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    Random-ness Sins/Jacob Williamson


    Yes, I am sinning something from another wiki, but this time, it's on a movie that someone made.

    • Let's start us off with the poster. (ding x5)
    • And the fact that this movie is about an ordinary kid's personal life. (ding x10)
    • Adding sins for all the companies (ding x57)
    • HiT Entertainment and possibly HiT Movies are now in-name only parts of Mattel Creations. (ding)
    • Playhouse Disney and Toon Disney are now known as Disney Junior and Disney XD (ding x2)
    • DisneyToons Studio got shut down in 2018 (ding)
    • There is no way that this movie would follow any of these movies listed (ding x11)
    • The fact that the characters aren't even described (ding)
    • So much copyrighted characters. (ding)
    • And spelling errors. (ding)
    • The fact that this article has a Couples section (ding)
    • "Jacob Gets Grounded, Punished, Assaulted, Torched, Aressted (sic), Executed, Returned From Dead, Ungrounded & Rewarded" I smell GoAnimate (ding x10)
    • Also, someone gets executed in a G-rated movie (ding)
    • "Jacob Gets Kidnnaped (sic)" Who kidnaps him though? (ding)
    • The scenes section is too similar to the Plot section (ding)
    • Way too many songs (ding x149)
    • VHS stopped producing in 2007 (ding)
    • A page full of quotes? Why not just write a transcript? (ding)
    • "We Don’t Talk About Girlfriends At School" Oh... my... god. How is "girlfriends" such a taboo topic at your school? Especially since you go to high school where a lot of the kids have girlfriends or boyfriends? (ding x100)
    • The fact that he has two quotes saying "I’m Never Coming Back To (name redacted) School, Never, Happy Trails, (name redacted) School!" (ding x2)
    • Also, Jacob explicitly mentions the names of his schools. Rule number one of the Internet: Do not ever reveal your personal information on the Internet! (ding x100)
    • Now you include the F-word in a G-rated movie. (ding)


    SENTENCE: Suspended/Grounded/Punished/Assaulted/Torched/Arested/Executed/Returned From Dead/Ungrounded/Rewarded

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