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    Random-ness Sins/Moon Snail: The Video Game



    Moon snail: the video game




    HERE WE GO![edit | edit source]

    • Title is improperly capitalized. (Ding)
    • MS Paint cover.(Ding)
    • Forced Quagsire meme. (Ding)
    • This game was clearly made around the idea of Moon Snail being a rabid Adventure Time hater. (Ding)
    • Cyberbullying at many points. (Ding)
    • "Rated M for thing that starts with M" cliché. (Ding)
    • Look, I'm no Adventure Time expert, and never will be one, since I hate the show, buuuuut I'm pretty sure Finn wouldn't destroy someone's vehicle for the hell of it, let alone wield an explosive. (Ding)
    • First level is named "The Walk", which is very boring.(Ding)
    • "Robotnik Train".(Ding)
    • Apparently, the train explodes without reason. Is it because of it hitting a wall? Or does it spontaneously combust? (Ding)
    • And also, due to hover-over text, you instantly know what choices are right and what are wrong. (Ding)
    • I'm pretty sure the warp star would've been in pieces and not covered in ash if it was blown up. Also, if it's covered in ash, shouldn't it still work? (Ding)
    • Conveniently placed sword. (Ding)
    • Train has changed face. (Ding)
    • Random Purple Chicken game. (Ding)
    • Also it can eat living creatures.(Ding)
    • Random miniboss out of nowhere. (Ding)
    • Mini-boss dies in two hits. (Ding)
    • Unfunny meme use is unfunny. (Ding)
    • Pie is poisoned, because poisoned food. (Ding)
    • I'm pretty sure the only difference between driving on lava and walking on lava is that you die slower, so... Walking would be better, actually. (Ding)
    • Choosing to (DRIVE SUM MOAR!) results in refreshing the page. I'm amazed the world hasn't exploded yet. (Ding)
    • Everyone dies ending cliche. (Ding)
    • And this project isn't ever gonna be finished. Yipee. (Ding)

    Sin Tally: 24

    Sentence: Eaten by Klasky Jr.

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