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    Sonichu: The Movie transcript

    (Grindstone Entertainment logo)

    (Sonichu Entertainment of America logo)

    (Movie begins in CWCville)

    Magi Chan: Welcome to CWCville home of the Sonichu and idiots

    (Cuts to Magi Chan's house with Cynthia and Russel)

    Cynthia: I want to see Chris Chan

    Russel: Me too!

    Magi Chan: Yeah, you'll do that when pigs fly

    Cynthia: But please?

    Magi Chan: In June on your birthdays you can

    (Scene cuts to the Magi Chan house in June)

    Cryzel: Here's your birthday cake!

    (Russel and Cynthia eat the birthday cake)

    Magi Chan: Ready to see Chris Chan?

    Russel and Cynthia: YES!

    (Magi Chan creates a portal)

    Magi Chan: Be careful what you wish for

    Russel: Why?

    Magi Chan: Famous last words

    (Magi Chan creates a portal to Ruckersville, Virginia)

    (Russel and Cynthia jump in the portal)

    Cryzel: Come back soon!

    (Russel and Cynthia arrive an Ruckersville and try to find Chris Chan)

    (Scene cuts to a lab)

    Scientist: We've discovered a strange anomoly

    (The secondary antagonist, Professor Griffin shows up)

    Scientist: Hey John Badman, how ya doing?

    Griffin: Fine!

    Griffin: i'm just checking an anomoly

    (Scene cuts back to Russel and Cynthia)

    Cynthia: (singing) I got a fish would you like to make a wish

    (Large truck comes)

    Cynthia: It's a truck!

    (Animal catcher shows up outside of the truck)

    Russel: I see his house!

    (Animal Cacther captures Russel and Cynthia)

    (Scene cuts back to CWCVille)

    Magi Chan: I have made a realization

    Sonichu: What?

    Magi Chan: Cynthia and Russel have been captured

    Sonichu: That's terrible

    Cryzel: Oh no!

    (Scene cuts to the labortory)

    Russel: Oh come on, I can't fly with helium to the Moon and Snerga

    Cynthia: What about attacking North Korea with flying cats with pizza lasers?

    Griffin: It's ok now, the animals are talking

    Cynthia: If you don't bring us home, we'll kill you

    Griffin: That's a good research strategy, see what makes them tick

    (Scene cuts back to CWCville)

    (Magi Chan: I'll go to the Human World to save them

    (Magi Chan creates portal)

    (Magi Chan enters)

    (Sonichu notices something)

    Sonichu: I've noticed something

    Cryzel: What

    Sonichu: Something might happen

    Cryzel: What is it

    Sonichu: The dimensional merge

    Sonichu: Also, a scientist who looks like John Goodman but evil has captured Russel and Cynthia and using them in experiments of multi dimensional travel

    Cryzel: Oh crap!

    Sonichu: But first, we have to tell mayor Brendan Fraser

    (Sonichu calls Heather Iglesias)

    Sonichu: Heather, you need to babysit the sonees and rosees again

    Heather Iglesias: OK

    (Sonichu and his team leaves the house)

    (Scene cuts to Brendan Fraser's office)

    Sonichu: Brendan Fraser, we got to warn you

    Brendan Fraser: I'm proud to be a mayor

    Sonichu: Cynthia and Russel were captured

    (Brendan Fraser faints)

    Brendan Fraser: I can't believe it

    Brendan Fraser: You can go to the real world, but if you don't return in 24 hours, we'll initiate the dimensional merge

    Sonichu: (Goes with others in portal) Let's hope Magi Chan is ok

    Night Star: (Enters) See ya soon

    (Scene cuts to Heather coming to Sonichu's house)

    Robee Sonich: Come in Heather

    Heather: Let's watch TV

    Reporter: Could the dimensional merge happen today? Let's find out!

    Roberta: Hey, let's escape

    Other Rosees and Sonees: Yeah!

    Roberta: Let's go!

    Cera: But we'll get caught

    Roberta: Not if we prank her

    Christine: But how?

    Cera: I have a idea!

    Cera: Can we go to the park

    Heather: I won't let you get lost

    Roberta: See?

    Cera: Let's just wait for something to happen

    (Scene cuts to Sonichu and his friends coming to Chris Chan's house)

    Sonichu: This is Chris Chan's house!

    Crezel: She's probably somewhere

    (Scene cuts to Chris Chan on her computer)

    Chris Chan: I need donations

    Sonichu: Let's hide, she's recording

    (Sonichu and the team goes outside)

    (Sonichu hides in a trash can)

    (Scene cuts back to the lab)

    (Cynthia chews her way out)

    (Russel chews his way out)

    (Griffin wakes up)

    (Cynthia and Russel escape)

    (Griffin falls asleep)

    (Cynthia and Russel zap to the extreme out of the lab)

    (Griffin falls of the couch)

    (Griffin calls the police)

    Griffin: They escaped

    (Scene cuts to Cynthia and Russel outside)

    Russel: Flerg Snerg

    Cynthia: Let's go to McDonald's

    Russel: Oh yeah!

    (Scene cuts to Magi Chan tracking Cynthia and Russel)

    (Magi Chan goes to The End Games)

    Magi Chan: Do you know anyone named Cynthia or Russel

    Shop Owner: Get out!

    Magi Chan: No!

    (Magi Chan uses telekinesis)

    Shop Owner: Put me down!

    Magi Chan: Tell me where they are

    Shop Owner: They got captured, but they escaped

    Magi Chan: I'll find them

    (Scene cuts to Cynthia and Russel)

    Cynthia: We need to hide

    Russel: But where?

    Cynthia: Over there

    (Russel and Cynthia go to a bush)

    Russel: I have a thorn in my butt!

    Cynthia: Be quiet!

    Russel: It hurts so snergin much

    (Dog comes to attack them)

    Cynthia: RUN!

    (Russel and Cynthia zap to the extreme and escape)

    Dog: Come you little hedgehogs!

    Russel: To bad!

    Dog: I need to report them!

    (Dog gets phone)

    Dog: Hey, 2 hedgehogs are escaping and you need to get them

    Guy on phone: OK

    Dog: They're coming!

    Russel: Oh crap...

    Cynthia: I hope our parents come

    Russel: Zap to the extreme!

    Russel: Look: Chris Chan's house!

    Cynthia: Yay!

    Russel: Let's hide!

    (Cynthia and Russel teleport inside)

    Cynthia: (Notices bed) Let's sleep in here

    Russel: OK

    (Chris Chan enters the room)

    (Chris Chan faints)

    Chris Chan: My kids!

    (Russel and Cynthia freak out)

    Russel: We need your help

    Cynthia: An evil person is trying to kidnap us

    Russel: We need somewhere to hide

    Chris Chan: OK. Sleep here for now

    (Cynthia and Russel go to bed)

    (Cynthia wakes up in the middle of the night and looks for food)

    (scene cuts to the lab)

    Griffin: I need them NOW!

    Lab employee: OK

    Griffin: Find them!

    Lab employee: Yes!

    (Scene cuts to Chris training in her Sonichu form)

    (Chris Chan has a heart attack)

    Chris Chan: OW, my heart! This is like a hippo on my head! I broke my DAMN heart!

    Cynthia: Are you OK?

    (Scene cuts to Black Sonichu)

    Sonichu: I've called Sonic, he's coming soon

    Sonichu: (To Rosechu) Don't worry, we'll save the world

    Rosechu: But Cynthia and Russell are being experimented one

    (Sonichu is shocked)

    (Dog pops from the bush)

    Dog: I'm gonna get you!

    Sonichu: Sonichu uses shock!

    (Scene cuts back to Chris Chan)

    Chris Chan: Chris Chan uses SHOCK!

    (Electrocutes LEGO, bringing it to life)

    Chris Chan: Oh yeas!

    (Scene cuts to the lab)

    Griffin: GET THEM!

    (2 people get ready to find the Sonichus)

    (Scene cuts back to the Chris Chan household)

    Cynthia: I'm sensing something bad.....

    Russell: What is it?

    Cynthia: I don't know. But it seems evil

    Reginald: Oh no!

    Chris Chan: We will fight it

    Cynthia: OK

    (Dog breaks in)


    Chris Chan: We need to escape!

    (Dogs block the exit)

    Cynthia: Cynthia uses SHOCK!

    Russell: Russell zaps to the extreme!

    Cynthia: Me to!

    (Dogs freak out)


    (Dog gets gun)

    (Cut back to Sonichu and the gang)

    Sonichu: We just need to find Magi Chan now

    (Scene cuts to Magi Chan)

    Magi Chan: (In End Games) TELL US WHERE THEY ARE

    End Games employee: No!

    (Scene cuts to Heather)

    Heather: Me Wants You Cera, Christine y Robee safeo'

    (Robots break in)

    Heather: Oho No, no hola

    Christine: RUN!

    Robee: Oh no...

    (Christine, Cera and Robee jump out a window)

    Robots: We need to find them

    Robee: Let's hide

    (The robots capture Heather)

    Cera: We'll save you

    Heather: Okayo

    Cera: Let's find the portal

    Robee: But where is it?

    Christine: The hall, we just have to ask Brendan Fraser

    Cera: YEAH!

    Robee: Snergen the flergen

    Christine: Oh YEAH!!

    Robee: Let's do it!

    Christine: This will be lit!

    Black Sonichu: We need some help Sonichu!

    Wild Sonichu: Snergen flergen

    Sonichu: Let's do it

    Rosechu: Hell YEAH!

    Wild Sonichu: Hpubdrf

    Punchy Sonichu: Globy is hungry

    Everyone: OH NO!

    (Scenes cuts to the lab)

    Griffin: What's the progress?

    Lab guy: They escaped

    Griffin: Oh no!

    Lab guy: I think their parents are somewhere

    Griffin: We'll see...

    (Scene cuts to the Sonees and Rosees)

    Robee: They're somewhere

    Cera: Oh snerg

    Robee: Don't worry a damn thing

    Christine: Let's do this!

    (Scene cuts to Cynthia and Russel)

    Cynthia: Chris can't fight lone!

    Russel: YEAH!

    Chris Chan: Let's find Sonichu!

    (Scene cuts to the lab)

    Griffin: They're somewhere!

    Lab Guy: OK

    (Scene cuts to Sonichu)

    Sonichu: Check out the map, guys! See this? We can dog-paddle across, but it's so wide we'd start barking!

    Black Sonichu: Let's just swim

    Rosechu: I don't know

    Bubbles: I can swim

    Black Sonichu: Let's just follow you

    Bubbles: YEAH!

    (All the Sonichus hold their breath)

    Magi Chan: I can't believe we're doing this

    (The Sonichus dive)

    (Scene cuts to a river with lots of Water Pokemon)

    (The Sonichus zap across the river)

    (Scene cuts to 2 dogs tracking them)

    Griffin: You found anything?

    Dog 1: No

    Griffin: What I've thought. Keep looking

    Dog 2: Um yeah!

    Griffin: Find out or I'll send you to a Chinese restaurant!

    (Dogs continue searching)

    Griffin: Stupid dogs, they pissed on a Sing fan once

    Dog 2: What? I needed to go!

    Griffin: Don't

    Dog 1: I'll find them

    Dog 2: Will we get cupcakes?

    Griffin: Chocolate

    Dog 2: Chocolate sounds good... Yum

    Dog 1: Yes, it does

    (Scene cuts to Chris Chan)

    Chris Chan: My heart is broken

    Russel: Don't worry

    Cynthia: You'll be fine

    (Dogs break in)

    Dog 1: Where are you

    Dog 2: Come out wherever you are!

    Chris Chan: Oh no no no no no!

    (Cynthia speeds to the dogs)

    Cynthia: Eat this! (zaps one of the dogs)

    Dog: Ow

    Dog: You're in trouble

    Cynthia: No U!

    Dog 1: Report them

    (Chris Chan, Reginald, and Cynthia escape)

    Chris Chan: Here little mousey

    (Dogs come out of the house)

    Chris Chan: Greg!

    Cynthia: Globby!

    Russel: Oh snerg

    Dog 1: We're coming!

    Russel: Eat this! (electrocutes dog)

    (Scene cuts to Sonichu and his gang being captured)

    Griffin: There you are!

    Sonichu: Don't you dare!

    Griffin: HAHAHAHA!!!

    (Truck drives away)

    Rosechu: How do we break out

    (Wild Sonichu gets ferns to overgrow the truck)

    (The Sonichus escape)

    Wild Sonichu: Out snerg that flerg

    Angelica: Yeah

    Magic Chan: What the hell is going on today?

    Sonichu: let's GO!

    Magi Chan: Ok.....

    Angelica: Can't wait!

    Sonichu; Chris Chan's house is right there!

    Everyone: YAY!

    Sonichu: Let's go!

    (Sonichu opens the door)

    (Chris Chan faints)

    Chris Chan: Welcome in!

    (They walk in)

    Sonichu: Cynthia! Reginald!

    Cynthia and Reginald: Sonichu!

    Sonichu: You're alive!

    Griffin: Come out, come out wherever you are

    Sonichu: Oh no no no no

    Griffin: To bad! I'm coming in! Now who let the dogs out?

    Employee: Sorry

    Griffin: Put them back in please

    Employee: OK, sorry

    Griffin: Now where are you!

    Sonichu: I won't give up!

    Magi Chan: Yeah, you'll totally defeat them

    Sonichu: Don't catch me

    Magi Chan: Yeah, totally electrocute them

    (House gets stuck in a force field)

    Magi Chan: Of course you failed, now we're totally gonna break out

    Sonichu: HELP!

    Wild Sonichu: I'll save you!

    Bubble Sonichu: Soak them! (Bubbles wets them)

    Griffin: My pants! I need new ones!

    Sonichu: Yes!

    (Portal pops up in the sky)

    Magi Chan: It's the dimensional merge!

    Sonichu: Let's drive that car!

    (They get in and start driving)

    (Car runs over Harry Potter)

    Sonichu: Griffin's catching up!

    Bubbles: You can't catch us!

    Wild Sonichu: Glob em up

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