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    Softdrift Library, as its name implies, is the local library in Softdrift, Sleepy Mountains. Over half of the population of Softdrift are avid readers, so it's visited often. As well as serving as the main hub for literature in the town, it also hosts free publishing under their name for aspiring writers.

    Inside[edit | edit source]

    The library, as you would expect, has multiple shelves filled with books of every genre and covering most topics. If you have a favourite book, it's likely in there. They are sorted into their individual correct sections, and in those sections they are painstakingly in alphabetical order, but unlike most libraries they are alphabetically sorted by what their title begins with instead of the author name. For books in a series with a specific order, they are sorted from first to last in that particular order. Children's books can be found in the adult's section, but adult's books can't be found in the children's section. Most books have more than one copy available.

    The seating is made to prioritise comfort over neatness, like a lot of places in Softdrift, so beanbags and cushions are more common than standard chairs. Spinning chairs with cushions are next to the computers so visitors can sit higher up on them. The area is mostly open plan with different sections and seating areas dotted about, with the computers being near the back and the counter for checking books in and out at the front near the entrance. No kinds of food or drink are permitted without a very good reason to keep the area as pleasant as possible for everyone, so it's advised to have things to eat or drink before coming in for the best experience.

    Policy and treatment of books[edit | edit source]

    • The limit of how many books you can borrow to take home is how many you can reasonably carry or someone you are with can carry for you in the case of children. Bags are allowed for this, but taking out a ridiculous number at once is not allowed.
    • The library is quite leniant about bringing in books late, but very strict about intentional vandalism, which can lead to heavy fines or being barred from the library, the latter of which hasn't happened to anyone yet.
    • You are expected to be quiet in the library, but that's basic knowledge for most people.
    • Headphones or earphones are compulsory for all devices, whether they are your own or the library's. They can be lent like other things in the library but not taken away.

    Membership and loyalty card[edit | edit source]

    Signing up for a membership to the Softdrift Library is free. The library usually prefers to reward those who follow the rules instead of punish those who don't. Bringing in borrowed books on time gives you loyalty points which can be traded in for small prizes and tiers for your card: standard, bronze, silver, gold, and custom tier (it was very difficult to choose a highest tier so the final one is by choice, popular custom tiers include platinum, diamond, and other precious metals and stones, but you can have anything you want within reason.) To make it non exploitable (why would you want to do that though?) there is a 48 hour period between borrowing the books and bringing them back before claiming loyalty points, and a maximum of five borrowed books at a time count for this.

    Softdrift Library Publishing[edit | edit source]

    A small publisher residents can submit their writing to to get it noticed locally. Publishing is free, but it isn't used for commercial gain, it's only for getting work noticed, although if successful enough (which some projects have turned out to be) circumstances can change, depending on the situation.

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