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    Random-ness Museum theft

    Random-ness Museum after the theft.

    On June 10, 2021 at exactly 11:05pm, three masked men illegally entered the Random-ness Museum during its closing hours because of 2 associates. When the men successfully broke in, they stole over 20 items from multiple exhibits. There is an on going investigation on this case.

    The 2 associates, along with the 2 suspects were arrested shortly after the story was discussed on Random Region's Most Wanted. The last suspect, Wenthi Impaserizsuz was captured on August 2021.

    Robbery[edit | edit source]

    Pre-Robbery[edit | edit source]

    2 associates of the thieves have been working as security guards. It is believed that they got the job over a few years ago to plan out the the robbery and investigate the museum. After working there for a few years, they were familiar with the museum's paths and exits, and therefore started the plan for the robbery.

    One Door Left Open[edit | edit source]

    After all visitors of the Random-ness Museum, the guards were required to search around the museum, after the search was over the 2 associates purposely left a door and all exhibitions open, making it easy to steal. The robbery soon started after.

    Robbery Begins[edit | edit source]

    As the three suspects entered the door they immediately saw their first item to steal: the trash bag with the "Least valid person ever" medal pinned onto it from the Moon Snail exhibition, it was unless but Suspect #1 got it anyway. Due to the mistake Suspect #3 did he was not able to get anymore items.

    Suspect #2 searched around the back side of the museum, he stole a shade of glasses from the Jamesphie exhibit, four chicken McNuggets from the iluvpenguins8 exhibit, a box of grape nut from the GoAnimate exhibit, and a sign that says "YOU PASTA WAY" from Strange Sources Exhibit. All these items in total were worth $10,000.

    Suspect #3 stole the most valuable items, he stole everything from the SEGA exhibit (which was worth around $50,000) and some characters statues from the Bandori exhibit. However, getting the statues would be a mistake to them.

    Escape / Alarm Goes Off[edit | edit source]

    After Suspect #2 got his items, he went to report it to Suspect #3. He told Suspect #3 what he had gotten. However, Suspect #3 was not expecting this, and instead Suspect #2 accidentally scared him while he was collecting the character statues. Due to this Suspect #3 backed away and unintentionally collided with one of the statues, it ended up breaking. After the statue broke, an alarm was immediately set off, police went to the museum as fast as possible only to realize that all 3 suspects had already fled.

    Investigation and Suspects[edit | edit source]

    RNW Museum getting robbed footage.png

    All three suspects were caught in a camera near the first exhibition.

    Suspect #1 (seen on the right of the image) is believe to be a male with an age of 18-24 with a height of about 5'11. They are not seen with any hair details, but they do have small eyes

    Suspect #2 (seen left most of image) has a mohawk and believe to be in their early 20s, they have a height about 6'0 to 6'4.

    Suspect #3 (seen right next to Suspect #2) has spiky hair similar to Suspect #2, they have a height about the same of Suspect #1. They are believed to be 20-25.

    Identification and Captures[edit | edit source]

    (from left) Krew Shipp, Poh Luz, and Wenthi Impaserizsuz.

    The 2 associates were arrested just about 4 days after the robbery

    After the story was broadcasted on Random Region's Most Wanted, all three suspects were identified as Krew Shipp, Poh Luz, and Wenthi Impaserizsuz, thanks to various tips from viewers. They were also able track 2 of the fugitives down. Krew Shipp and Poh Luz were caught in Game Town. Poh Luz was arrested without incident while Krew Shipp attempted to escape but was captured a mile from where police saw him.

    Wenthi Impaserizsuz is the last remaining suspect at large, you are required to contact the Random Region police department if you have any information.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    One could also be the man responsible for the offensive message
    -- JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi (talk) 21:42, 13 June 2021 (UTC)

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