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    Spongebob lost episode mr krabs the killer

    another trollpasta i wrote on tyrant's wiki almost a year ago so it might be less good than the others but idk

    recently i got this lost episode of spongebob on ebay and the seller was called nickintern666 and i thought it was going to be squidward's suicide but he said it was a different lost episode i was intrigged! the dvd costed £0.69 what a bargain as soon as i got it nickintern666 exploded into thousands of pieces and died and his ebay account also died somehow but i still got the dvd

    so i put the dvd in the player and it said incorrect region and i banged my fist on the player and it said oww wtf are you hitting me for look if i become region free forever will you stop hitting me and i said yes then the dvd started playing and the nickelodeon fish swam on screen but then a shark came and tore it to shreds there was hyper realistic blood everywhere it was really scary

    it came up with a paramount warning selection i had the choice between english, polish or jjjjjjjjjjjjish i chose english then the background went red and the mountains blew up and in scary comic sans it said YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IF YOU WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!11111!!!!!!11111 but i didn't listen because i thought it was

    a) just a glitch

    b) utter bullshit

    c) a patty

    one patty please


    oh yeah the episode! it started the same was as can you spare a dime but when squidward said I DIDN'T STEAL YOUR PRECIOUS DIME he started squashing mr krabs eyes right away except the cracking noise was earrape and mr krabs eyes started bleeding and then it cut to the part of nasty patty where he says FREEEEEEE FOOOOOOOOD but instead he said I'M GOING TO KILL YOU MR SQUIDWARD

    Angry mr krabs.gif

    then mr krabs got a knife out of nowhere and stabbed squidward and he died and there was more hyper realistic blood then mr krabs stabbed spongebob too even though he didn't do anything and then he killed all the customers and then he ran to the chumbucket and stepped on plankton and downloaded the memz virus onto karen

    then he turned into krabby the clown and it cut to the part in mid life crustacean where the kids were running around him saying CAN YOU FEEL IT MR KRABS CAN YOU FEEL IT MR KRABS CAN YOU FEEL IT MR KRABS CAN YOU FEEL IT MR KRABS then mr krabs spun them round and they splatted on the walls and died then mr krabs was laughing like a maniac like near the end of wet painters i tried to find a gif but there wasn't one the more i'm writing this the more it sounds like a ytp

    then he killed everyone in bikini bottom it was so scary then he went through a portal and killed everybody in dimmsdale too oh no i always wanted a spongebob fairly oddparents crossover but not like this

    then he jumped out the screen and killed me too and now i'm dead sorry if this had an abrupt ending i ran out of ideas :(

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