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    Random-ness Sins/NEW GEN 7 POKEMON CONFIRMED!


    • Gee, I know that this is not meant to be taken seriously, but at least they could look real. (ding)
    • You can get Voltorb and Bellsprout to breed a new Pokémon? That... actually sounds pretty cool! (gnid)
    • "Tooth Ball pokemon". Well, duh. (ding)
    • Ditto breeding makes no sense. (ding)
    • Yeah, no, legendary Pokémon breeding sounds stupid. (ding)
    • Three-way breeding? Sounds a bit f**ked up. (ding)
    • Eggs can breed? Really? (ding)
    • Yveltal appears in the next movie? What about the other guy? (ding)
    • Update 2 features tons of weird evolutions. (ding)
    • Turtlemon looks stupid. (ding)
    • Peltui barely resembles Link? What has that to do with anything? (ding)
    • Feraligatr is basically what would happen if Psychduck and Totodile f**ked each other. (ding)
    • "Uddermon". (ding)
    • Why is a dancing blue bean a legendary? (ding)
    • Meme type? Great idea! Minus three sins! (gnid gnid gnid)
    • Hey, look. A Pokémon that is literally just a plant from PvZ. (ding)
    • Oh look, another one. No Khaled reference intended. (ding)
    • Sorry, Swag type doesn't sound as great as Meme type. (ding)
    • Swag type is weak to Normal? That... actually sounds interesting. (gnid)
    • Pokémon can now have 9,001 types? Really? (ding)
    • Hey, look! A bunch of lousy and plain Dark types! (ding)
    • Somebody "accidentally" dropped copies... somewhere. (ding)
    • Why is Ice suddenly made OP? (ding)
    • A bunch of weird and stupid game changes... (ding)
    • Why can Pikachu no longer evolve into Raichu? No explanation? (ding)
    • We now play as the Pokémon? Isn't that what Mystery Dungeon, etc. are for? (ding)
    • Five starters? Would have been nice if we were told what "Star" type is weak and strong against. (ding)
    • So... Nintendo took some stuff out, then re-added them for no reason? (ding)
    • Why is Hat type good against Dragon? That makes no sense. (ding)
    • Pokémon with three different types? Now things are just getting too complicated. (ding)
    • All of the ideas were scrapped. Despite some of these ideas being cool, I'm actually alright with that. (gnid gnid)
    • CompliensCreator00 is now banned permanently. No second chances allowed? (ding)

    Sin Counter: 22

    Sentence: Meme-type

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