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    Random-ness Sins/Wilbur: Fish Out of Water

    A sin of a Charlotte's Web fanmade TV movie, over the course of two pages.

    Sins[edit | edit source]

    • First off, why the fuck are there three Charlotte's Web TV films? Especially this one? (ding x3)
    • Let's give 10 sins to the plot for ripping off Ponyo. (ding x10)
    • Backpack and Map appear in this movie despite not appearing in Charlotte's Web whatsoever. (ding x2)
    • Bert and Ernie. (ding)
    • The fact that the fish's name is Ed Red. (ding)
    • And his father's name is Ned Red. Talk about lazy. (ding)
    • Flounder from The Little Mermaid appears despite being a Disney character. (ding)
    • The fact that this movie has a prologue starring Bert and Ernie which rips off Elmo in Grouchland. (ding)
    • Why is audience participation part of this movie? Better yet, why would the audience think that a gorilla or a bear would star in a movie with a fucking title of "Fish Out of Water?" (ding x5)
    • "Bert: Who are you talking too?<br>Ernie: The audience, Bert. They're right there.<br>Bert: Huh?" Wow, they're really aware who the audience is. Now that is some fourth wall breaking. (ding)
    • Now this movie is ripping off Dora the Explorer. (ding)
    • The fact that the quotes in the section "Late for School" have nothing to do with being late for school. (ding)
    • Why does Cardigan need Templeton to say "Backpack?" Isn't that the audience's job? (ding)
    • Better yet, why does Cardigan have Backpack and Map? (ding)
    • "Oops, that has holes" The fact that Backpack thinks that "oops" is a synonym of "no" is really fucking annoying. (ding)
    • And this transcript isn't gonna be finished. Whoopee. (ding)


    SENTENCE: Audience Awareness

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