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    This article is about an inside joke shared between multiple RNW users. You can help out with this article by adding absolutely nothing to it unless you're in on the joke.
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    Redacted unofficial image.png
    Also known as
    Genre Yes
    Created by
    Based on
    Inspired by
    Developed by Choerryism
    Raichu's Endless Nights
    TallAutism2006 (formerly)
    BrutalFlare6 (formerly)
    Chatot04 (May 2022-present)
    Written by
    Screenplay by
    Story by
    Directed by
    Creative director
    Presented by
    Voices of
    Narrated by
    Theme music composer
    Opening theme
    Ending theme
    Country of origin
    Original language English (possibly)
    Number of seasons
    Number of episodes
    Executive producer
    News editor
    Production location MBTA's server (November 2021 - May 2022)
    PancakeX's server (May 2022 - present)
    Camera setup
    Running time
    Production company
    Original network
    Picture format
    Audio format
    First shown in
    Original release
    Preceeded by
    Followed by
    Related shows

    Redacted is the given name of an incredibly disjointed Discord roleplay originally conducted by TallAutism2006, BrutalFlare6, Raichu's Endless Nights and Choerryism, now conducted by the two latter users only as well as Chatot09. It took place across two different servers, on TallAutism2006's server from November 2021 to May 2022 and PancakeX's server from May 2022 to present, and in multiple channels. Due to the plot having absolutely no direction and featuring a strange combination of characters, the roleplay took very strange turns, at some points plot driven and serious and others completely out of nowhere and comedic.

    The image shown in the infobox has no direct relation to the roleplay, nor was there a sequence where multiple film companies' logos played at the same time, but it a perfect representation of the scale of the crossover in the roleplay as well as the general insanity and confusion of it all. A truly relevant picture is unfathomable.

    While all users involved have enjoyed the roleplay for the most part, it didn't always go smoothly. Admitedly, some events related to it are why it takes place on a different server and between different people.

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    There are tons and tons of characters included in this big project. Certain users are in charge of portraying them. They are categorized based on how often they appear thoughout the series.

    Main characters[edit | edit source]

    Controlled by Choerryism[edit | edit source]

    • Kurata Mashiro: The shy lead singer of the violin rock band Morfonica. Mashiro gets nervous easily is prone to getting worked up over tiny matters. She usually gravitates towards her bandmates, but is also friends with recurring minor characters Udagawa Ako and Asahi Rokka/LOCK.
    • Kirigaya Tōko: The guitarist of Morfonica and a social media influencer gyaru, Tōko is lively and always keeping up to date with the trends. She is fun-loving and usually chimes into the general silliness.
    • Hiromachi Nanami: The bassist of Morfonica. She is a gifted girl, but dislikes being the center of attention and has a tendency to say and do weird things. She covers up her quirks by pretending to be what she perceives to be a normal teenage girl.
    • Futaba Tsukushi: Tsukushi is the leader and drummer of Morfonica who makes up for what she lacks in height with determination and leadership. While confident, she can also be clumsy. She acts as the voice of reason of the Morfonica members, alongside Rui.
    • Yashio Rui: The violinist of Morfonica. Rui is blunt and more mature than the average person her age; essentially, a stone voice of reason. In Redacted, she often lectures her bandmates and points out faults in their logic, and has no sense of humor or understanding of memes.
    • Ronnie Anne Santiago:
    • Sid Chang:
    • Lincoln Loud: The only son among ten daughters, Lincoln is an average middle schooler in terms of personality and interests. He has a plan for everything and seems to get along with most people he meets.
    • Brewie:
    • STUPID HO:
    • Chalk-sensei: Chalk Lady's stern and easily frustrated twin sister.
    • :/ :
    • stopmakingfunofme6:
    • Asshole:
    • Angela Anaconda:

    Controlled by Raichu's Endless Nights[edit | edit source]

    • Pancakes:The main OC/persona/self insert. Most opinions voiced by her are those of the user, and she can be considered a half canon character and half 'meta' character who breaks the fine line between tupper and real discussion. In character, she has electric powers and usually talks about her special interests. If things get rough for her, she hides in her ball. In the earlier parts roleplay, she was a guide for Blank to not be a killer anymore, so what happened afterwards was a bit of a blow to her.
    • Chester: From 'A Neon Night in Sunset City' and is always with Cloud.
    • Cloud: Also from 'A Neon Night in Sunset City' and is always with Chester.
    • Kai: Real name AT_49323_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm, Kai is the 49,323rd and second best result of a series of a 'Caillou Improvement Project' from an alternate universe. They are non binary. Kai was initially too shy to talk to the other characters in fear of being judged for their ancestor, but the rest of the group accepted them without question.
    • Derek Bum: Known from the 'Kitchen Gun' and 'Toilet Grenade' ads, Derek Bum was initially inserted into the roleplay for memes but became a legit character. As expected, his poorly thought out products are his weapons against opponents.
    • Emo SpongeBob: Nobody knows exactly how such an extroverted and bouncy character turned into an emo, but he did, somehow. Emo SpongeBob is usually one of the go to response characters for general conversation. He suffers from insomnia and takes medication for this, much to the disgust of the Bad Siders who always try to destroy it or make it stop working, mistaking the medication for 'normal pills'.
    • Microsoft Sam: Sam is from a mirror version of the davemadson Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers universe, where he was a bit of a pushover about being the director of the Looney Tunes intro, which Mirror Scotty took advantage of. Sam was blamed for Mirror Scotty's failures, but was called a control freak for even making the slightest suggestion of improvement. Eventually, his pay was cut to pennies, and one fateful day he flew away from the studio in his Roflcopter. After spending a night in a motel in the next city, he entered the RP universe and stayed.
    • ElCapitan141: A secret reporter penguin hired by the BBC to investigate an inappropriate Club Penguin Private Server, which he ended up exposing and getting shut down. He now works as the manager for the show, keeping everyone reasonably in line and making sure they don't get in trouble.
    • 2simple Lady: Put the duck on the pond, please. Duck. Very good. (In a relationship with Scratch stock character)
    • Stock character from Scratch: Inserted in the day Pancakes rediscovered Scratch. (In a relationship with 2simple lady)
    • Nematodes: Worm things who can eat anything and everything. They can speak, but they usually say only Hungry or Thirsty. On OK terms with Emo SpongeBob even though they once drank his house.
    • Help: One of the Pingu ADHD screenshot characters.
    • Box Guy: One of the Pingu ADHD screenshot characters.
    • Perse: One of the Pingu ADHD screenshot characters.
    • Pinga: Pingu's little sister who hangs around the three above characters. Pingu himself is now absent.
    • Cameraman Austin: (Austin from the Backyardigans) Originally hired by the Bad Siders to expose the other's show to get their show taken off air, but later refused to send the footage to the FBI and swapped side. Austin is now recording the entire rest of the show for everyone else.
    • Wardrobe Cooking:A distorted version of Warren Cook from GoAnimate grounded videos. Used to get grounded for insane amounts of time and for insane reasons which is why he got distorted. Now he's safe. Often paired up with Bobbyispoopy, and likes fake VHS openings.
    • Bobbyispoopy:He is the poopy the poopy the poopy the poopy the poopy the poopy the poopy the poopy the poopy the poopy.
    • DreamTDM.exe: Originally presented like he is in the crepypestas, as a maniacal killer.
    • Blank: At some point in the RP, DreamTDM.exe reverted to Blank who is slightly transparent and doesn't wear the...headgear. When he was like this, he was mostly peaceful and hung around with Pancakes and Sam a lot. Blank is no longer around due to plot changes but could come back. He disappeared because of time and space splitting him into Dream and Dan again.
    • Dream: Currently the main antagonist of the RP. Dream is loudmouthed and egotistical and usually speaks in all caps. He is intolerable except to his followers. Formerly the CEO of Happysoft Ltd, the company that made Hong Kong 97, until it was taken away due to him claiming the title illegally. Certain things, such as the colour green, Minecraft, speedrunning, the words Dream and Mask he attempts to claim as trademarks, but these always fail, in the same way the Fine Bros failed to trademark the word react.
    • Dan TheDiamondMinecart: Permanantly stuck as how he was depicted in 2014 because Dream fucked his universe and timeline up, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. For multiple reasons, he is one of the most used characters in the RP and one of the very main protagonists. One of the smartest characters and constantly in opposition with Dream for very clear reasons. If he gets mad, you better hide.
    • GeorgeNotFound: Dream's yes man. Sometimes even repeats what Dream just said. He constantly says Dan ripped off his design because they are both prominently blue and have the same shape eyewear but this is clearly not true. He also tries to claim blue the same way Dream claims green, leading a particularly memorable moment where they both claimed ownership of the entire planet. Neither Sapnap nor any other Dream related characters are being added in. Cry about it. Or don't.
    • Chalk Lady: A teacher who got fired from her job for forcing her students to watch Dream instead of work and throwing chalk at them when they didn't want to. She now lives as her chalk form permanantly. Chalk Lady makes even the biggest Dream stans look like they have a passing interest in him. Sister of Chalk-sensei, although nowadays only by blood.
    • Dream's Yamask: Added in after a Yamask spawned during the Poketwo April Fools event in which every Pokemon looked like Ditto, and Yamask had Dream's mask. (This is an actual thing they did.) Dream's personal Pokemon, usually the one to steal or destroy Emo SpongeBob's insomnia medication on the grounds of them being 'normal pills'. Even when told they're not, he still denies him them out of arseholeness.
    • Lary the Snail: A bad snail. He is a terrible pet who rips up his bed and spits food he doesn't like back in his owner's face. Emo SpongeBob used to own him when his original snail ran away to his best friend because of a cookie. He sides with Dream because he hates SpongeBob and an enemy of an enemy is his friend.
    • Sweet Tooth: It may come to a surprise to some that this former C.L.O.N.C member and criminal in their original world is firmly on the good side in the Redactedverse. While they still have rebellious tendancies, it ends there. Sweet Tooth can pull candy from out of nowhere, which means infinite treats, but only they can live on the candy only diet. Like Kai, Sweet Tooth is non binary.
    • Pancake Cookie: The second youngest character apart from Pinga. The others sometimes consider him their mascot because of how sweet and childish, but naive, he is.
    • Roll Cake Cookie: Pancake Cookie's older brother (and guardian in the absence of their parents).
    • Miu Iruma: Identical to Miu Iruma from Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony except she isn't a perv and a horndog anymore because nobody in the group wanted her like that. When making the Virtual World hack in that game one bit of code went wrong and she was sent to the Redactedverse, stripped of her horndog-ness. The self proclaimed Ultimate Inventor, she has a huge ego and almost enough skill to back it up.

    Controlled by Chatot04[edit | edit source]

    • Dream Monke:
    • Buster Puppet:
    • Remy:
    • Moyai:

    Recurring characters:[edit | edit source]

    Controlled by Choerryism[edit | edit source]

    Controlled by Raichu's Endless Nights[edit | edit source]

    Controlled by Chatot04[edit | edit source]

    Setting[edit | edit source]

    Redacted takes place on a large, resource rich island in an unknown location that is probably not Earth. It is similar to the environment of a standard older Minecraft world (think Xbox 360 edition) but not blocky. (All Minecraft characters in the Redactedverse come out unblocky as well, and that's not just because Pancakes can't draw Minecraft like that.) However it's not Minecraft, it just resembles it a little bit.

    It is a very big island with a temperate climate, and has varied locations like rolling plains, soft beaches around the coast, high mountains, a huge forest, a swampland and a snowland. Sunsets and sunrises on the island are to die for, they are beautiful. It rains every three days or so, and when it's not raining, it's fairly nice weather, not too hot or cold.

    Characters survive through co-operation and teamwork. Some have the ability to make things like materials or food and share it with everyone else. It is unknown how the Bad Siders survive but they live in a castle miles away from the protagonists' camp.

    Everyone entered the Redactedverse for a reason, either for heavy story reasons or just by chance.

    All of this is just ignored if the users are doing shitposting roleplay with the tuppers.

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