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    note: may not be as good as the other ones because i wrote this like almost a year ago and i'll do a rewrite of it with a different story tying it to the other ones

    it is the year 2069 and a vhs tape has been discovered containing the worlds scariest logos, they aren't just regular it appears they came from hell, this documents what the logos looked like

    20th century fox[edit | edit source]

    the first logo was the 20th century fox logo, but it was scary, there was a red filter and the searchlights were blood red and they were so bright anybody looking at them became deaf. the tower said 666th century death and the byline said YOU WILL DIE

    dic kid in bed[edit | edit source]

    the second logo was the choir variant of the dic kid in bed but it would be more accurate to call it the kid who is dead because the kid was dead and the dog was nowhere to be seen, the kid had blood all over him and there was a message written in blood on his wall that said SATIN WILL RULE i don't think the kid could spell unless he was implying he wanted the material satin to rule. then it zoomed through the window but the wind was louder and there was no music and the ball didn't stop being spiky and the dic had a k nexto it written in blood and the choir sounded like a hundred devils were singing it

    klasky csupo robot[edit | edit source]

    you might have heard of a scary klasky csupo variant where the face has sharp teeth and big eyes and red background well forget about that because this one is 9999999x scarier! the face was hyper realistic, had hyper realistic eyes that were staring through your soul the teeth was so sharp they'd bite you're head off in one second and the splat was hyper realistic bluud and the blackground was back and the face starting speaking russian my fifth cousin twenty times removed knows russian so he told me the robot was saying 'my fifth cousin twenty times removed knows russian' IT SPOOKED ME! O_O

    fatty spins doin your mom[edit | edit source]

    that's not a logo

    the willy wonka boat scene[edit | edit source]


    ayane's high kick full anime central park media dub 1997[edit | edit source]

    i swear i'm not adding this somebody fucked with the document and is adding things that aren't logos

    check mii out channel shut down message[edit | edit source]

    please stop

    sims 1 burglar music[edit | edit source]


    viacom v of doom[edit | edit source]


    ok you thought the viacom v of doom was scary enough well you havent seen nothing yet!!! so the background was black and the v was red because black and red are edgy colours and the music was actually the paramount feature presentation music 10 times faster and louder it was so loud if you heard it you'd go blind and the v was covered in hyper realistic blood and somebody was screaming really fuckin loud then the v broke the screen like literally it broke the screen and i had to get a new tv to see the next logos

    mario party 8 title screen[edit | edit source]


    pbs[edit | edit source]

    in this scary logo the p, b, and s were all blood red and the p had an x for an eye. the music was really loud and the logo was covered in red static. it was actually very tame compared to the other ones.

    screen gems[edit | edit source]

    there was no music, only a big growling, and the blades were super sharp, then the cbs eye was inside the logo and it was staring at me really creepily and then a triangle went around it to confirm the illuminati

    bnd[edit | edit source]

    the final logo on the vhs was the scairest, one, it was bnd. the mask was super ultra mega hyper realistic and it was all red and shadowy, and it was growling, then it filled the screen and turned into bnd of doom! then it broke out the tv and i yelled at it because thats the second tv that was broken because of the vhs then it beat me up and i died

    final note: all of the not logos included in this, with the exception of the dancing squirrel, were actual pages made at some point on the scary logos wiki.

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