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    Random-ness Sins/How to Make Good TV Shows Bad 2

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    "That's a lot of garbage trucks!"
    This page is very long, probably as big as six garbage trucks or bigger. If your device is old and crappy, this page might slow it down.
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    This page is under construction. One or more users are currently hard at work on this page, so please do not interfere with their work.

    HEY BESTIES SO UMMMMMM the iconic page that we all know and love/hate (depending on who you are idc) has been sinned a few years back by one of our admins. Unfortunately he lost his sanity while doing so and he had to finish it early, so I took it upon myself to pick up where he left off I guess.

    Also, since the page has been updated SOOOOOO much since then, I'm gonna be going over the whole damn thing even if it kills me. I will be dividing this thing up into sections, so you'll know what part of the page I'm on (basically, all sins pertaining to the VeggieTales section of the page will be in its own section on here). I hope that makes sense.

    And finally, we begin, here is some optional listening music handpicked by yours truly if you wanna have a really good time while reading this.

    Okay, now let's begin... again! Astra time!

    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius[edit | edit source]

    • "I woud beat the shit out of redesigned Goddard without remorse. ~ Moon Snail" Woah now that's a lot of anger for one questionable redesign... but on the other hand I totally get where you're coming from. (πŸ””!)
    • "Have Cindy be a one-note Helga Pataki clone without anything to distinguish her from Helga." HELP THAT'S WHAT LIKE 5% OF THE LOUD HOUSE FANDOM STILL THINKS RONNIE ANNE IS (πŸ””!)
    • "Nick is part of the main gang instead of Carl." which one was nick again (πŸ””!)
    • "Planet Sheen still exists, but is somehow made even worse." Elaborate pl0x (πŸ””!)
    • "Make Goddard a regular cat instead of a robot dog." I thought Goddard was gonna be turned into the Goddard from the terrible Jimmy Neutron section on this page. (πŸ””x2 for inconsistency!)
    • "Hugh Neutron is replaced with post-season 8 Peter Griffin." bruuuuuuuh what if those two met im tweakin (???)
    • "Add in product placement for Fortnite, Dove, Six Flags, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Burger King, Sears, RadioShack, NordVPN, Raid Shadow Legends, TikTok, PornHub, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, McDonalds, Minecraft, Terraria, Friday Night Funkin, Among Us, Honey, Grammarly, ExpressVPN, Skillshare and Aqua Dots." OKAY LET'S SPEEDRUN THIS SHIT
      • PornHub product placement in a children's show. (πŸ””x100 for that alone!)
      • Friday Night Funkin' is a game, not exactly a "product". (πŸ””!)
      • NordVPN... Honey... Raid Shadow Legends... ExpressVPN... *sniff sniff* I SMELL MEMEULOUS! (πŸ””!)
    • "Steve Urkel is a main character." Steve Urkel is already annoying (or so I've heard) enough, do we really need him in another show? (πŸ””!)
    • "Add in musical numbers from BTS, Linkin Park, and numerous SoundCloud mumble rappers." Bruhhhhh imagine the BTS guys with Jimmy Neutron hair lol (???)
    • "In addition to Goddard, Jimmy now has a talking Funko Pop of Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar who swears every chance he gets." That is so specific, yet also extremely hilarious. (πŸ”•)
    • "Cindy's catchphrases are "Men are always taking credit for things women are inventing,"" She's actually right (πŸ””!)

    How to ruin the episodes![edit | edit source]

    • "Sorry, Wrong Era: Instead of meeting Leppy, Jimmy, Sheen, and Nick encounter a titanoboa who vores them to sexual synthesizer music." WHAT (πŸ””x100 for WTF!)
    • "Holly Jolly Jimmy: The episode has nothing to do with Christmas." Then what would it be called now? (πŸ””!)

    Rolie Polie Olie[edit | edit source]

    • "The only words Zowie can say are; "lol, kill yourself, yay, cringe, keemstar, meow, get good, and crap"." I ♥ Seeing Quotation Marks Not Being Used Correctly (πŸ””!)
    • "Dated jokes based upon memes." Such as? (πŸ””!)
    • "One episode is entirely deditcated to anime, with Screwy doing nothing but spazzing out and saying random things such as: "I'm hexagon,"beep beep","I have tiger blood", and "Rub mah face, keemstar!!1"." No comment. (πŸ””x100 for WTF!)
    • "Olie is a green teddy bear who looks like a gummy bear who is called Dan." Nice run-on sentence! (πŸ””!)
    • "Zowie calls anybody anything but thier real names, such as calling Olie; "Owl", Polly; "Dollie, Sally, or Ping." Calling Screwy; "Scrooky, Polygony, Hexy, Sqerry, Scoopy, Zerry, or something else that sounds like one of those." Well... this sure is a mouthful. Also, more improper grammar. (πŸ””x2 for bad grammar!)
    • "Polly has a fetish for belly growls, luckily (at least in Polly's case), if Screwy happens to eat raw beef, chili, or anything really spicy, this will happen to him, and it will lead to him vomiting everywhere." ...This is a children's show, right? (πŸ””x100 for WTF!)
    • "The previosly mentioned belly growls happen mostly to Screwy for Tinydoge's sexual pleasure." WHAT THE HELL. I'm increasing the sins for this one alone because... why. Even if it's a joke... why. (πŸ””x1000 for WTF!)

    The Smurfs[edit | edit source]

    • "is that a fucking wishfart reference" Yeah it is homeboy *dances like Dez does in the show's intro and breaks my back and knees* (πŸ””!)
    • "Replace Gargamel and Azrael with Rocksteady & Bebop respectively." Who are Rocksteady and Bebop and why would them replacing Gargamel and Azrael be a bad thing (πŸ””!)
    • "Make every Smurf ugly (like this thing) and the villains beautiful (like that guy)" tfw no links (πŸ””!)
    • "The show receives a cash cow reboot made in CGI based on the 2011 film on Nickelodeon using up half the timeslots." Well congratulations, you just predicted the future. Are you a witch? (πŸ””!)
    • "Have the original 80s version be made by Filmation and air on local PBS stations." Great. Now the idea of the Smurfs in the Filmation art style is stuck in my head forever. (πŸ”” x100 for unnerving visuals!) Oh and also, why PBS of all channels? (πŸ””!)

    Veggietales[edit | edit source]

    • "One character dies every episode." I assume they'd die by being cut up with a knife and served to hungry children? (πŸ””!)
    • "Make it a spinoff of Sausage Party." Some of you guys are gonna be really mad at me, but it must be said... vegetable orgy. (πŸ”” x100 for SM3XY F00D PR0NZ!)
    • "This show was made to teach kids [...] think that [God] does not exist." Yeesh... well, I know VeggieTales is a Christian show and all and that's fine, but not believing that God exists isn't a necessarily bad thing. Everyone believes in something different, while some believe in nothing. It's normal. Aaaaanyway... (πŸ””!)
    • "Take out funny stuff and replace with stock footage of children throwing temper tantrums." Would you mind enlightening me about the humor of VeggieTales? AND DON'T SAY "WEED EATER"! (πŸ””!)
    • "The Pirates who don't do anything are called "Stupid Silly Poopy Pirates"" I'm going to hell for laughing at this (πŸ”” x50 for ASTRA WTF!)
    • "The designs are overly cute and babyish." Lol (πŸ””!)
    • "Add a marijuana character that gets the most screentime." HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT MY SECRET VEGGIETALES OC?! I'M CALLING THE COPS! (πŸ””!)

    Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa[edit | edit source]

    • "The budget is very low, about as low-quality as "Aladdin 1 Dollar"." I tried searching "Aladdin 1 Dollar" on google and got whatever the heck this all is. I was expecting a video! I've been schmeckeldorfed! Noooo! (πŸ””!)

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers[edit | edit source]

    • "The Power Rangers are addicted to morphine, hence the name." ACTUALLY THAT WOULD BE GOOD (πŸ”•)
    • "Have Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd be replaced with Dr. Wily" "Have Rita Repulsa be replaced with Bianca (since they both share the same voice actresses)." WHICH ONE IS IT JUST PICK ONE PICK A REPLACEMENT (πŸ”” x10 for MAKE UP YOUR MIND BESTIE!)
    • "The Power Rangers use bland, lame comedy to fight villains." So they're all what a chunk of the Loud House fandom thinks Luan is? Just some bland comedian? Even though there's so much more to her than her jokes? Luan is a girlboss building her empire. She's a legend. She's a queen. She's trying so hard to make those around her happy and you better appreciate her efforts. (πŸ”” x1000 for ASTRA THIS ISN'T THE TIME FOR WRITING ESSAYS ABOUT LOUD HOUSE CHARACTERS GET BACK TO SINNING THIS CURSED ASS ARTICLE!)

    Ninjago (Season 1-7)[edit | edit source]

    • "Zane permanently dies" Oh, so like real world humans do? (πŸ””!)
    • "At the end of Season 2. Ninjago City explodes and the ninja live on the moon" I thought there were six ninjas? (πŸ””!)
    • "Garmadon looks like Jeff the Killer or eteled" Eteled? Come again? (πŸ””!)

    Doctor Who[edit | edit source]

    • "The Daleks say "EXTERMI-ELEPHANT!" Oh, it seems I'm having a case of *Olivia Rodrigo voice* DEJA VUUUUUUUUUUUU! (πŸ””!)
    • "Make the 10th Doctor be played by Wocka Flocka and the 11th Doctor played by Kanye West (Bonus: Rose is played by Kim Kardashian)" That sentence is a goddamn three-hit combo. (πŸ”” x3 for PAIN!)
    • "The 4th doctor is a schizophrenic and has a nasal voice." I get the voice thing because not everyone can pull off a nasally voice, but how would a character being mentally ill make them bad? (πŸ””!)

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    "So they're all what a chunk of the Loud House fandom thinks Luan is? Just some bland comedian? Even though there's so much more to her than her jokes? Luan is a girlboss building her empire. She's a legend. She's a queen. She's trying so hard to make those around her happy and you better appreciate her efforts." SO TRUE NITZAN SO TRUE
    -- linkin park numb nightcore (talk) 22:25, 12 September 2022 (UTC)

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