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    Queen hasn't really released any new albums since Mercury's death except for a posthumous album featuring Mercury on most of the tracks and a godawful collaboration album titled Queen + Paul Rodgers. There's just one thing that needs to be said: Queen = Freddie Mercury, plain and simple. Without Freddie, there is no Queen. 90% of Queen is in the operatic vocals of Freddie Mercury. He can never be replaced, and if you've seen Queen live in videos, you've probably known that Freddie was able to deliver some incredible vocal performances and could so many ranges with such a smooth transition.

    Freddie was the reason Queen wasn't a forgettable, cheesy arena rock band. When Freddie died, the guys should have called it quits out of respect for the man. Sure, Freddie wouldn't have minded the spirit of Queen living on, but out of respect for what Queen once represented his bandmates should have definitely called it quits.

    Now Brain May and Roger Taylor are touring with American idol star Adam Lambert, which is utterly disgraceful. This is not Queen, it's just two guys who were part of a band called Queen. Without Freddie, Queen is pretty much a forgettable and cheesy arena rock group. Queen without Freddie is the opposite of what Queen should be and they should have just renamed themselves. But hell, they are still selling out stadiums so they might as well continue to milk and disgrace the Queen name for profit until they become too old to play anymore.

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