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    Radio Glitzopolis (often abbreviated as RGZ) is a radio station in Glitzopolis It is the oldest radio station in the city.


    RGZ was founded by Jason Aldword on March 17, 1901.

    It started when he was at the Balkra Trade Center when someone gave him a radio in 1898 (2 years after the invention of radios). He didn't know what it was until that man told him about it, and he wanted to use it. However, there were no radio stations whatsoever, and he didn't know how to work it.

    He decided to go to a place that had access to radios and asked how these things worked. He wrote down the notes and planned a radio tower being built.

    A radio tower was then built 40 kilometres north from the city near the Caradon Valley. It took 3 years to be constructed and approximately $1200 to build.

    Many posters were advertised around the city to use a radio and eventually, sales for radios skyrocketed, and RGZ became very popular amongst the city.

    Overtime, more shows and different affiliations were made, and RGZ-TV was then founded in 1970. It’s purpose was generally to broadcast the same programs from RGZ onto television.

    The radio tower had to be rebuilt a few times due to occasional metal deterioration and an incident in 2003 when the winds were so strong around the valley that the radio tower was close to being collapsed.

    As of right now, RGZ is one of the most popular radio stations alongside Orbit Radio.

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