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    The 2021 RARCAR Cup Series is the 63rd season of RARCAR's cup series. The season included three new tracks; Croissants Roads, as tribute to Carl Wheezer, Road Polus and Amorgos International Speedway, both in Amorgos. The season started on February 14, 2021 and ended on November 7, 2021, with Zander Speed winning the season.

    Current tracks[edit | edit source]

    • Amorgos International Speedway
    • Cloud City Motorsport Park
    • Ranze Flower Valley Racing Complex
    • Rainbow Falls Blessed Main Raceway
    • Misty Motorsport Park of Central Oneiria
    • Random City Fried Chicken Raceway
    • Super Sircle Speedway (Random City)
    • Small Sircle Speedway
    • Swagtopia Street Circuit
    • Awesomeness City Motor Racing Complex
    • Croissant Roads (Random City)
    • Potato Motorsport Park (Potato Park)
    • Hot Beach Race Course
    • Super Sugar Speedway (Sugar City)
    • Mas Randas Motorsport Circuit
    • Sleepy Mountains Speedway
    • Fatty Spins Speedway (Ballsboro)
    • Buttercup Speed Circuit (Goldenrod City)
    • Lotsa Spaghetti Speedway (Pingasville)
    • Glitzopolis City Racing Track
    • Red Town Raceway Course
    • Road Polus (Amorgos)
    • Totally Normal Racetrack (Normal Town)

    Results[edit | edit source]

    Bold = Awarded two times the regular points, important race.

    Number Race Track Date Winner
    1 Fried Chicken 500 Random City Fried Chicken Raceway February 14 Zander Speed
    2 Small Ride 100 Small Sircle Speedway February 21 Joey Jim Jones
    3 Awesomeness 400 Awesomeness City Motor Racing Complex February 28 Easley P. White
    4 Chaos at Cloud City Cloud City Motorsport Park March 7 Naoko Kitami
    5 Ranze Flower 300 Ranze Flower Valley Racing Complex March 14 Samuel Stickman
    6 Rainbow Falls 500 Rainbow Falls Blessed Main Raceway March 21 Samuel Stickman
    7 Racin' at the Beach Hot Beach Race Course March 29 Zayne Speed
    8 Swag Ride 420 Swagtopia Street Circuit April 10 Joey Jim Jones
    9 Sus Speed 400 Amorgos International Speedway April 18 Zackary Speed
    10 Carl Wheezer 400 Croissant Roads April 25 Corny Funnymeister Jr.
    11 Battery Potato 350 Potato Motorsport Park May 2 Hank Burger
    12 Around Oneiria 400 Misty Motorsport Park of Central Oneiria May 9[Note 1]
    May 11
    Joey Jim Jones
    13 Reverse Ride 100 Small Sircle Speedway (Right Turn) May 16 Zayne Speed
    14 Exploring the Mountains 500 Sleepy Mountains Speedway May 23 Samuel Stickman
    15 Super Sircle Ride Super Sircle Speedway May 30 Zander Speed
    16 Amorgos 350 Amorgos International Speedway June 6 Zivan Clamation
    17 Lake Croissant 420 Mas Randas Motorsport Circuit June 20 Zander Speed
    18 On The Gas On Oneiria Misty Motorsport Park of Central Oneiria June 26 Symere Square
    19 Around Oneiria 400 Pt 2. June 27 Zander Speed
    20 Cavity 200 Super Sugar Speedway July 4 Sterling Square
    21 Spaghetti 300 Lotsa Spaghetti Speedway July 11 Zackary Speed
    22 Buttercup 301 Buttercup Speed Circuit July 18 Johnson Square
    23 FAttY SPiNS 200 Fatty Spins Speedway August 8 Tamago Overeasy
    24 Balkra 600 Glitzopolis City Racing Track August 15 Zayne Speed
    25 Zoom Zoom Brr 500 Super Sircle Speedway August 22 Naoko Kitami
    26 Spicy Chicken 250 Random City Fried Chicken Raceway (Road Course) August 28 Hank Burger
    27 Joltsborrow Highway Race Green Island Highway to Stimpytown September 5 Zivan Clamation
    28 Overcooked Chicken Night Race Random City Fried Chicken Raceway September 11-12[Note 2] Stick Stickly, Jr.
    29 Glarnyraefon 400 Lake Cheesepuff Motor Racing Circuit (Road Course) September 18 Naoko Kitami
    30 Real Racing at Red Town Red Town Raceway Course September 26 Connor Square
    31 Push at Polus Road Polus October 3 Linus Looseleaf
    32 Real Awesomeness 500 Awesomeness City Motor Racing Complex October 10 Damien Damhomeh
    33 Chaotic Candy Car 500 Super Sugar Speedway October 17 Cole Reme
    34 Normal 320 Totally Normal Racetrack October 24 Bryson Asis
    35 Crispy Chicken 500 Random City Fried Chicken Raceway October 31 Zackary Speed
    36 Lake Cheesepuff 1000 Lake Cheesepuff Motor Racing Circuit November 7 Richie Thomlinson-Meapson

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    1. Race was rescheduled due to rain that occurred in the second lap.
    2. Race started on Saturday, but finished on Sunday around midnight due to rain.

    Point System[edit | edit source]

    • 1st - 100 points
    • 2nd - 50 points
    • 3rd - 25 points
    • 4th-5th: 18 points
    • 6th-7th: 15 points
    • 8th-10th: 10 points
    • 11-19th: 5 points
    • 20-29th: 4 points
    • 30-34th: 2 points
    • 35th-40th: 1 point

    Current Standings[edit | edit source]

    To be redone lmao

    Race Summaries[edit | edit source]

    Fried Chicken 500[edit | edit source]

    Zackary Speed won the pole position and started on the first row. In lap 7, Naoko Kitami blew a tire, which resulted in the first caution. However, she did not made any contact with the wall and therefore was able to continue the race. The race remained fairly uneventful until on lap 187, Zackary, who was leading, lost control of his car and impacted the wall, he escaped uninjured but due to the damage on his car he was not able to continue the race. It was now an intense battle as Zackary's brother, Zander and Easley P. White were constantly battling for first place. In the final lap, Zander made a last second past in which ended up helping him get his first win since 2019. After the race White congratulated Zander.

    Top Ten Results:

    1. Zander Speed (88)
    2. Easley P. White (72)
    3. Cole Reme (1)
    4. Linus Looseleaf (63)
    5. Hank Burger (4)
    6. Zayne Speed (27)
    7. Richie Thomlinson-Meapson (24)
    8. Noah Yaya (30)
    9. Isa Miao (38)
    10. Samuel Stickman (19)

    Pole Position/Most Laps Led: Zackary Speed (57)

    Small Ride 100[edit | edit source]

    Samuel Stickman won the pole position. On lap 23, a major crash occurred when Corny Funnymeister Jr. spun out and hit the wall, with another car hitting him from the back, Funnymeister escaped with minor injuries. Samuel Stickman still had the lead until on lap 98, multiple cars were involved in a big crash with Hank Burger colliding into Tamago Overeasy's back end of his car, impacting the fuel tank and causing a huge fire. Overeasy was able to escape burn injuries but the accident caused a long 30-minute red flag due to the fire spreading out to the pit stalls. The crash put Joey Jim Jones in first, after Stickman almost hit the wall after being clipped from one of the wrecked cars. Jones led the last remaining laps and won the race.

    Top Ten Results:

    1. Joey Jim Jones (77)
    2. Rick Xian (87)
    3. Zander Speed (88)
    4. Richie Thomlinson-Meapson (24)
    5. Diego Soledad (18)
    6. Zayne Speed (27)
    7. Richie Thomlinson-Meapson (24)
    8. Zen Chang (54)
    9. Zackary Speed (57)
    10. Naoko Kitami (19)

    Pole Position/Most Laps Led: Samuel Stickman (19)

    Awesomeness 400[edit | edit source]

    Zivan Clamation won the pole position. On lap 33, someone threw a glass bottle from the crowd. Clamation, who was in the lead, ran over the bottle and popped his top right tire, swerving him into the wall at high speed. Clamation had bruises but was fairly uninjured. The person who threw the bottle has not been identified and the situation is currently under investigation. Easley White now leaded the pack. On 133, a big crash occurred and at least 15 cars were involved, by the time the crash had finished there were only about 20 drivers left in the race. Just like the Fried Chicken 500, White was in another battle for first, only this time with Samuel Stickman, White was able to block Stickman on the final turn, and was able to get his first win of the season.

    Chaos at Cloud City[edit | edit source]

    Symere Square won the pole position. During laps 9 to 35, Square and Hank Burger were in an intense battle for first place, On lap 36, Square eventually became tired fighting which resulted him turning Burger, his car was destroyed mostly in the front, he escaped uninjured. Square was black-flagged and was disqualified from the race after the crash, when he learned off this, an angry Square attacked Burger at his crash site. Square was then stopped by RARCAR officials, his punishment for the whole situation was that he could not participate in the next three races. This put Naoko Kitami in first place.

    The race eventually continued after the fight, on lap 67 Joey Jim Jones wrecked his 7 car and caught on fire, collecting 2 more racers, the race was red-flagged due to the fire and continued after a while.

    Naoko Kitami and Zackary Speed were battling for first, on the final lap, Zackary made a last second pass and although it looked like he won, Naoko Kitami had won by just about an inch, Kitami was shocked to learn when she was the winner.

    Ranze Flower 300[edit | edit source]

    Tamago Overeasy won the pole position. On green flag, an apparent tire blew from Johnson Square's car which caused a chain reaction of mayhem, half of the field was collected, and Corny Funnymeister Jr. had to be taken to the hospital after his car crashed and was hit by another driver, some spectators were even hit by debris. The accident result in a long 1 hour red flag, when one of the cars apparently got stuck in the fence. Eventually after a long time the race continued, with only 15 racers left.

    Another crash occurred but was less serious on lap 56; Connor Square spun and impacted the wall, he was uninjured.

    Tamago Overeasy was still in the lead until with three laps to go, he ran out of fuel, allowing Samuel Stickman to zoom pass by, he led the final laps and won the race without ease.

    Rainbow Falls 500[edit | edit source]

    Sterling Square won the pole position. On lap 33, Zander Speed spun and collided with another car and flipped which resulted in the first caution. While trying to get Zander out of his car, fire erupted which put the race in a red flag, Zander had minor burns.

    The race continued, on lap 56, Sterling lost control of his car losing his first place position, Samuel Stickman once again had the lead and finished the race in first position, winning two races in a row.

    Racin' At The Beach[edit | edit source]

    Naoko Kitami won the pole position, being the first time in her career. Two accidents occurred during the race, on lap 4, Konnor Kiser spun his car and flipped one time, he was uninjured. On lap 66, Samuel Stickman was in a battle for first with Kitami. However when trying to pass her, Stickman mistook the speed and position of Kitami, and instead of making a clear pass, Stickman collided with Kitami's tire, spinning both of them out of control, Stickman was then hit by Connor Square. Connor had impacted him so hard that Stickman's car spun and came to a stop at the beach's water, Stickman escaped but his car was then consumed by water, it resulted in a red flag. Marshals on the water then recovered Stickman's car from the ocean, the car was completely destroyed, it had apparently been bitten by a shark, and it is said that Stickman would've died if he had not gotten out of the car in time.

    Zayne Speed was now in first, and his brother Zander was behind protecting him from anyone who tried to take his spot. Needless to say, Zayne led the final laps and won without struggle, becoming his first win of the year.

    Swag Ride 420[edit | edit source]

    Joey Jim Jones won the pole position. On lap 7, Symere Square met his rival from the Chaos at Cloud City race, Hank Burger. Symere, who was still angry, spun Burger in turn 3, but ended up wrecking himself on the outside wall, Burger managed to save his car. Burger then said on his radio "imagine trying to kill a rival but you kill yourself. Stupid b****."

    On lap 70 another major crash occurred in turns 3 and 4, when Zackary Speed made contact with Alyssa Hidaweel, spinning the two out and causing a chain reaction. One of the drivers, Johnson Square, was launched into the catchfence and ripped a big portion of it, Square was uninjured. A red flag came out, and lasted for 45-minutes, picking up debris and fixing the fence, no spectators were injured. After the red flag was finished, the race continued, Jones kept his first place and won for the second time.

    Sus Speed 400[edit | edit source]

    Connor Square won the pole position. The race met with no cautions and instead was a battle for first between Square and Kinzie Kiser. With 2 laps to go, Samuel Stickman made contact with Zivan Clamation which ended up collecting almost all the field except for about 9 cars, meaning the first to the line with the white flag was to win the race during caution. Square and Kiser were still battling for the lead when out of nowhere, Zackary Speed, with Richie Thomlinson-Meapson drafting him from behind, surpassed both drivers and made it to the line first, Zackary Speed won the race while slowing down for caution, Thomlinson-Meapson was the runner up.

    Carl Wheezer 400[edit | edit source]

    Samuel Stickman won the pole position. More TBA

    Zoom Zoom Brr 500[edit | edit source]

    Linus Looseleaf won the pole position. On lap 6, pit lane was closed after Hank Burger's car spilled fuel, risking an explosion. After the fuel was cleared the race continued.

    On lap 69, Joey Jim Jones suffered a near fatal crash after his car collided with Isa Miao, Jones hit the pit wall and flipped over 15 times, resulting in massive head injuries and a broken hand, the crash put him out of the season for the rest of the year and nearly ended his career. After a long red flag, the race quietly continued.

    With 5 laps to go, Linus Looseleaf spun out, which made Naoko Kitami go to first position, Kitami led the last laps and won for the second time in her career. Kitami was happy, but was saddened at the same since her teammate Jones had gotten into a very serious crash, she thanked her family, friends, and fans and hoped that Jones would recover from the crash.

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