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    Random-ness Wiki:Rules and Guidelines

    The rules here are simple. It is highly recommended that you read them thoroughly!


    • The currently active administrators here are Choerryism and Scary Wallpaper. If you need help or see something that breaks any of the rules listed below, contact one of them.
    • Secondly, lease note that punishments may vary based on both the severity of the issue and past violations done by the user being reprimanded.


    • First and foremost, we ask that you always keep it safe here. You will face consequences should we see something unsafe for our community.
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated. All forms of harassment and bullying are strictly prohibited here. Do not try to purposely offend or disrespect other users or their opinions (as long as they aren’t harmful or offensive). Supporting or taking part in bullying, even outside of the wiki, will result in punishment.
    • If an administrator tells you to stop doing something harmful, it would be in your best interest to respect their wishes.
    • Mini-modding, speaking for a staff member, or any other sort of behavior is not allowed. Do not issue warnings if you aren’t an administrator. Instead, please tell an administrator about the issue.
    • On the occasion you get a warning, take responsibility for your actions and don’t make any excuses.
    • Do not impersonate another user, especially if they have administrative rights. All active admins can be easily identifiable by their special colored or otherwise "fancy" usernames.
    • No gossiping about other users, including blocked users. Asking about the user or talking about them in a neutral manner is allowed.
    • Keep other people's discomforts and triggers in mind. Some users will have theirs listed under their user page, and we urge you to not talk about them directly to the user.
      • If a page has triggering or generally disturbing content, please put a warning at the top of the page.
    • Don't bring unrelated drama about other wikis, websites or social media users here. The Random-ness Wiki is not your personal army.
    • Joking about serious issues is strictly prohibited. In a similar vein, do not attempt to start any arguments on topics like politics or religion.
    • No spamming or making spammy blogs or pages.
    • Alternate accounts are allowed to be registered on the Random-ness Wiki, as long as they aren’t being used to evade bans or troll other users.
      • If you create another account for the sole purpose of ban evasion, your sockpuppeting account(s) will be blocked automatically and the ban placed on your main account will be extended.
        • If you create another account for the sole purpose of trolling other users, both you and your alternate account will be reprimanded accordingly.
    • If your account is shared with another user (which isn't really recommended) and they happen to break a rule, the forthcoming punishment will remain on the account even if you claim you weren't using it at the time.


    • Profanity is allowed here, but it shouldn't be excessive or targeted towards another user.
      • Hate speech, slurs (even if they are censored) and all other forms of offensive language are not allowed here, no matter the context. You should be allowed to come to this community no matter who or what you are.

    • Do not edit any pages that have an ownership template on it, unless it is your own.
      • You are allowed to edit pages with such templates if the owner is permanently banned or has had their account disabled by Miraheze.
    • If a user makes a page saying only they can edit it or if the page hasn't been created yet, please do not edit it because they may have their thoughts already planned out for that article.
      • This does not apply if the user is permanently banned or disabled site-wide.
    • Do not make pages depicting underaged individuals (including fictional characters) in sexual or mature scenarios. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban from the wiki without warning.
    • Do not make pages that only serve to start drama or attack/antagonize other wikis.
    • Like most wikis, vandalism is strictly forbidden here. Should you be caught engaging in or supporting it, a ban will be issued.
    • Do not engage in edit wars.

    Policies regarding deletion templates

    • If you are a normal contributor, do not mark pages for deletion or speedy deletion unless one or more administrators have given you explicit permission to do so.
      • This does not apply if it is a page you have created yourself.
    • If you want to see a page removed, you must have a valid reason for it. You can't have pages made by others removed just because you simply don't like them.

    An image must not…

    • Be insanely inappropriate in nature or expose certain body parts.
    • Be excessively violent or gory.
    • Contain any content that is related to bullying or harassing another user, whether they use this Wiki or not.
    • Contain any identifiable information, such as your home address, phone number, school or full name.
    • Contain any sort of racist, sexist or generally discriminatory content.

    • Do not edit the userpage of another user unless you are given their explicit permission beforehand.
      • This rule does not apply if the user is permanently banned, retired or has had their account disabled; if any of these are the case, you are free to add the banned, retired or globally disabled templates depending on the situation.
      • The second and final exception to this rule is if a userpage includes questionable content or content that blatantly breaks the rules.
    • Do not put any offensive or sexual content on your userpage, as this goes against our previously stated rules on such content.

    HAVE FUN!!! Just because we have rules here, doesn't mean you can't be as random as ever! Happy editing! Meap welcomes you to the Wiki and hopes you enjoy your time here!

    Meap Luigi.png

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.