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    RNW OCs' reactions after finding out you're into vore

    Yes, this was absolutely necessary.

    The bastard who's into vore themself[edit | edit source]

    Template:Moon section

    • Moon Snail: Wow! Me too! *Probably starts a discussion about vore with you*
    • Flametail: ...Aight.
    • Cryssey: Why are you telling me this?
    • Coco: Just like dad?
    • 20-12-S: *Immediately eats you, killing you instantly*
    • Rift: Interesting... Guess that means I can devour you!
    • Gargoyowl: ...Alright. I will not judge you.
    • Phantom: Keep that filth to yourself, mortal...
    • Druid: What's... What's vore?
    • Lucas: Bro, that's kinda cringe lol.
    • Robin: Okay. Just don't try and rope me into your fantasies.
    • Toucan: *Beep* Fact recorded!
    • Bean:3npbsbehvbv21.png
    • Zombie: *Is a cat and cannot comprehend the information* Mreh

    Ava[edit | edit source]

    • Lorenzo: Ah, so I see you're a man of culture as well.
    • Orion: You dummy, you absolute dummy! <nowiki>*slaps knees*</nowiki>
    • Jane: You disgust me.
    • Fedora: What the absolute f&&k.
    • Jaclyn: Vore? Are you a degenerate? (idk if I can say degenerate on here I personally don't like the word)
    • Riko: I'm more into feet myself, uhuhu

    Madi[edit | edit source]

    • Heymondbeard: Hey, if you're into vore, I'm fine with it, but don't you dare involve me in your sick, twisted fantasies!
    • Spud: By golly, eating others sounds like a weird idea, for starters.
    • Foodie: Sounds neat. I am a living stomach, after all. Can I vore you?
    • Maxx: What on earth?
    • Tora: I'm with Maxx on this one.
    • Hugo: Quite a weirdo, I suppose.

    Nothingtosee1[edit | edit source]

    • Chips: oh great she's ganna eat me again.
    • Me: man im so hungry! maybe i should eat chips.
    • Chips: soda do something!
    • Soda: sorry i can't remember? we have no legs
    • Chips: oh yeah-
    • Me: ok here's the frist bite!
    • Chip: im dead
    • Me: munches on food*
    • Me: aw man now im sick of eating all those chips.
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