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    Sleepy Mountains/Wilderness

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    The Sleepy Mountains Wilderness is just like what it sounds - the wilderness that takes up the majority of the Sleepy Mountains. For the preservation of wildlife and the fact there are not very many flat parts, this is why there are no major settlements apart from Softdrift. However, some people do decide to live in camps and cottages around the wilderness, and cable cars operate between some points to connect to Softdrift, though they are few and far between as the government is adamant about the wildlife and habitat preservation.

    Names of the 10 mountains that make up Sleepy Mountains[edit | edit source]

    1. Mount Foreverest, the tallest and first to be named (and likely the one to give the area its name once it was more civilised)
    2. Mount Snowpuff (paired with Lake Cheesepuff)
    3. Mount Para
    4. Mount Tiny (ironically, it's the second tallest)
    5. Mount' Dew
    6. Mount Bedrest
    7. Mount Cookie (Softdrift is built on this one, as it was the flattest and shortest.)
    8. Mount Ain
    9. Mount Cocoa
    10. Mount Meap (the nearest mountain to Softdrift apart from Mount Cookie obviously. It is often used in skiing and snowboarding events, most notably in the 2013 winter Randolympics)

    In height order, from shortest to tallest:

    Cookie - Meap - Cocoa - Bedrest - Dew - Ain - Snowpuff - Para - Tiny - Foreverest

    Mount Bedrest was originally called Mount Dream by the people who found it. There were no issues with this name up until 2020. Due to certain circumstances, the name became highly questionable, and the government voted to rename it. After a poll, the rest of the region and the residents of Softdrift decided to rename it Mount Bedrest. Older atlases in the Random Region and older tourist information refer to it as Mount Dream, so if it's referred to as Mount Bedrest, it's up to date.

    Other Information[edit | edit source]

    The Sleepy Mountains Wilderness is the coldest and least populated place in the entire Random Region. It is estimated only ten or so people live in it. There are occasional motels, but like the cable cars they are few and far between. These are for use by the people who want to do the challenge of climbing the eight non-populated mountains. (Mount Cookie isn't really climbable anymore as Softdrift is on it and cable trains already run to the top from the lower part of the Random Region, and Mount Meap is reserved for winter sports events.) Not very many people have been able to do it.

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