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    The Museum after its May 2021 refurbishment
    The Random-ness Museum was founded by Ultimatehero in 2011, located in Random City of Random Region. The museum features a wide variety of random stuff, you name it, we have that. All of Random-ness Museum's exhibitions, receptions, and artist interviews are free and open to the public. Do not steal though, you'll go to jail for a looonggg time!
    OLD RNW MUSEUM! :D (circa 2011)

    Exhibitions[edit | edit source]

    Everyone is free to create new exhibits and donate artifacts to existing ones.

    Animal Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Skin of a cyray with stuffed stuff in it
    • A painting comparing Perry to a regular platypus.........Perry the Platypus looks better
    • A model Beecat
    • DE CAIK!
    • Catdog
    • The hybrids from the Wuzzles
    • Add more!

    Phineas and Ferb Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A statue of all the character's hands stuck together
    • Bookshelves with Doof's minature -inators on it
    • Parts of the rollercoaster glued together
    • The contraption from The Bully Code
    • Candace's old cell phone that she "lost".
    • DE CAIK!
    • Gretchen's Glasses (they're more epic then you'd think)
    • Some of Phineas and Ferb's Blueprints
    • A Part of the "Summer All the Time" Fashion Collection
    • Add more

    Kh2cool Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Autograph signing with Me!
    • My old toys and video games
    • My old Books
    • Wack a Beiber (Beat up Justin Beiber in person)

    Mochlum Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Popsicle stick with my saliva on it! (I can use a good clone these days)
    • DE CAIK!
    • My Old LEGO Collection
    • My Old DVD/Video Game Collection
    • Selena Gomez

    DE CAIK! Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • DE CAIK!
    • A slice of DE CAIK!
    • A candle from DE CAIK!
    • Some frosting from DE CAIK!
    • Various decorations from DE CAIK!

    Food Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Empty Pickle Jar
    • Full Pickle Jar
    • Word Pickle
    • Swiss Cheese
    • Cheesey Pizza
    • DE CAIK! (Hey, it's food, ya know.)
    • American Cheese
    • Nintendo Cereal
    • A bathtub full of chicken nuggets and a Shirley Temple next to it.
      • Yes you can go in the bathtub.
    • Add more

    Portal Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Portal Gun
    • The Cake (not to be confused with DE CAIK!)
    • Companion Cube
    • Personality Cores
    • Neurotoxin Emitters (inactive)
    • Turrets (inactive)
    • GLaDOS piece
    • Weighted Storage Cube (not Companion Cube)
    • Add more

    Super Mario Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Super Mushroom
    • Fire Flower
    • Starman
    • F.L.U.D.D.
    • Poltergust 3000
    • 1-UP Mushroom
    • Mini Mushroom
    • A Koopa Statue
    • Gallery of Mario Characters
    • Bowser's shell
    • Mario's go kart
    • Yoshi Egg
    • Koopaling Statues
    • Super Mario Bros. Famicom cartridge
    • Add more

    Meme Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Crumbs from Nyan Cat
    • Vegeta's Broken Scouter (Ovar 9000)
    • Portrait of Cats (All Your Base Are Belong To Us)
    • Peel from Annoying Orange
    • A large model of O RLY vs. YA RLY
    • The Spartan's Sword (This is Sparta)
    • Locks from Fred's Hair (Fred)
    • Grapes (The Duck Song)
    • Rage Face Bottle Cap Painting
    • Large Framed Prints of Vaporwave Aesthetics
    • An Empty Area Roped off from the Rest of the Exhibit (Represents all the gfs I've had)
    • A statue of Oro and Peek
    • An expanded dong (nsfw!!!!)
    • Sample of ligma
    • Large Framed Prints of Minimalist Frog Memes
    • Large Framed Print of the Script for the LazyTown Episode "Robbie's Dream Team"
    • A statue of Robbie Rotten eating cake
    • Animation cel of Primitive Sponge's (Not SpongeGar!!) famous scene
    • Steamed Hams
    • A unboxed Rattle Me Bones
    • Copies of You On Kazoo and Let's Sing Along on VHS
    • A statue of the Deez Nuts guy getting rekt by Shrek.
    • Giant statue of Big Chungus
    • Giant statue of Moto Moto
    • Giant statue of NEDM
    • A music player playing "Old Town Road."
    • Taxidermed Grumpy Cat
    • Add more!

    Minecraft Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Creeper Remains(ssss...)
    • Blocks
    • Ashes from one of Herobrine's fires
    • Diamond Pickaxe
    • Arrows From Skeleton
    • Ender Pearl
    • Ender Dragon statue
    • Ender Dragon egg
    • Herobrine statue
    • Panda Exhibit
    • Pink Sheep exhibit

    MAD Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Phineas and Ferb's Black Hole Recycler
    • The Straight A Team's Truck
    • The Rock (from TransBoreMores)
    • Checkaflue's Pokeball
    • Blu's Green Lantern Ring
    • Pooh's Pot from Pooh Grit
    • A Narnia Lunchbox
    • A Bieber Bowl
    • Snake's Oven Mit
    • All MAD Magazinez EVER
    • The Sleepy Cloud
    • The Ancient Book of Prophecies (from Kung Fu Blander)
    • Lakitu's Camera (from Gaming's Next Top Princess)
    • Dead Guy from CSiCarly (okay, maybe not)
    • Giant Monster Blue (from Avaturds!) (uhh maybe not also...)
    • Black Spy's bomb
    • Blutendo from Avaturd
    • Build-a-Bieber Gift Card
    • Bob's Hair Gel

    Llama Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A llama
    • Llama scat
    • A picture of a llama
    • The Dolly Llama

    Wayside Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    Located on the 30th floor.

    • Maurecia's sunglasses (from that Hall Monitor episode)
    • Principal Kidswatter's scooter (from the episode "Slow Mo Mo")
    • The trash compactor that was on the 30th floor in the pilot
    • A lock of Joe's hair
    • Sharie's old jacket.
    • Maurecia-flavored Ice Cream
    • One of the cows that supposedly infested the school. It may not actually be one of the cows, but hell, it can't go down any flights of stairs.
    • One of Sammy's raincoats
    • Rondi's front teeth, which were supposedly punched out by Allison.
    • A bowl of Mushroom Surprise.
    • The yellow ball.
    • Many of Bebe's drawings.
    • Maureica's helmet
    • The square things (also from the episode "Slow Mo Mo")

    Chuck E. Cheese's/Showbiz Pizza Palace Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Original Helen Henny walkaround
    • A Munch Jr. animatronic
    • Foxy Flanagan/Coleen animatronic
    • A photo of Chuck E. and Billy Bob together
    • Helen Henny 3-stage bot with plastic cosmetics
    • Beach Bird animatronic from Banjo Billy's Pizza
    • Half-Concept Unification-'ed Beach Bear
    • Full Rock-afire Explosion show in fully-working and great condition (runs on a TiVo and a show selector) (the Pingas Pizza bots were in storage as backups incase the show stopped working until they were restored and sold off to The Big Cash Money in 2014)
    • Various props from commercials for Showbiz Pizza Place
    • Chuck E. Cheese walkaround minus the hat
    • Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese's spoof movie posters
    • Mannequins wearing the Yogi Bear and Statue of Liberty cosmetics
    • A working Uncle Klunk in great condition
    • A working Chuck E. Cheese's rocker stage with a PTT Helen (also runs on a TiVo and uses a show selector)

    GoAnimate Exhibit (because FYTY)[edit | edit source]

    • A box of Grape Nuts
    • Electric chair from execution videos
    • Kumi's clothing
    • Various weapons
    • Pumping Poop
    • A bunch of Warren Cook's fake VHS openings.

    OrangeBird2013 Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • His tiny peepee
    • His vanilla cream-covered Orange Bird plushie
    • A statue of him laughing at Bing's piss-poor attempts to insult him

    Moon Snail Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A trash bag with the "Least valid person ever" medal pinned onto it

    Good Anime Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Original Models of Wallace and Grommit
    • Assorted King ofthe Hill Storyboards and Promotional Artwork
    • Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls Official Artwork and Animated Clips

    Comp's Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Every episode of Seinfeld.
    • Prof. Wright's hat
    • Old designs of Scienceburg Labs characters
    • DONUTS
    • Malcolm, the king of love.

    Six Flags Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A skateboard car from Tony Hawk's Big Spin
    • Pictures of every Batman: Ride roller coaster
    • Thomas the Tank Engine
    • Pictures of the now abandoned Six Flags New Orleans park
    • Kidsongs Ride the Roller Coaster VHS tape
    • The world's largest Larson Super Loop flat ride (approximately 400 feet tall)

    Team Fortress 2 Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    Located conveniently next to the Wayside exhibit.

    • The Heavy's minigun
    • A sandvich
    • Painis Cupcake
    • A vagineer

    Sega Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A Sega Genesis
    • A Genesis Nomad
    • Every commercial for Sega stuff from around the world
    • P.J. Pizzazz robot from the Sega-run FEC of the same name
    • A Sega Game Gear
    • A Sega Dreamcast
    • A Sega Saturn
    • A Sega Master System
    • A Sega Genesis 32X
    • A Sega CD system
    • A Sonic statue
    • The squirrel from the Game Gear commercial.

    Obscure Stuff exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure VHS
    • The Brave Little Toaster animation cels
    • Props and costumes from the Raggedy Ann musical
    • A Nintendo Love Tester
    • Jurassic Boy 2 copies for the NES, Famicom, and Game Boy Color (can be picked up and played for the low low price of a dime)
    • A Surge vending machine
    • Every episode of Frankenguy and the Professor
    • The Bobinogs' outfits.
    • Clay models of Rubbadubbers and Yoho Ahoy characters.
    • Gumby: The Movie

    Discovery Zone exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Z-Bop and Shoe-B robots (come out from the back of the exhibit to interact with guests)
    • Some tubes
    • Ball pit balls
    • A Discovery Zone sign

    BigSpinCoaster exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A part of the 'Cuda Falls water slide from Darien Lake
    • A Brothers store sign
    • A Justice store sign

    A3 Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    Laser tag sports exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A entire freakin' Photon arena.
    • Unboxed Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag sets.
    • Star Trek Electronic Phasers toys (Can be picked up and played with for the low low cost of $20)

    Mega Man Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Copies of every Mega Man game ever made
    • An E Tank
    • A Search Snake projectile

    Strange Sources Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Gen. 1-8 Pokemon in the style of Pokemon Red & Blue sprites
    • The Creepy Larry Face
    • A sign that says "YOU PASTA WAY"
    • A nude picture of Mr. Magoo
    • A statue of Archichoke
    • Explosive bags of chips
    • Quickles in a cage
    • A music box which plays the intro music from ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut
    • Terrorist Louis
    • T-Posing Chickens
    • Fleabie puppet
    • Ruined Roast
    • Explosive Teddy Bear
    • Carbuncle Devouring Momomo
    • Frog Chair
    • Fuzzy Donkey from the Shrek bloopers
    • Add more

    Sophie the Otter Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A slew of 1980s stuffed toys (Care Bears, Popples, Wuzzles, etc.)
    • Arcade game cabinets
    • PB&J Otter sculptures
    • Lots of 1980s VHS tapes.
    • A Yamaha DX-7 (you can play it)
    • A  red Fender Stratocaster (you can also play it)
    • A penguin animatronic
    • A Sophie the Otter hand-rod puppet
    • Artwork by Sophie the Otter
    • An interactive life-sized Angry Birds game
    • Sophie's iPad
    • A bubble blower shaped like Bubblun from Bubble Bobble.
    • A tank of fish resembling Sophie's fish Hopper, Skipper, and Jumper.
    • A disco ball
    • Posters of bands Sophie is into (Queen, Led Zeppelin, Devo, Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, Sweet, etc.) 
    • A jukebox

    Jamesphie Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • a pair of shades
    • sunblock so i can stay cool
    • lots of downloaded movies because nobody uses dvds or vhs tapes anymore
    • a cool mayonnaise because it is an instrument
    • a dead animatronic
    • a poster for jamesphie
    • anti-koolkid badge
    • $250,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    The Choerryism exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • An empty can of Pepsi
    • The Stanley Weezer edit because come on you KNOW it has to be here
    • Her Pickle Rick shirts (she owns two irl lawl)
    • A bunch of art she drew but 50% of it is just random doodles she did in math class when she should've been paying attention #ADHD
    • "Do it for her/him" collages of her favorite characters
    • Angry letters from her FBI agent
    • Footage from the government of her bawling her eyes out while listening to LO$ER=LO♡ER by TXT
    • All the socks she owns but never wears (it is a common practice among museum visitors to pour one out on the floor upon noticing them)
    • Big TV screen that just serves to keep track of how many times she's listened to WA DA DA by Kep1er in real time
    • A gigantic zoloft pill
    • Her holographic Yuna and Ryujin special cards
    • Her super lucky Between 1+2 photocard pulls + the big fat jumbo Momo photocard
    • The Kep1er and TRI.BE physical albums she wishes she had but doesn't because the world is a cruel and unjust place
    • Lily Morrow shrine :)
    • This image of Luan Loud

    Tumblr inline p3wnilHjVx1qb55ta 500.png

    • A vial of the medicine she took after she got her tonsils taken out when she was 5 (do not smell it or drink it, it's disgusting)
    • Another vial but it has her carbonated cerebrospinal fluid in it
    • Mr. Magoo's nudes because we ran out of ideas (they were stolen from the Strange Sources Exhibit and no one noticed yet)

    Zootopia exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Tba

    BFDI Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • BFDI Costumes
    • BFDI Posters
    • BFDI Clothing
    • A computer with Flash and the assets
    • BFDI Toys (Plushes, Jump Ropes, Swimming Pools, etc.)
    • Christonthecrossy

    EL'S EHXHIBIT THAT'S BETTER THAN <insert name here>'S EXHIBIT AND ISN'T THE REAL OFFICIAL ONE [edit | edit source]

    While the whole page isn't bad, this section in particular is so hilariously awful that it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Do not remove it from the article.
    • ur ugly mug
    • nothing
    • a bunch of dead grunts and l337 agents

    Abbykat1286/Perry the rabbit's exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Perry the rabbit's statue
    • Lori loud's statue

    The Bandori Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Character statues *
      • All 35 main girls have a statue of their own. The statues are exact replicas of their respective key visuals for the anime. They are made of marble and then painted with a very expensive brand of unchippable paint. In front of each statue is a large label which has each girl's image color as the background, their name written in the Japanese naming order in the center, and finally their epithet written on the bottom.
        • For an example, Tsukushi's label would look like this:
          二葉 つくし
          "Reach for It Girl"
    • The Michelle costume and its many variants
    • The crumbs from Moca's bread
    • The crumbs from Rimi's choco cornet
    • Chu2's headphones
    • Various costumes on mannequins (every collab-exclusive costume is placed on top of a special mannequin made of solid gold)
    • Garupa Pico concept art
    • All of Pareo's wigs (#WigSnatched!)
    • The butterfly that Mashiro saw
    • A replica of Random Star
    • A gallery of those cards with the really cool lineart (like this Tsukushi dreamfes card and this extremely epic Kokoro card)
    • A statue of Oddie, Tae's rabbit
    • Rokka's glasses
    • Kanon's drumsticks
    • Huge nesoberis of all 35 girls
    • Legit replicas of the girls' respective instruments
    • A book titled "Chu2's English Dictionary" which isn't actually a dictionary but is actually an essay written by Chu2 herself about how great of a producer she is and how she's gonna beat Roselia's asses
    • A statue of a Kitazawa croquette
    • Various framed album covers
    • Statues of Pen-chan and Mo-chan
    • A picture of Kaoru overlayed on top of the lesbian pride flag #fleeting #loveislove #littlekittens
    • Framed 4koma strips and 1koma panels
    • An endlessly looping video of Arisa moshpit dancing to "Smack A Bitch" by Rico Nasty (it is played on a large screen that is as large as the ones you see in theatres)

    MRZBRAINZ Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    OwenTheLittenFan Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A statue of a Litten
    • The whole entire transcript of Hotel Mario on a stone tablet
    • A Windows XP Computer

    Warioware Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • The cars from Crazy Cars.
    • The Goomba's from Super Wario Bros.

    Travjt’s Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • PFPs in frames
    • Automatic music player
    • A statue of Piggy defeating the player

    HPfan2019's Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A statue of Eminem
    • Jailbreak Lamborghini
    • Roblox Bacon Hair, Roblox Noob and Roblox Salad Hair Statue
    • Apology Essay
    • PFP Cancellation Essay

    Tyler Teh Random Boi's Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Tylers Awesome Adventures animation Cels
    • Guzzlord plush
    • Giant Care Bear Plush
    • Rainbow Dragonite GX card
    • Oversize Shiny Rayquaza GX card
    • An Omatone
    • A Mogerua Action Figure
    • Never Opened Drone
    • A replica of His Mansion in Green Island
    • Rare Disney Pins
    • Vintage Ren and Stimpy cels
    • Some Joltsborrow artifacts
    • Some Stimpytown residents put in an entire indoor town to show their habitat
    • A badge that says “I read every single word of The Ultimate Random
    • A Spam can
    • An Uno reverse card
    • Nokia hammer
    • Waluigi launcher
    • A birdie (its pretty, let’s catch it!)
    • Squidward Beanie Baby
    • Every photo of the A A Folou dog
    • Melted gummy bears
    • DE CAIK!
    • The milk your dad bought
    • A 1:1 scale replica of the Velocicoaster you can ride
    • Broken table
    • Rum and death (they should mean the same thing to you)
    • A Ferris wheel themed to his interests (why does this have to be in most of the user exhibits)

    Among Us Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • All the crewmate suits
    • A Bedcrab
    • The Imposters gun
    • Emergency meeting button
    • Airship Mannequins
    • A vent door
    • O2 tank
    • Command chair
    • Among Us Plushie
    • Trash Can
    • Fire Alarm
    • Stonetoss Comics edited to have Amogus

    Macy’s Parade Mysteries Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • TogeBoomers Time Travel Gun
    • Nick-Noes Slime Blaster
    • The Mega-9 Million Degree Flamethrower-9000
    • Kaues Jetpack
    • Oobi Balloon Poster
    • Candy Spear
    • Jelly tricycle
    • A goofy uses hammer
    • A Ban Button
    • A Giant Woody Woodpecker balloon
    • Garfield phone from 1981
    • Annoying blockbuster kids VHS
    • The Parade Mobile
    • Nolans name tag
    • a statue of Shea the superstar

    Disney Parks Exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Dreamfinders airship
    • Buzzy animatronic
    • Test Track Touchscreen
    • Tron Motorcycle
    • A mini version of rock n roller coaster (you can ride it)
    • A diamond replica of Cinderella Castle
    • Donald Costume head from the 70s
    • the cutouts from Primeval Whirl
    • the Carnotarus from DINOSAUR
    • the lava monster from Journey to the center of the earth
    • A bunch of Figment merchandise
    • Sneak peaks of upcoming attractions
    • Build-a-Bear Downtown Disney Dog
    • The Nova Core starship from Cosmic Rewind
    • The marquee from Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

    iluvpenguins8's exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • A trash bag with the fandom/wika logo on it ;
    • Webkinz trading cards
    • A copy of 100 games in scratch
    • Four chicken mc nuggets
    • A Ferris wheel with each cariage theme after my intrests (Ala the one in toy r us times square)
    • Spongebob animation cels
    • Never opened iPhone box

    PaRappa The Rapper exhibit[edit | edit source]

    • Gallery of the characters
    • All of the merchandise ever made for the franchise (that includes UJL and anime merch)
    • Official artwork by Rodney Greenblat
    • Mannequins wearing the Parappa, PJ, Sunny, and Lammy mascots
    • Touchscreens allowing you to look through the official guidebooks of the games (Japanese or English)
    • Playable PTR/PTR2 games on working PS2 consoles
    • Playable Um Jammer Lammy NOW! arcade machine
    • Collection of VHS's and DVD's of the anime
    • Every CD/vinyl album made for the franchise
    • Various props from the 20th Anniversary event

    Pop culture exhibit[edit | edit source]

    This exhibit is dedicated to the past and present trends of the Random Region.

    • A statue of Carl Wheezer
    • A row of mannequin heads with Meap ears on them
    • Jerseys of multiple Randomese sports teams
    • Phineas and Ferb character statues

    Other[edit | edit source]

    Gift Shop[edit | edit source]

    • Tshirts with Travjt's pfps on them.
    • Random-ness Museum LEGO set

    Theft[edit | edit source]

    On June 10, 2021 at exactly 11:05pm, three masked men illegally entered the Random-ness Museum during its closing hours. When the men successfully broke in, they stole these things from the following exhibits:

      • A box of grape nuts (GoAnimate Exhibit)
      • A trash bag with the "Least valid person ever" medal pinned onto it (Moon Snail Exhibit)
      • Everything from the SEGA exhibit
      • A sign that says "YOU PASTA WAY" (Strange Sources Exhibit)
      • A pair of shades (Jamesphie Exhibit)
      • Character statues (The Bandori Exhibit)
      • Four chicken mc nuggets (iluvpenguins8's exhibit)

    For more information, see Random-ness Museum theft.

    Former Exhibits[edit | edit source]

    • Tall Autism exhibit (Removed due to TA2006’s ban from RNW, replaced with a Joltikplays exhibit expansion)
    • BP The Clown exhibit (Removed due to her ban from RNW)

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    At least none of my stuff got stolen
    -- JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi (talk) 00:28, 13 June 2021 (UTC)

    I'm pouring one out for the Bandori statues that were stolen 😔
    -- ★ CHOERRYISM ★ (talk) 19:20, 30 June 2021 (UTC)

    NOOoooooooo one of my stuff got stolen!
    -- Iluvpenguins8 (talk) 01:22, 14 August 2021 (UTC)

    Um the 'macy's parade mysteries' last two seem a little bit mean, I don't really know much about this but it just seemed...mean spirited? Should that maybe be edited out? I don't want us getting in trouble with anyone.
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 20:07, 5 February 2022 (UTC)

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