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    RNW Drinking Game (Miraheze Edition)

    For Free Transparent.png
    FOR FREE?!
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    Keep hitting the Random Page button and see if any of these apply. Make sure you have an ambulance on speed dial, cause this is the most surreal beyond-all-belief way to get drunk (if you use alcoholic drinks).

    Palynig thsi game whileyer etiding ain't reckommemmed, ruhmockended, recmoemndde...ish a bad idea! *hic*

    If you're foolish enough to play with all of these, they will DESTROY YOUR LIVER!!! And that would be bad. Better line up a liver transplant in advance.

    You are welcome to add pointers to any of the sections!

    Random Page[edit | edit source]

    • For every page with the category "Random Works!", take a drink.
    • Take a drink if you land on a shitposting page.
      • Take an extra drink if the page was created by someone besides Nitzan/Choerryism.
    • For every page that has either the "Old pages that didn't have categories for the longest time" or the "New pages that didn't have categories for the shortest time", category, take a drink.
    • For every satire page, take a drink.
      • If you land on Thing, chug your drink.
    • Take a drink if you land on a page that has anything to do with the Random Region.
      • If you land on the article for Random Region itself, take two shots.
    • For every single-sentence page, take a drink.
      • For every single-WORD page, take two aditional drinks.
    • Look at the page's history:
      • If a summary has Nitzan saying "Stream [song title]" or just a song title by itself, take a drink.
      • If a summary is just someone adding categories to a page, take a drink.
      • Take a drink for every undone revision.
    • If you end up in this page, drink until you die.
    • Anytime someone says something about something inappropriate without realizing it take three shots.
    • For every page that triggers one of your interests, take a drink.
    • Take a drink for every user-made drawing that's actually decent.
    • Take a drink if you find a dead project page.
    • For every page with really bad euphemisms, take a drink.
    • If you get two or more pages in a row, take two drinks.
    • If a page does not go under any of these standards, still take a drink, because fuck you, that's why.

    Outdated Meme.png

    • Take a drink every time you land on a "How to make x [thing] y" page.
      • If you're Moon Snail or Nitzan, proceed to cry for 2 minutes, then drink your tears.
      • Every time you see either "Make X a 60's music fanboy whose catchphrase is "Screw Jesus and praise The Beatles!", or "Make X a religious nutjob whose catchphrase is "Screw The Beatles and praise Jesus!", down your drink.
      • Take a drink each time something offensive or inappropriate is mentioned.
      • Take a drink whenever you see "Have a controversial episode dedicated to everyone talking about religion.".
      • Take a drink whenever you see "The characters' eyes sparkle".
      • Take a drink whenever you see "Add (insert large number here) logos just to tease us".
      • Take a drink for every bullet point with strikethrough text.
      • Take a drink whenever you see chatting in the bullet points.
      • Take a drink whenever the thing you read will actually make it better/worse despite the title of the page.
    • For every page that unironically uses a pre-2007 meme as if it were new, take a drink. You'll be drunk by this point.
    • For every Pooh Goes Poop page, take a drink.
    • Actually, for every gross-out/toilet humor page, take a drink.
      • If you threw up... well...
        • If you're Nitzan, smile smugly and take a sip of your drink.
    • Take a drink for every broken file link File:Like this, for example.tiff
    • Whenever you see a reference to Everybody Poops, take a drink.
    • Take a drink every time you see the following:
      • Colored text
      • Big text
      • Crossed-out text
      • Txet sdrawkcab
      • Underlined text
            • Unnecessary indents
      • Censored text
      • all lowercase text
      • Text without apostrophies (Like cant instead of can't. Finish your drink if someone mistakingly did it with he'll.)
      • That includes the previously mentioned. Get chugging!
    • Take a drink for every page written like a transcript, like this:
      Spongebob: Hey Patrick! What are we going to do today?
      Patrick: Read this in my voice. If you did, take another drink.
      • Actually, take a drink for every transcript you land on in general.
    • Take a drink if the page has the "Some other 7th thing" category.
      • If said page also has extra categories with the name "Some other (insert number other than 7th) thing", take a drink for each one of the categories on the page.
    • Take a drink for every top hat template. YES, THIS INCLUDES ALL OWNERSHIP TEMPLATES!
      • If you land on more than one of Nitzan's pages and her ownership template changes its design, take a shot of Pepsi really fast. The kind where your chest begins to physically recoil because you drank too fast.
    • Down a bottle if you land on a page that has more than 5k bytes. Skip this one if you want to live.
    • If you land on Your Favorite Songs, take a drink for every song on the page. Then go on YouTube or Spotify and stream every single one of them.
    • If you land on a page with the category "Babysitter, tell me what to do!" watch the Rubbadubbers episode Amelia the Babysitter and then take a drink every time someone says, "Babysitter, tell me what to do!"
    • Take a drink if it's a random page.
      • which is every page you're gonna die

    User-specific[edit | edit source]

    Raichu's Endless Nights/Pancakes[edit | edit source]

    • If you come across a free add opinion page, take a drink if Pancakes has a section. Take another drink if they only added a section to express they generally had little to no contributions to make.
    • If you find a page she made and it has some sort of relation to Minecraft YouTubers. Two if it was specifically in the context of the sixth episode of Minecraft Story Mode, and three if it's this gif. Also take more drinks if it's paired with the Chinese Bill Nye intro lyrics or Japanese fake Mario Kart Wii anti piracy text. Or both.
    • If it's a VHS Revolution related page. If it says it's under construction, take two.
    • If you find a page they used the Slideshow option for the gallery.
    • If you find a page they put any of the following categories: Bottom Gear, The, Pages which are not extremely scary that you try to think to nuke North Korea or force the guards to execute Kim Jong Un and Pyongyang gets abandoned, next time danger threatens die, the adopted chocolate milk one, Mine Diamonds, Kyle shitting bricks, the partial Rick and Morty copypasta. These count as one drink each. Also drink if they put a category nothing to do with the page. Two if it was Among Us. For a grand finale, take three if you found one of the pages they spammed a hundred on like the old Scary Logos Wiki and removed on an immediate revision adding a template saying you have to go back a revision to see them. They still consider themself a genius for this idea.
    • If they add a corresponding video to someone else's category.
    • If their page is incredibly short or incredibly long. They both.
    • If their page is a copypasta.
    • If it's a crepypesta. This usually stacks with the Minecraft YouTubers one due to this character.
    • If you still keep yourself up at night wondering how the stars alligned for DreamTDM.exe to even be a character in the first place.
    • If you managed to calculate who tf asked or know someone who can, you can stop drinking. Just kidding, nobody does.
    • If they make a page about something you've never heard of, ever. Be honest.
    • If you need to call an ambulance. (BUT NOT FOR ME!)
    • If they mentions their 'comfort video folder' or comfort Minecraft videos. This is in line with the apparent Minecraft YouTuber special interest which they actually don't have. It's a different interest.

    Other[edit | edit source]

    • Take a drink when someone edits an old, old page.
    • Take a drink. Just take one. No reason, just drink.
    • Patrick Star: If you read this in my voice, take a drink.
    • Take a drink for every old template or page that was modernized to remove all traces of the "Phineas & Ferb is the shit!" era.
    • Take a drink every time you take a drink.
    • Take a drink if there's a virus on your computer.
    • Take a drink if you're under 13.
    • Take a drink if you're from upstate New York.
      • Another if you're from Utica and never heard anyone use the phrase "Steamed Hams".
        • Have a mouthwatering steamed ham if you're from Albany and use the phrase "Steamed Hams" excessively.
    • Take a drink if you're secretly a walrus riding a two-humped camel with a beach ball in its mouth in disguise.
    • Take a drink whenever a new person joins the wiki.
      • In a similar vein, take a drink each time a new person joins the wiki only to leave a small number of contributions and never come back.
    • Take a drink if you have:
      • boring conversations
        • dull evenings
          • no more
            • happy
              • successful
                • life
    • Take a drink whenever someone is banned.
    • Aaaand finally, down a bottle if you read through the whole page.
      • If you backtrack, you have to puke it up.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    Thank you for updating this!
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 02:36, 21 February 2022 (UTC)

    no problem!!! :D
    -- Bruh Funny (talk) 03:11, 21 February 2022 (UTC)

    i'm not allowed to drink I MEAN i can't wait to compile ideas for mine...god mine's going to be long
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 08:13, 21 February 2022 (UTC)

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