes his eye colors to brainwash him, but beyond his knowledge, he is immune. He just assumes it worked and introduces him to Jennifer, and they have a Puyo battle. Jennifer notices Strange Klug is out of earshot, and she asks Unusual Ecolo to kiss her. He freaks out, which alerts Strange Klug, who drags her off out of rage. Unusual Ecolo follows them and sees him attempting to re-brainwash her. Despite her best efforts, Strange Klug manages to get her back under his control, demanding she doesn't show love to any of their minions. Jennifer pulls him in by his tie and kisses him, reassuring she will follow the order. She also mentions their wedding, so Unusual Ecolo runs off to tell the group.

    Unusual Ecolo reaches the group, and tells them about the news he heard. Ringo's quick to point out how untrustworthy Ecolo usually is. Moon Snail points out Ecolo being rude to him back in Act 5, and the two get into an argument, before being interrupted by Witch and Draco. Arle freaks out and challenges them to a Tag Team battle, but they reveal that they've learned beyond blindly accepting Tag Team battles. Arle tries to challenge them to a Co-Op Tsu battle instead. She and Carbuncle win, but it fails to free them. Once they leave, Moon Snail starts to worry about Ringo possibly being brainwashed. Arle rejects it, but MS is still convinced that Ecolo is right. Risukuma asks how they'll free Strange Klug's minions, and Arle suggests that some sort of Co-Op battle mode could work.

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    Act 9: All Coming Together[edit | edit source]

    The group is theorizing about how to save the minions, and they come to the conclusion that they need to perform a Co-Op battle of some kind. Ringo suggests another split up, but bafflingly to them, chooses to go solo. Everyone questions her, but decides to just let her roll with it. A few minutes later, they all set off. A few minutes pass, and Raffina gets bored, urging to kick something. She acts upon her urges and kicks someone, not knowing that it was Rulue. Rulue scolds her and asks for Minotaur's help. Dapper Bones signals Raffina to start a Co-Op battle, and she chooses a Fever battle. They win the battle, but unfortunately, it does not free Rulue and Minotaur.

    Ringo used her privacy to visit Jennifer, telling her about the group's plans. Jennifer tells her to take Ally with her and find all the other minions. However, they're interrupted by Suketoudara, who proceeded to beat them and warn them to change their ways. He runs away and notices Ocean Prince. He explains about it, waking up the prince. While he crankily scolds him for the rude awakening, Suketoudara requests his help to protect him from Jennifer, Ringo, and Ally. Ocean Prince agrees, as long as he agreed to protect him from Otomo, who appeared almost immediately afterwards. Ocean Prince tried to drive him away, but this is interrupted by Strange Klug's entrance. Otomo, in fear, defended Ocean Prince, so Strange Klug brainwashed him instead. Suketoudara and Ocean Prince flee in panic.

    Sig and Amitie are looking around for minions, and Amitie is worried about the possibility of them losing. Penglai confronts the duo, and while they welcome him at first, Amitie points out that Moon Snail said he was brainwashed. Draco leaps out in response, and the four perform a Co-Op battle under Original rule. Sig and Amitie win, but it doesn't work either. Meanwhile, Moon Snail and Lemres encounter Ringo and Ally, and while they worry about it for a second, they conclude that Ally was freed. They, however, were wrong, and they see Strange Klug hugging Jennifer tightly, to the point of MS worrying for her safety. Ringo attacks Moon Snail, but he manages to fight her back, and he and Lemres start chasing after her and Ally. They eventually corner the duo and challenge them to a Co-Op Big Bang battle. They win, and to their joy, it works. Ringo and Ally were released from Aya's control. Ringo promises to always stick to the group, as the two times she separated on her own, she got brainwashed. Knowing how to rescue the minions once more, the group rejoices as they can simply take a victory lap saving every minion, but MS worries about how close they are to losing Jennifer to Strange Klug.

    Ecolo watches the four running together with joy, before Jennifer notices him. Strange Klug tells her not to kiss him, and Ecolo accidenally reveals his agenda, infuriating Jennifer. Ecolo runs away after a battle, and to Jennifer and Strange Klug's dismay, he stole the Record of Sealing from them. The book, however, saps power from him, taking away his Unusual transformation. Klug emerges from the book, begging Ecolo for help. Ecolo runs to the gang, who just all learned about how Co-Op battles can reverse brainwash effects. He reveals the book, and how it's containing Klug. He attempts to tell them where Jennifer and Strange Klug's wedding is taking place, but Strange Klug interrupts him, followed by Otomo and Witch. Moon Snail tosses Ecolo and Ringo into a Co-Op Big Bang battle with them. They win, releasing the duo. While Witch thinks her blackout was from a bad option, Moon Snail says it was actually from brainwashing. Otomo expresses his concern for Ocean Prince, but Dapper Bones offers to help him find the prince. Klug jumps out of the book and explains that their wedding is taking place in Kencho Forest. Moon Snail panics, as Kencho Forest is where the Record of Sealing was found in the first place. Arle angrily asks him why he's friends with Jennifer, and they argue about it before Ringo tells them to stop. They agree to stop bickering and focus on the true threat: Strange Klug.

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    Act 10: The Grand Finale[edit | edit source]

    The gang is yards away from Kencho Forest, preparing for the last hurrah. Ms. Accord joined them to help them, but Moon Snail berates her for what she did to him back when they were looking for Ecolo. After a battle, Ms. Accord apologizes, and they continue forward. Right at the entrance, they notice Schezo's gone missing. He ran off to find the Onion Pixies, caught two of them, and starting walking back. The group entered the forest without him, worried about how underprepared they are. While Ringo reassures him, Strange Klug threatens them. Ringo demanded to know his plans, but Penglai interrupts her. Feli challenges him, and with Draco making fun of her, throws Baldanders into the mix for a Co-Op Big Bang battle. After freeing them, Feli forces Penglai to join her, and Draco joins on her own accord. Moon Snail starts stressing about how close the wedding is, and tries to destress by drawing "M + L" on a tree. While it's meant to represent his love for Lemres, Ciel assumes it's a poorly made Algebra question. Upon hearing Ciel's voice, one of her aquaintances, Lux, comes out to ask for her presence. She agrees to it, but beyond her knowing, it's a trap to lead her to Jennifer and Strange Klug. She battles Lux and defeats him, but in spite of her victory, she's brainwashed, lamenting her failures to her allies.

    Suketoudara and Ocean Prince decide to rest after their run from Jennifer and Strange Klug, coincidentally near the Kencho Forest. Otomo and Dapper Bones notice them, and the former worry about the former harming the latter, so they confront the fishy duo. Ocean Prince gets frustrated, and Otomo asks them to join him if he wins. Ocean Prince begrudgingly accepts, and Otomo and Dapper Bones win, so the duo has to join them, with Ocean Prince blaming Suketoudara for making them lose.

    Meanwhile, Jennifer and Strange Klug are dressing up for the wedding, deep in the forest. They then look at each other, with Jennifer in a red gown and Strange Klug donning a red tuxedo with a red rose. They love each others' outfits, but Strange Klug's rose makes Jennifer want a flower of her own. Strange Klug gladly accepts her request, and she asks him for a hydrangea. Strange Klug runs off, but not before scratching the back of her ears to make her purr.

    In another point in the forest, Amitie worries about the wedding, and what effects it will have on everyone, especially Sig and Klug. Sig, however, offers to protect her. Rulue hears this and confronts them, saying that they won't be able to stop them. Amitie asks her for a co-op battle, and she accepts, bringing Minotaur with her. Thankfully, Sig and Amitie win, freeing Rulue and Minotaur. The latter explains what happened to them, while the former asks if Satan is on their side. When Amitie confirms that he is, she gladly joins them. Amitie and Sig redirect them to the group and walk off to find Ciel. They see the marking Moon Snail made on a tree, and Amitie "solves" it. They continue moving on, and reach a hydrangea laden dead end, which Strange Klug finds them in soon after. Sig stands up to defend Amitie, and Strange Klug responds by kidnapping him alongside the hydrangea he picked for Jennifer.

    Amitie chases after Strange Klug, but eventually loses him. She despairs over losing her best friend, but Cookie walks over to comfort her. Ciel and Lux enter, and while Amitie is happy to see the former, this was dashed when she steals Cookie from her. Amitie demands to have Cookie back, and Lagnus hears her and offers to help her. Amitie accepts out of desparation, and they defeat Ciel and Lux in a Co-Op Big Bang battle, releasing them from their brainwashing. Ciel gives Amitie her dog back, but Amitie cries about Sig being in danger. Lux and Lagnus agree to join her and her team, which comforts her, but only a little bit. They're forced to join the team immediately to avoid getting attacked by Baldanders.

    Everyone besides Sig regroup, with every last minion being released from Strange Klug's control. Moon Snail is relieved until he notices Sig is missing. Ciel explains that he was kidnapped, and he swears to try and save him. Meanwhile, Strange Klug returns to Jennifer with the hydrangea in grasp. She's excited to see not only her flower, but also Sig in their grasp. They tie him to a tree, and have a quick Puyo battle for fun. After the battle, the duo kiss and Strange Klug brainwashes her one more time to prevent her from breaking free at the worst moment. Sig watches in horror and begs his bugs to run away.

    Strange Klug and Jennifer finish up their wedding preparations, and now they only have to wait for their minions to return. The "minions" return, but to their dismay, they've been freed from their control. Rulue tries to attack Jennifer, and while she's distracted, Lagnus jumps in and frees Sig. Strange Klug shrugs it off and says he doesn't need to worry, as he can just beat all of them and marry Jennifer. Moon Snail becomes furious, declares a massive battle against the duo. Then, suddenly, Legamünt flies above the gang and faces the duo, before telling Moon Snail to give the word. Eventually, 19 battles later, they finally defeat the duo. Strange Klug brushes off the defeat and says that he can simply marry Jennifer in spite of the defeat. However, to his dismay, Jennifer has finally broken free from her brainwashing. She punches Strange Klug so hard that Aya is released from him. She dives under the table and tosses out the items. Moon Snail uses them to seal Aya back into the Record of Sealing, finally bringing Klug back to his body. Jennifer gets back out of the table with her old outfit, and MS expresses great joy at finally having his friend back. Jennifer thanks him and Ringo for saving her, and the three have a big group hug, all of them greatly relieved by the disaster finally falling.

    A day later, Moon Snail reconsiders his ownership of the Moon Stone. He realizes he doesn't know what to do with it, and vows to return it to Legamünt. He apologizes to Jennifer for making her brainwashing mean effectively nothing. She says it's perfectly fine, since it helped him meet some new friends. She then brings up his crush on Lemres, and tries to convince him to ask the warlock out. He argues that he doesn't know how to, but concludes that he should meet Risukuma for help. Once they reach him, he's with Ringo, Maguro, and Ally, all of whom just finished fixing Maguro's fish shop. Moon Snail asks him about how to ask Lemres out. He tells him to just ease him into a conversation, then ask him out in the middle of it. Moon Snail, while worried about his inability to start and keep conversations, agrees to use his advice.

    Klug meets Lemres and shows him a cover he got for the Record of Sealing, which he got to cover the book's color changing power. Moon Snail interrupts him, and while he's not upset about it, he's frustrated by Jennifer's presence. Moon Snail asks to talk to Lemres himself, which Klug gives way. He struggles to keep a normal conversation going, especially with his stuttering. He eventually fails to keep in his urges and declares his love for him. Lemres is silent for a second, but accepts his offer and kisses him. Moon Snail cheers, and Lemres offers to take him out on an ice cream date to make up for never properly giving him the ice cream he promised. Moon Snail agrees to it, and gives Jennifer the Moon Stone, leaving her to return it.

    Jennifer returns to Pwurp Island and meets Legamünt. She says that everything's been going well, and gives him the Moon Stone. She tells him she plans to give the other two items back to people she can trust, such as giving Amitie her Sun Bookmark back. Legamünt thanks her, and asks her to stay strong for him. She agrees, and she leaves, readying for her life's continue.

    In another dimension, however, another chaos brews. A devilish man senses the disaster stopping, prompting him to start his attack. He threatens the Starship Tetra, Tee in particular, so that he can finally get his title at Tetris King back, starting the plot for Tetris Returns.

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    Tetris Returns campaign[edit | edit source]

    Act 11T: Returning Faces[edit | edit source]

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    Act 12T: The Growing Problem[edit | edit source]

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    Act 13T: Cascading Catastrophe[edit | edit source]

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    Act 14T: The Quest to Save Ess[edit | edit source]

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    Act 15T: One Last Blockade[edit | edit source]

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    Music[edit | edit source]

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    Gameplay[edit | edit source]

    Gameplay is pretty much standard Puyo Puyo affair, but there are different versions of it.

    Basic rulesets[edit | edit source]

    • Original Rule: Original Rule mode takes from the first Puyo Puyo game released, most commonly known by its localizations, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche. It features primitive gameplay compared to other rules. Only one Puyo set can be seen in the queue, nuisance cannot be countered, and Puyos in 1-wide chambers cannot be rotated. Margin time and All Clear bonuses are also not active. (Tetris Returns only) Tetris mode uses a "true" randomizer, where there is no bias for giving pieces. Tetrominos will lock as soon as they touch the ground, meaning ground rotations are impossible. Hard Drop, Perfect Clear, and countering is also disabled.
    • Tsu rule: This is the main ruleset that most other modes build off of. You can see 2 sets of Puyos in the queue, nuisance can be offset with chains, and Puyos in 1-wide chambers can be rotated in a way identical to a 180 rotation. Margin time and All Clear bonuses are active by default, but can be turned off. (Tetris Returns only) Tetris mode uses a "grab bag" system, where a randomized set of each different piece is picked. Pieces do not lock until a second after touching the ground with no movement, so ground rotations and T-spins are possible. Hard Drop, Perfect Clear, and countering is also enabled.
    • Fever rule: The rule introduced in Sega-era games. It mostly follows Tsu rules, but with a few differences. Each character has a special dropset that places special pieces in the queue. If puyos are popped, nuisance will not drop on your side. Offsetting nuisance will add to a "Fever meter". When it is filled, you enter Fever mode, a mode where you can activate a preset chain without worrying about Nuisance. (Tetris Returns only) Tetris mode gives each character a special dropset that gives them a set of random Tetrominos, Pentominos, and Dominoes Similar to the Puyo mode, countering disallows nuisance from raising up. If done enough times, you will enter "Lucky attack", where your dropset is swapped out in favor of a board-specific dropset. Each drop must be a line clear, or the board will reset and be replaced.

    Special modes[edit | edit source]

    Returning[edit | edit source]

    • Transformation mode: Works like Fever, but you get to chose between Mini fever and Mega fever. Mini fever allows your character to transform into a younger version, creating a fever board with much smaller Puyos, giving you a bigger space to work with. Mega fever allows your character to transform into an older version, creating fever board with much larger Puyos with a different chaining method.
    • Active mode: Works like Tsu, but you can place Puyos while a chain is going off to extend the chain.
    • Non-stop Fever: It's Fever mode but permanent! Each player starts with 400 "unusable" pending nuisance. You must create chains to clear up this nuisance and eventually start sending nuisance to your opponent.
    • Spinner: Every 15 seconds, your board flips 180 degrees, flipping the Puyos you dropped upside down. Works like Tsu.
    • Excavation: A powerful Star Puyo is buried under several rows of Puyo. If a Puyo is popped next to it, it will send an endless amount of nuisance to the opponent. Plays like Tsu.
    • Big Bang: Plays similarly to Non-stop Fever, but nuisance collects into a counter instead of being sent at the opponent. After a certain amount of time has passed, the nuisance is released. If one person runs out of nuisance before the others, they take damage equal to the highest opponent's nuisance count.
    • Party: Can't possibly explain it. Read this to understand.

    New[edit | edit source]

    • Bingo mode: A bingo card with 24 goals and one free space is shown. Players must complete the goals to mark a space. reaching the deadzone will not end the game, rather just reset the opponent's board of all nuisance and Puyos. Sometimes spinning an opponent out is a goal. If a player scores a bingo, the match ends. Fever based.
    • Blackout Bingo: Similar to Bingo, but you must fill all 24 spaces to win.

    Co-Op Mode[edit | edit source]

    One of the main features of Puyo Puyo 8 is the Co-Op mode, a special mode that allows you to play with a combined board alongside one friend or CPU. With the exception of Spinner and Excavation, all other modes have a Co-Op counterpart. However, there are some modes that are exclusive to Co-Op.

    • Tag Team: Tag Team has a single 6 by 12 board, similar to singleplayer modes. However, every 20 seconds, the board is passed to a teammate. Plays like Tsu.

    Tetris Returns only[edit | edit source]

    • Fusion: Really can't explain this. Read this for all the info. Puyo Puyo mode plays like Tsu.
    • Swap: Both Puyo Puyo and Tetris are played at once like Fusion, but you only play one at a time. Every few seconds (25 is default), the board switches to the one not being played. Puyo Puyo mode plays like Tsu.
    • Cascade: Plays like normal Tetris, but every 30 seconds, a "Cascade" happens. During Cascades. all minos are temporary affected by gravity, causing them to drop to their lowest possible point. Place tetrominos strategically to create huge line clears!

    Shop[edit | edit source]

    The shop works identically to the shop in 20th Anniverary and Tetris.

    Puyo skins[edit | edit source]

    • Alphabet
    • Retro
    • Flat
    • Capsules
    • Chalk
    • MSX
    • Morolian
    • Sonic
    • Blocks
    • Humanoid
    • Mino (Tetris Returns only)
    • Game Gear
    • Candy
    • Bubbles
    • Dark
    • Elements

    Obtained from the start:

    • Aqua
    • Classic
    • Fever
    • Metallic
    • Gummy
    • Pastel

    Once all Puyo skins are purchased, you unlock "Chu mode", a toggleable option that replaces nuisance puyos with "Chu" Puyos, with a new design and sound effect.

    Mino skins (Tetris Returns only)[edit | edit source]

    • Classic
    • Crystal
    • Dark
    • Stars
    • Faces
    • Crayon
    • Billiards
    • Dice
    • Sega Arcade
    • Monochrome
    • Puyo Minos (Very different from PPT's Puyo Minos)
    • Sonic
    • Candy
    • Chocolate
    • Columns Gems

    Obtained as soon as Tetris Returns is installed:

    • Default
    • Panels
    • Blocks
    • Studs
    • Chalk

    Alt voices[edit | edit source]

    • Arle
      • Sounds more serious. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Amitie
      • Sounds more lady like. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Ringo
      • Sounds more light and playful, and also speaks in rhyme.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Ally
      • Sounds monotone.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Moon Snail
      • In a constant panic.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Rulue
      • Sounds friendlier.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Sig
      • All lines replaced with "Shigu". Like Sig's Japanese alt voice in PPT, but in english.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Klug
      • Calmer and higher pitched. Comparable to his english PPF voice.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Lemres
      • Higher pitched and faster, as if he's on a sugar rush.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Carbuncle
      • All lines replaced with "Tada". Comparable to his english PPF voice.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Lidelle
      • Even softer than usual. Comparable to her english PPF voice.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Ms. Accord
      • Very soft and laid back. Comparable to her english PPF voice.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Yu & Rei
      • Voice swap.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Dongurigaeru
      • Realistic frog noises.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Onion Pixie
      • Sounds incredibly deep.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Panotty
      • Perpetually frustrated.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Lagnus the Brave
      • Sounds very tired.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Undine
      • Watery effect removed.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Ciel
      • Sounds focused.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Lux
      • Sounds miserable.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.

    Unlocked in the story mode:

    • Schezo
      • More muffled, like he has a pice of tape covering his mouth.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Feli
      • Talks with much more energy.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Raffina
      • More childlike. Comparable to her English PPF voice.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Dapper Bones
      • Sounds similar to Skeletor.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Suketoudara
      • Always singing.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Ocean Prince
      • Raspier. Comparable to his English PPF voice.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Risukuma
      • Composed entirely of his angry noises.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Maguro
      • Sounds more suave. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Cookie
      • More lower-pitched.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Ecolo
      • Talks faster. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Penglai
      • Very growly.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Legamünt
      • Sounds villainous.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Satan
      • Speaks with falsetto. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Baldanders
      • More higher-pitched.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Draco
      • VERY raspy. Similar to her English voice in the Puyo Puyo arcade game.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Witch
      • Alternates between higher and lower pitch.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Otomo
      • Sounds angry and serious.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Minotaur
      • All lines replaced with "Moo".
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Jennifer
      • More cat-like, being higher pitched and cat sounds spliced in.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating the main campaign 100%.
    • Strange Klug
      • TBA
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Tee (Tetris Returns only)
      • Much more laid back. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Ess (Tetris Returns only)
      • Sounds irritated. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • (Tetris Returns only)
      • Very angery
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Zed (Tetris Returns only)
      • More monotone, like what you'd usually expect from a robot.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Ai (Tetris Returns only)
      • Sounds more dog-like. Identical to PPT.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Jay & Elle (Tetris Returns only)
      • Sounds monotone, like the "creepy twins" trope.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Ex (Tetris Returns only)
      • Sounds very, very serious.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Emma (Tetris Returns only)
      • Sounds more emotional.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Fawn & Pepper (Tetris Returns only)
      • Sounds more dog-like, similar to Ai.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Ar (Tetris Returns only)
      • Sounds genuinely threatening.
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Rafisol (Chaotic Edition only)
      • TBA
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after buying Chaotic Edition and beating Tetris Returns 100%.
    • Violet (Chaotic Edition only)
      • TBA
      • Brainwashed voice alt unlocked after buying Chaotic Edition and beating Tetris Returns 100%.

    Costumes[edit | edit source]

    • Red Amitie (Amitie)
    • Dark Sig (Sig)
    • Angelic Feli (Feli)
      • Doesn't appear in the shop until Act 1 is cleared.
    • Onesie Satan (Satan)
      • Doesn't appear in the shop until Act 7 is cleared.
    • Unusual Ecolo (Ecolo)
      • Doesn't appear in the shop until Act 5 is cleared.
    • Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III (Ocean Prince)
      • Doesn't appear in the shop until Act 3 is cleared.
    • Chill Lemres (Lemres)
    • Wedding Strange Klug (Strange Klug)
      • Doesn't appear in the shop until Act 10 is cleared.
    • Wedding Jennifer (Jennifer)
      • Doesn't appear in the shop until Act 10 is cleared.
    • Tetra Crew Jennifer (Jennifer)
      • Doesn't appear in the shop until Act 15T is cleared.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    (To be added)

    Marketing[edit | edit source]

    At the same time as Puyo Puyo 8's release, Puyo Puyo Quest set out a new series of character cards called the "Puyo Puyo 8 Series". The series included Moon Snail, Jennifer, and Cookie as new characters, as well as variant for Schezo, Amitie, and Strange Klug called "Schezo ver. Puyo Puyo 8" and "Amitie ver. Puyo Puyo 8", resembling their designs in 8, and "Wedding Strange Klug", depicting him in his wedding outfit in the game's final levels. Later on, "Wedding Jennifer" was added, her having her wedding outfit in the game's final levels. It also had its own event starring Moon Snail and Jennifer, which also shows what happened before the game's prologue, with it ending with them confronting Legamünt about the Moon Stone. The event would give items used to grow the two characters, as well as items relating to Cookie. Drops relating to Legamüunt, Undine, and Lux were also increased to celebrate their first appearance in the official series.

    Once Tetris Returns was released, a second series called the "Tetris Returns series" was released, adding Emma, Fawn & Pepper, Ar, and Violet, a character who was mentioned in the story but not shown. It also released a new variant for Jennifer called "Jennifer ver. Tetra Crew".

    Two months after Tetris Returns, a version of Puyo Puyo 8 was added called "Puyo Puyo 8: Chaotic Edition" was released in physical form only, and contained both Puyo Puyo 8 and Tetris Returns. In addition, it also came bundled with resin figures for Moon Snail and Jennifer, Rafisol and Violet as hidden characters, an artbook featuring a lot of concept art and unused ideas, and a prequel novel called Chaos of the Puyo Crew, which also sets up the next game, Puyo Puyo!! 30th Anniversary. Later on, a DLC pack for non-Chaotic edition games was added called "Chaotic Girls", which includes Rafisol and Violet for $1.99, so that they can be played as on original copies.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Due to copyright reasons, Moon Snail and Jennifer had to be modified to fit into the Puyo Puyo universe. Jennifer becomes a normal human-cat hybrid, while Moon Snail becomes a kitsune (As well as the M on his shirt becoming a snail).
    • In Japan, the game is called ぷよぷよ彩地位 (Puyo Puyo Ayachii), a portmanteau of Ayashii (Suspicious) and Hachii (Eighth).
    • Unlike recent games, Amitie has her hat from the Fever games. This is because of the creators' preferences.
    • Similarly, Schezo's design is similar to his design from Puyo Puyo 7. This is also because of the creators' preferences.
    • Many characters usually playable from the start of modern Puyo Puyo games are unlockable due to how the story mode progresses.
    • In the game's demo, Jennifer is playable, however, Lidelle, Donguri Gaeru, Onion Pixie, Panotty, Lux and Undine aren't.

    Tropes[edit | edit source]

    Refer here

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