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    This article is about an inside joke shared between multiple RNW users. You can help out with this article by adding absolutely nothing to it unless you're in on the joke.
    "What follows is a brief construction montage."
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    Note: The status of being canon or non canon to the roleplay changes depending on if it's being story driven or the characters generally fooling around and chatting respectively. This story can adapt or change when fitting or wanted, so what you read should be considered an extra rather than gospel.


    The first three characters to enter the Redactedverse were Microsoft Sam (from a mirror version of davemadson's Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers universe), Emo SpongeBob, and Kai. All three experienced significant, negative, but fateful events in their original worlds on the specific day or night they were removed or transported to the Redactedverse.

    Sam was uncerimoniously fired from Warner Bros after shouldering the blame and failures of his inferior, Radar Overseer Scotty and general workplace hostility and favouritism from his peers and boss, Mr Warner, building up to him having an outburst. After staying in a motel on the other end of Rofl City, a distortion of space and time claimed him.

    In SpongeBob's world, taking place before the first movie, a distortion of space and time caused a wave of sadness and darkness to spread across Bikini Bottom, turning every resident into an emo. SpongeBob, the embodiment of positivity and silliness, became his own antithesis overnight. The distortion seemed to focus on him for this reason, and he was also claimed.

    AT_49323_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm, better known as Kai, was the latest in a series of experiments and attempts by researchers in the distant future to create the ideal form of the generally unfavoured children's TV character Caillou. Upon creation, Kai was deemed almost perfect and the fruit beared of their research, until AT_49324_CAILLOU_IMPROVEMENT.lfm, common name Kai U, was made by accident, who was deemed perfect. Because one Caillou clone was all that was needed and tolerated, Kai was labelled for disposal around ten minutes after being created. Survival instincts kicked in and they managed to escape via a space time distorsion, taking only the clothes on their back and a book filled with 'research notes' (in reality, mostly a record of spitting rage, hatefiction and angry remarks about Caillou) with them.

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